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Some of these might sound like overwhelmingly big projects, but you can pace yourself and work on them bit by bit over a period of time. Hopefully you have one.


Most are not very good because they get cliche and boring. I also suggest you create a five-second elevator pitch, or what I call the bumper sticker. Put your bumper sticker in your LinkedIn headline, which shows up under your name, or put it in your LinkedIn summary. When someone sees your LinkedIn profile, they get an immediate idea of the value you could bring to a company.

Think about writing a guest post on an established, industry-specific blog. Even if you write just one, you can share that on LinkedIn, and hopefully it will show up if someone searches your name on Google. Hiring managers and recruiters are going to look at your LinkedIn profile. If you write a guest post, share it to industry Groups you are a member of on LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to get your name out to colleagues and peers. You can easily set up a blog at WordPress or Wix, and then commit to writing a post once per week.

Brand New Careers | Get Started

Provide interesting, original insight into the topics you cover. Blogging is an excellent way to show off your stuff and prove your worth and passion for your career field. Some of you will automatically brush this off as an impossible task. When it was released, I started to get media interviews that I had only dreamed about.


I got invitations to speak, for a fee, at places I wanted to be. All because I was an author. I had expertise before, but becoming an author gave me credibility as an expert. Instead, you can write an eBook. Talking about yourself and communicating your skills and accomplishments is something that you must do regularly, not just when you are in job search mode. The new job search would have been much shorter, and more fun, and filled with a lot more confidence.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Customer Service Customer Service customerservice livecareer. Make sure that you have the same profile picture and bio across all platforms. I made the mistake of having a different profile picture on Medium to what I had on Twitter. Your aim is for people to recognize you and your personal brand no matter what the platform.

What hiring manager is going to be interested in an aspiring developer? There will be plenty of opportunities to explain your level of experience at a later date. You are a developer, and looking for a job as a developer, so make sure you refer to yourself as one. Nothing junior about that! Seriously though, junior has no meaning. A junior developer could be someone with little to no work experience. But what if that person has been writing code in their spare time for the past 10 years?

Are they junior then? Or someone could have a few years commercial experience yet still not be very good? You are limiting your employment potential. You meet all the job criteria and have several years experience. More specifically I am a PHP developer.


I only spent about an hour going through a Ruby on Rails tutorial, so that would be a no-no too. So I decided to re-brand myself as a PHP developer. This represents my skill-set and specialty more accurately. If you want to attract the right opportunities for yourself, you need to consider exactly what you wish to portray. A colleague and I were browsing my Github account the other week.

He was surprised at how active I was outside of work…. This was not exactly impressive. My advice — being active on GitHub is great, but if you are never going to finish those projects, delete them. Use your blog, social media, GitHub and online presence to highlight your passion for you craft. Wherever possible, show pride and enthusiasm for what you do. Choosing between two programmers: passion vs experience.

Thank you for reading! It will make it so more people see this story here on Medium.

Monster can help find the best jobs, employers and career advice.

Tell me how you are developing your own personal brand! Learn Forum News. Welcome to Developer News. This is a free, open source, no-ads place to cross-post your blog articles. Read about it here.

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Tweet this to your followers. My naivety was reinforced last week. He was more interested in: Did the applicant have a blog?

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