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  1. Invisible Forgotten Sufferers: The Plight of Widows Around the World - Vijay Dutt - Google книги
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I was able to get free medical help, free psychological help, get a case worker who sees me once a week at my dads house who is taking care of me getting into housing,finding all the needs to take care of my disease, Avascular Necrosis. I had no choice but to wait as I could barely work dog groomer and it is my dominant shoulder needing the help and no swelling insurance.

A case worker can also get you signed up for food stamps and disability. There are dentists and eye doctors available for free. You just need to be self advocating. But I had to look deep down for the strength I knew I had. Nobody else was or could help me so I had to help myself. You have that strength too. Dig down and help yourself.

Hi Amy, how are you now? Your story broke my heart. Kristin, reading your words fills me with empathy and caring. Although we can only write to each other, please know that I and many others are able to connect with you in a caring way. Love yourself and try to take care.

Everything has a way of working out and you are going to figure this all out slowly. Things will fall into place and you will go on, hopefully to a more kind and understanding way of life. Love yourself, and begin to live for yourself! Much love and gentle hugs for you! Hi Kristine, I feel your pain and hear the hurt in your words.

Twice my husband has threatened divorce, even kicking me out of the house both times. Now that this sickness has gotten worst, I have such a tremendous fear of him doing it again.

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And then, the person who is supposed to be your partner, in sickness and health, rejects you….. I am seeking the help of a counselor. Maybe that would work for you as well? Sometimes just having someone listen has the greatest effect. I have difficulty focusing due to pain, if I take meds it becomes even worse. I contemplate suicide every day; the only thing keeping me from making my move is my children. People keep telling me I need to find new things to do; hmm really! One who no longer has control of my life. This article came into my life at the perfect time.

Thank you. I am struggling with grief as I am increasingly limited to lying down on my couch day after day. I have Cervical Dystonia, a condition in which my head yanks repeatedly to the right side. The only way I get relief is to lie almost prone. My world has shrunk dramatically over the course of this year — so far therapies have not been helping.

I have more hope some days than others. My sincere thanks for what you do, Jacquie. I only wish that comfort would shift into miracles and actual relief for you, and so many. I hope it helps you too. Hello Jacquie, my name is Nellie, I have Congenital Torticollis of the neck, I have never been able to find anyone with the same condition. The term Cervical Dystonia, has been used by my Doctors many times. Its so difficult to explain to other people, so I just refer to it as a birth defect. It has gotten so much worse with age.

Invisible Forgotten Sufferers: The Plight of Widows Around the World - Vijay Dutt - Google книги

I am very sorry for your situation as I understand it only too well. Wow, this so describes me. Thank you for posting this. I want to download this article. Trying to get into a pain group that will meet once a month, and that should be nice at least. After 9 years of chronic pain, I think I am really now feeling like all the hope I use to have is slipping away. Accepting my new, old self instead of the gay, hopeful of healing self again which has not really happened. I am so sorry. I would be happy to talk with you.

We moved from our home of the past 35 years back to my hometown in May. Soon after, we moved my mother-in-law to a nursing home in our new area, only to have her take a very bad turn and pass away three weeks later. Doing all of this with cervical dystonia has been a huge and challenging effort. We are hopefully looking for our lives to settle in early December, when both houses praying! I hope you are finding some brighter moments at times. Sorry to hear this.

I just read an article on it recently. He was only 35 when it started. He also had RA that started in his 20s, so who knows what causes it. You are only the second person that I know who has this, and I know from observing my ex that it takes a strong person to live with it. Strange though, it goes away when the person is asleep. Thank you, Alta. It is a challenging condition… makes even the smallest tasks difficult. Thank you for sharing your experience with your ex. I hope he has found some way to get relief.

I have interstitial cystitis the short name IC. It is where your bladder does not work right. The pain from inflammation and swelling in unbearable. They have no meds no treatments everything is trial of meds they use for other things.. A very very hard disease to explain to people. I have had it for 16 and a half yrs and family still treat me stupidly over it and ask stupid questions.

I think I noticed………you were here all the time and since I have been in a flare up you are never here. IC goes in and out of remission. I have had that for over 13 years along with a lot of other health issues all stemming from Fibromyalgia. I feel you. I will read it again.

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  • My biggest thing right now is that I have difficulty in doing what I like in my career. But I dont know how to solve things. Thank you, Mandette, so lovely reading your comment. You may enjoy this post for tips for coping with brain fog , or this with natural supplements and herbs. Really hope you find some relief, and so please this post resonated. Mandette: Yes Yes Yes. Still trying to fake my career and pretend I have a future, while watching the ratio of what I can do to what I think I can do slowly drop off.

    But on the outside, I look fine. This is a beautifully written article on the realities of life with invisible pain and illness. I love too that you gently remind us of the things we can do to take care of ourselves. As alien as it may seem to many chronically ill people, doing whatever little things we can manage help us to keep hope and keep going. I really get that.

    Such a pleasure, Jane. Delighted you enjoyed it, and agree that these little things, tiny pockets of joy and calm in the challenges are truly what help us manage, cope, and keep going. Thank you for your lovely comment. You are spot on with everything.

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    So pleased you found this humble palace. I felt slightly better after reading this. I have a fear they will grow up feeling I limited them from enjoying their lives. They are incredibly understanding and loving. I want to write them letters telling them how special they are to me.

    International Widows Day: June 23rd

    Such a true close to home article that describes what I feel and live with everyday! Today it rained. I was so happy to see it come and cool down the painful high temperatures that have been torturing me for the whole summer. The rain released the barometric pressure which was causing an insanely painful flare up where panic sets in as I fight to stay alive. Heat and humidity have become my worst enemies since and even before that when I was not so bad off.