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From the small bureau by the second entrance, we gather an exquisitely worked Magnifying Glass and a Sketch of a Sword , with an ink smudge on the pummel. On the writing table we find the Map of the Raquia Maze, which will prove quite useful to us once we set foot into the Realm of Spirit, Raquia. A habit we've become quite familiar with by now is to check the headpiece of bookcases, and in this case we're rewarded with another red potion.

Other than the painting of Florentine depicted as a sorceror with a peculiar staff, giving us another taste of his latent narcissism, there's nothing left to attract our attention, hence we make off through the afore-mentioned second door at our disposal, leading us straight into Florentine's old bedchamber.

Glossary of German military terms - Wikipedia

Bedchamber Some of the green wallpaper has been ripped off in favour of adding more agitated writing, Adam wonders what could have burnt this into the wall with such precision. Under the filthy bed we discover the Staff we've seen just before on the painting of Florentine. It's a rather ornate walking stick with an impressive green jewel and gold worked into the head-piece, reminding Adam of the necklace he saw around his father's neck.

According to Rebecca's musings, it seems to be magically charged in some way, potentially related to movement, though the use could be limited. As a matter of fact, Florentine's Staff can be primarily used as a device to travel between various parts in the Mansion. Using it on the left side of the Sarcophagus in the Study , will get us teleported back to the Observatory. Using the Staff on the right side of the Sarcophagus, will conveniently send us back to to the Mausoleum where we met Aelf for the first time a useful shortcut in case we forgot to pick up the Serpent Statuette that's hidden in one of the alcoves.


Inside an old suitcase we find 1 green and 1 red potion. Nothing too particular about this room, other than an empty bookcase, dead planters, and to the right side of the bed a large wooden wardrobe with empty closets and coat hangers, in which we spot a small door, for which we'll have to acquire a key first. One of the doors at our disposal leads us to a dysfunctional tower gate and a lot of dead rats scattered all over it.

Taking the other remaining exit, we find ourselves back in the red-carpeted corridor, and proceed straight forward through another door leading into a dark room in which we're confronted with another Urge. There are two more green potions for us to take from the otherwise empty crates.

Having explored all the rooms at our disposal, it's time to move up the red-carpeted staircase leading to a large empty room that's mainly characterised by the unnerving flickering lights and the quartet of Urges , out to obliterate us. After dealing with them, we eventually reach the actual Observatory, with another Feint to welcome us.

Switching on the light to explore the extensive confines of the actual Observatory , we find that the window side contains a planetary star chamber of sorts, granting us an awe-inspiring vista of the black, starry sky. Additionally and expectedly, the room is filled with various telescopes , but our attention is soon grasped by the writing table in the centre, with an overturned chair beside it. In addition to an Inkwell and a Quill with golden nib, we collect a Sketch of a place we've not yet come across , as well as a Starchart with particular emphasis on Venus. Rebecca mentions the planet's cognomen "Morning Star" and goes on to explain that the planet marks Lucifer in the sky.

Elaborating on the word's etymology, "Lucifer" from the Latin lux , gen. In Christian theology, the term's "Lucifer" has come to be associated with Satan as the fallen "son of the dawn" [4]. In the latter passage the title of "Morning Star" is given to the tyrannous Babylonian king, who the prophet says is destined to fall.

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This passage was later applied to the prince of the demons, and so the name "Lucifer" came to be used for Satan, and was popularized in works such as Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost , while one of the greatest influence at least on English speakers certainly has been its use in the King James Version of the Bible more modern English versions translate the term as "Morning Star" or "Day Star". The word "Lucifer" has also frequently been used by early Latin writers such as Cicero [5] , Pliny the Elder [6] , Vergil [7] , and Statius [8].

On the writing table we also find the first part of Florentine's leather-bound and embossed Journal. Following Rebecca's valuable advise to go through it thoroughly and systemically yields us a silver key that's been hidden between the pages, which will allow us to open the small locked door on the large wardrobe we've previously inspected in Florentine's old Bedchamber. The first book's main subjects are the Gardeners Raphael , the Tower's guide, being one of them , the "One Power", as well as the Temple of the Morning Star the Order established by Florentine.

After taking a look at the various telescopes and the star chamber, we thus head off back to the afore-mentioned bedroom and find the last required Serpent Statuette. Backtracking all the way back to the dark chamber in which we picked up Aelf's Breastplate , we happen upon a small wooden door, behind which we find a brightly illuminated tower gate and a spot to use Florentine's Staff , conveniently teleporting us to the Study and initiating Chapter VII: Beyond the Gate.

If you wish to follow this walkthrough chronologically, please click on the mask icon to continue reading the segment in which we place the Serpent Statuettes and explore what's beyond the Sarcophagus.

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The mind is stronger than most would believe, Florentine , far stronger. In the whole, it is man's mind that forms the creatures he sees around him. His thoughts and hitherto his creation thoughts move like waters against the rock like at the clay wheel, forging and creating the shadows they see around them; shadows of light, shadows of darkness, shadows from the soul.

The minds that are strong whether in virtue or flaw - create these shadows, the minions of all darkness and the avatars of all that is light. These creatures are the manifestation of the mind. They are whole only by man's thoughts and the strongest of minds will create the purest of both. So do not say that these creatures are otherworldly for they are not. They are part of man as he is part of them. The projections of powerful minds. Diese Gestalten sind eine Manifestation der Gedanken. Also sage nicht, dass diese Wesen Kreaturen einer anderen Welt seien, denn sie sind es nicht.

So what part I hear you say, Florentine , do the creations you call God and Satan calculate within this equation. Both are present but both are without.

Schatten - Leere (2019) (German DSBM)

These powers are the centre of this world. It would be pointless to say otherwise. These powers are the sum total of man's thoughts, without form for they are not fully conceived. They constantly germinate and die within the Soulstone. They vie for the thoughts of man and when one becomes the stronger it will take on a form and come again into this Realm. So you see, both these powers are the sum total of this world at any one time and until now have shared this place. But not for much longer, this world in which you live is becoming corrupt and the pure thoughts of men are dwindling fast.

Or browse results titled :. Der lange Schatten Berlin, Germany. The trio, established in summer and based in Berlin, is a collective project exploring improvisation through original compositions brought by each of the musicians involved. Piano, reed and string instrument is a line-up deeply rooted in chamber's music tradition, "transparent" and yet capable of shaping a strong counterpoint, either of melodic lines or abstract soundscapes.

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