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More than just light entertainment, it's thought-provoking and original. Goldsmith will conduct die world premiere of the music in Seville, Spain this month.

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Love, Dorothy. Free with regular exhibits admission. For details, call Liberty Science Center at John Carter willed himself there; in fact. Mars has always had a special place in human imagination. Within 15 years, we may be able to create robots which are more intelligent than we arc.

There arc some things SFC refuses to repwrt on. The three replace columnist Baird Searles, who died earlier this year. Figures in the far left-hand column under "first place" are the number of nominations received by each finalist on the nominations ballot. Review copies should continue to go directly to Asimov' s SF.

He was formerly a sales rep for Del Rcy in Seattle. He can be reached at Leigh R. Grossman will also be doing freelance editorial work as Swordsmith Productions. Hcinlcin Memorial Award," for his contributions toward the creation of a spacefaring civilization. The lesbian couple plan to register as domestic partners with the City of Atlanta.

They met five years ago, at Clarion '88 in Michigan. Rick and Bonnie Hautala celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in mid- September. Supporters of the program are urged to contact their representatives in Washing- ton to in turn urge continued funding. Robert K. Killheffer, Omni editor, autlior of! Among other items gleaned from the interview is the fact that Voyager will release electronic versions of Neurornancer, Couni Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.

Even if tlie library board ultimately decides to keep the book on the shelves, freedom has been damaged. Registration, including meals, is S Stan Lee appears in the August issue of Current Biography. Lee was bom Stanley Martin Lieber; he has been at the same company literally his entire life, except for 3 years in the Army in World War II, which he spent writing training films.

Macdonald turned in their third Mageworlds book. By Honor Betray'd, to Tor. Roger Zelazny sold Wilderness, an historical novel written with Gerald W. Hausman, to Tor Books. Josepha Sherman sold a YA fantasy. Jane Yolen sold a whole bunch of stories before departing these shores for summer in Scotland. All he wanted was a good life with a good wife, and a chance to do his bit for society reviewing magical impact statements what, for example, is the effect on local non-life resulting from the introduction of leprechauns into Southern California?

Some ancient Aztec deity is attempting to reopen for business in the L. Basin, complete with human sacrifice open up their hearts and let the sun shine in and the destruction of Western Civilization, All that stands in the way is avid Fisher — and he's no hero. A FREE full-color poster conies with each prepack. No word yet on possible US publishers, but St. The book is scheduled for next August. Rights at Frankfurt. Gordon Van Gelder of St. But now, as the hordes of dark fae multiply, Damien Vryce, the warrior priest, and Gerald Tarrant, the immortal sorcerer, dare the treacherous crossing of the planet's greatest ocean to confront a power that threatens the very essence of the human spirit.

Obituaries Ralph P. Wattley Former art director Ralph P. Other Obituaries British actor Bernard Bresslaw, British actor James Donald, 76, who starred as Dr. Subscriptions arc S12 a year from Broken Mirrors Press. Box , Cambridge MA Butler, S Then he was drafted as its captain to sup- press a five-thousand-year-old mutiny.

And then he had to mobilize the planet against the attack of an eons-old alien menace dedicated to the eradication of all intelligent life in the galaxy. Beam Piper, his first book, in an edition of 1, copies. Tlie trade paperback, with a new bibliography, and an introduction by Fred Ramsey, was first published by Knopf in Filippo and others, contributing columns, articles, short stories and interviews about SF in this always strongly opinionated, massive large pages critical journal. The book is available in a copy signed and num- bered trade paperback for SIO, a clolhbound copy signed and numbered edition forS35, and a 50 copy signed and numbered Icatherbound edition for S Published in an edition of only cqjics, the book features a full color cover by Ken Macklin, and is half reprint, half original, with stories by Smeds, Sharon Farber, Marc Stiegler, and a dozen others.

The publisher grew out of a Bay Area writers group which first pul on conventions, but is now more concerned with creating fiction. Profits from the book are donated to charity. To order, or for information on the group, write The Spellbinders Inc. Delany, S Gower, S4. Howard, edited by L. Nonfiction: "Beyond Prometheus" by Stephen L. Robineil Ph. Cover artwork by Jim Bums. Cover artwork by Chris Moore. Cover artwork by Woljek Siudmak. Cover artwork by Wayne Barlowe. Read L. Get your copy today, wherever fine books or audio are sold.

All rights reserved. Willis, S4. No authors listed. Cover artwork by Jacek Jerka. Godine, Inc.

All for Un: Ohio’s Interlibrary Unconference

It's A Plane. Hartwell, ed. All-new tales of Yuletide wonder by today's most popular authors of science fiction and fantasy. Neil Smith "Smith blends intergalactic action, heroics and derring- do into a futuristic political thriller, and the result is a delight. Random Factors: Letters T.

Diane Slaiton East 44lh St. Death threats arc not the sign of a juvenile mind, as the letter-writer contends. And bitterness vomits itself into the work so Editorial I Really Won! They Said My Name. Stunned disbelief, swelling immediately into hope, wonder, astonishment, realization. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that calming was not what I needed at that moment, but railicr tlic opposite — flush of adrenaline, action, gei-up-and-gcl-onto-lhe-stagc- movement. Bless you all! Very emotional, the waves of feeling washing over me. An unbelievable night.

Still later, the incredible feeling of going over to the Parc 55 Hotel and people breaking out into spxmlaneous applause as I went through the lobby, and hundreds of people congratulating me, women kissing me, people slapping me on the back and pumping my hand, then and later, the rest of the weekend. I went back to the hotel pa. I let my mother in New York sleep on.

And tlicn I too went to sleep, with the Hugo there in tltc room, the light from the city outside the window making it real, solid, true. I thank you all out there, the people who voted for me every year, year in and year out, the people who support SFC with their hard-earned money, and appreciate this thing I do, which for me is like creating a new child, a new creation, every month. Really, truly, bless you all. Nov mere cogs in some conspiratorial corporate wheel, these are people with children and spouses and parents and lovers whose lives arc threatened.

And for what? But that is as it always was and always will be. Six vastly different starfaring races coexist under a precarious truce— to which a new ingredient has recently been added— the human race. But Vicki and her sometime lover and fellow investigator, vampire Henry Fitzroy, were about to discover that there was nothing natural about her mother's demise!

By the time you read this I will have gone lo England for my annual vacation and returned, my emotional and physical batteries recharged. Lower temperatures will definitely help. This summer tied for the hottest ever in NYC. Returning fully recharged, I will again work toward llie goal of getting SFC out a little earlier each month. More to the point, when addressing anything lo Science Ficiion Chronicle, please use the revised P.

Box Porter along with her presumably spotless prose, they would lavish more editorial attention on her work than she could ever want. De Niro is the monster. Branagh is Dr. Plot involves the search for a missing horror writer, whose manuscript holds the key to the destruction of the world. The film rolled in Toronto in August. All Blatty will say is that the film is a ghost story with plenty of special effects. Art Clokey, creator of Gumby, is talking to studios about distributing his all-new feature length film Gumby J.

Story has the green clay fellow forming a rock band to help raise money so farmers can fend off wicked bankers.

Publisher Description

He also goes in and out of books, having adventures in the past and in space. Timothy Hond will direct the first S5 million flick; author William Shaincr will have a cameo. Pamela Norris is writing the Beellejuice sequel for Geffen. Danny Cannon, a ycar-old with one unreleased film to his credit, will be directing Stallone in Judge Dredd. The film which was written by William Wisher 72 wOl be released in December, Daniel Day-Lewis is being courted via rewrites. Davis Enlenainmcnl will be bringing The Man from U.

Warner and Columbia arc in negotiations to distribute the film. This, with all the good ideas that are floating around in llollywood. The hour-long show debuts this month in most markets. There will be action figures, board games, and other toys tied to the new ABC Saturday a. Or a pull-ihe-string talking doll? The 20, sq-fi venue will feature state-of-the-art virtual reality attractions, the centerpiece of which is the ASl motion theater.

Great Utile film, staggering special effects. Some bad news: the laserdisc business continues to maul us. Now on sale, but some of us arc boycotting it. A new Wizard of Oz is coming as well, transferred from the original negative so what the hell did we get when we bought the fiftieth anniversary edition? Nonetheless, the disdain they display by not having released the complete edition lo begin with and this is not unique to T2 or Pioneer is contemptible.

Laserdiscs are a great entertainment medium. Unfortunately, like the accountants who'rc running the film business itself, the folks in charge of the industry are pirates. The special effects, sellings and technology will be absolutely extraordinary.

Tickets are available from Tickeimaster on We are delighted to welcome The Book Show to British satellite television. The higlitech prop for the signing was a plaid stulTed dinosaur. Future guests include Arthur C. Clarke, who is interviewed by Delaney at his home in Sri Lanka. Set in a s theme park. W ll'. The only problem is, someone forgot to include all the copyright notices! Thorsons has two outsize paperbacks.

German television has been showing re-runs of the original Star Trek scries this autumn. Apparently, brolleg copies of the British sell-through video arc a hot item amongst German Trckkics. For information or details of their mail-order service, you can call them on Call them on to order signed copies. It looks like the junior Royals did belter than the grownups with the choice of books selected for their summer reading. The adults get the usual mixture of worics about dogs, fishing, Scottish country houses and the British Empire, with biographies of Daphne du iMauricr and Philip Larkin providing a little food for thought.

The annual Royal book bonanza comes under the aegis of the Book Trust. There arc two bids. There arc several other hotels within 4 blocks. Pre- supporting membership is S8. Louis is also bidding, using their convention center and downtown hotels. Pre- supponing membership is SIO from St. The picture for is more complex. The Pirates of Fcnzance are bidding for Baltimore for , using the Baltimore Convention Center and surrounding hotels, of which there are many more than in For infonnation, or to pre-support cost is S5 , write Baltimore Worldcon , Inc.

Lurie, on the inlcmel ballimore98 access. Boston in is bidding using the Hynes Convention Center plus various hotels not including the Sheraton-Boslon, most of which arc not the nearest hotels to the Hynes. Information and S8 pre-supporting memberships from Boston in , Box Carlisle MA , e-mail Bosion98 world. Niagara Falls in would use the city's convention center and surrounding hotels. Following recent cataract surgery, a fogged membrane in his eye had to be restored successfully with lasers. Chicago fan ,Iim Rittcnhousc is seeking a home for a Gesietncr mimeograph, a spirit duplicator and a Hcycr electronic stenciling machine.

This particular mall, one of the biggest in the world, was built on an elven power source, an actual gateway between Elfland and Earth, and a source of conflict between some very heavy elven hitters everybody loves a power source. Soon this battle will over- flow the night into the day, and all that stands between thousands of innocent shoppers and the worst that Faeiy has to offer is one bemused security guard All he wanted from life was a professional career, a strong union to protect him, and comfortable company-owned housing well away from his welfare slum origins.

Suddenly Kevin Senecal was on the run, and on all of Earth there was no place to hide If approved at ConFrancisco, the rule change would also have lo be approved next year, at ConAdian. Not the most illuminating interviews SFC has ever seen. Fintinele Nr. How many more of these groups are there in Romania? Lloyd Penney reports in Ansible, "Her talk about doing the show devolved into a sexist rant about the males of the crowd fixated on her breasts and crotch: she was dressed in a skin-tight black lube-style minidress, so everyone had something to look at. She proceeded to stand on a table on-stage, flip her dress up and flaunt said crotch at the crowd, and her handlers weren't sure she was wearing panties.

Some walked out, a few asked for their money back, many were disillusioned. The local press had a field day. Webster, Kokomo IN Speaking of First Fandom, this is a group of old farts, uh, old fans who can demonstrate a long- standing association with either SF or fantasy: regular members must document fan activity prior to January 1st. Associates can document activities going back at least 30 years, Documentation can include letters you had published in a fan- or professional magazine; memberships in various organizations; or other activities.

To be added to the rolls from which these names were chosen, send the rcicvani information — name and birthdaic — to SFC. Yet fantasy also speculates about the future, rewrites the past and reconsiders the present. It plays games with the universe. Fantasy makes many adults uneasy. This always disturbs people. It worries them so much that when someone like P. James writing science fiction? Of course science fiction and fantasy are sometimes badly written. Many things arc. But literary merit is an artificial thing and exists in the eye of the beholder. Morally suspect?

Shorn of its trappings, most fantasy would find approval in a Victorian household. The morality of fantasy and horror is, by and large, the strict morality of the fairy talc. Why docs the third of the three brothers, who shares his food with the old woman in the wood, go on to become king of the country? Why does James Bond manage to disarm the nuclear bomb a few seconds before it goes off rather than, as it were, a few seconds afterwards?

Because a universe where that did not happen would be a dark and hostile place. Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain. To stay sane, if I may gently paraphrase what Edward Pearce recently wrote in the Guardian, it is frequently necessary for someone to take short views, to look for comfort, to keep a piece of the world still genially ordered, if only for the duration of theatrical lime or the length of a book.

And this is harmless enough. Classical, written fantasy might introduce children lo the occult, but in a healthier way than might otherwise be the case in our strange society. And fantasy's readers might also learn, in the words of Stephen Sondheim, that witches can be right and giants can be good. They learn that where people stand is perhaps not as important as which way they face, 'lliis is part of the dangerous process of growing up.

As for escapism. There is nothing wrong with escapism. The key points of consideration, though, arc what you arc escaping from, and where you arc escaping lo. As a suddenly thirsting reader I escaped first of all lo what was then called Outer Space. I read a lot of science fiction, which as I have said is only a 20th century subset of fantasy. And a lot of it was, in strict literary terms, rubbish. But this was good rubbish.

I first came across any mention of ancient Greek civilisation in a fantasy book — by Mary Renault. But in the '50s most schools taught history like this: there were the Romans who had a lot of baths and built some roads and left. Then there was a lot of undignified pushing and shoving until the Normans arrived, and history officially began.

We did Science, too, in a way. Science fiction looked at the universe all the lime. I make no apology for having enjoyed it. It puts acne in its place, for a start. Then other worlds out there in space got me interested in this one down here. It is a small mental step from lime travel to paleontology, from sword 'n' sorcery fantasy to mythology and ancient history.

Truth is stranger than fiction; nothing in fantasy enthralled me as much as reading of the evolution of mankind from proto- blob to newt, tree shrew, Oxbridge arts graduate and eventually to tool-using mammal. Other animals, when they arc young, have a curiosity about the world, a flexibility of response. As a species we have retained it. As a species, we are forever slicking our fingers into the electric socket of the universe to sec what will happen next.

It is a trail lhal will cilher save us or kill us, but il is what makes us human beings. I would rather be in the company of people who look at Mars than people who contemplate humanity's navel — other worlds are better than fluff. And I came across a lot of trash. But the human mind has a healthy natural tendeney to winnow out the good stuff from the rubbish. As far as I am concerned, escapist literature let me escape to the real world. It is the compost for a healthy mind. It stimulates the inquisitive nodes. Of course, some may read no other kind of fiction all their lives although in my experience science fiction fans tend to be widely read outside the field.

Adult SF fan. At the very least they are helping to keep the industry alive, and providing one of the best routes to reading that there can be. All human life is there: a moral code, a sense of order and, sometimes, great big green things with teeth. There arc other books to read, and I hope children who start with fantasy go on to read them. But everyone has to start somewhere. Please call it fantasy, by the way.

Like the fairy talcs lhal were its forebears, fantasy needs no excuses. One of the great popular novelists of the early part of this century was G. But children have always known there arc dragons. Fairy stories tell children that dragons can be kiUed. Fiction markets which pay in copies, subscriptions or other than money are not listed.

Markets which did not respond to queries on tJieir status were deleted. Send new listings or corrections to Science Fiction Chronicle, P. Editor: Charles C. Current needs: Short SF stories, words; poetry, 1- 2 pages; 1-panel original canoons on science or SF; jokes, words must be original. Send SASE for writers or artists guidelines. Reporting time: weeks. Editor: Kim R. Current needs: SF, fantasy and horror, , words. Also seeking longer stories which can be serialized in 2- 3 issues, also novel excerpts; query before submitting. Payment rates: 6-lOc a word. Reporting lime: weeks.

Editor: Stanley Schmidt. Current needs: Currently reading all lengths. We prefer lengths of , words for shorts, Please query first on serials only. Reporting time: 1 month, often less. Editor: Gardner Dozois. Current needs: SF and fantasy up to 20, words very few longer than lhal limit. For nonfiction, query before submitting.

Editor: Stanislaus Tal. Current needs: Bizarre horror, dark fantasy, dark SF. No taboos. Send SASE for guidelines. Reading window opens August 1st. Reporting lime; Within 10 days. Box , Arlington VA Editor: Dominick J. Current needs: Criticism, book and film reviews, interviews and features revolving around horror, pop culture and general weirdness. Also seeking onginal comic an and strips as well as outre CD and record critiques and fiction. Reporting lime: 6 weeks. Editor: Frederick S. Current needs: film reviews, film production articles, film-maker interviews and profiles; must have newsworthy slant.

Writers located in Los Angeles and wher- ever films arc in production, especially Mexico City, Australia and Tokyo, Japan arc needed for assignments to cover films in production. Send SASE for payment rates and icnns, include samples of your work, phone number. Payment rates: Approx. Reporting lime: slow. Editor: Gary Groth. Reporting lime: 1 month. Fiction Editor: Barbara G. Current needs: Primarily publish articles concerned with adventure gaming, including fantasy role-playing games, also short fantasy adventure fiction 1, 8.

Reporting lime: weeks, fiction weeks. Editor: Steven E. Current needs: SF, no fantasy or horror, plus articles and interviews, 2,, words. New York NY Editor: Anthony Timpone. Cur- rent needs: Interviews with horror authors, movie makers, actors, screenwriters past and present 1,, words. Query with SASE.

No phone queries. Editor: Jessica Salmonson. Current needs; Supernatural literature to 3, words and translations. Box , Eugene OR Editor: Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Box , Moscow ID Fiction , words. Reporting lime: 8 weeks maximum. Editor: Michael F. Glimpses is a quarterly. Current needs; SF, fantasy, horror stories , words, also poetry, nonfiction. Artists also needed. Reporting lime: months. MA Editor: Warren l. Character driven action, lightly plotted stories with memorable characters, up to 25, words. Payment rales; 1. Box , Providence R1 Editor: Joseph K. Horror, science fantasy and su- pernatural in the Weird Tales vein, 1,, words.

We buy first NA serial, reprint and anthol- ogy rights. Market open Jan 1-Junc 1 only. Editors: Roger Duicher, Mark Rich. Current needs: speculative poetry, reviews, commentary. Query on nonfiction. SASH for guidelines. Editor: Marion Zimmer Bradley. Current needs: well plotted, action or adventure fantasy, , words.

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Editor: Catherine Asaro. Current needs: Nonfiction and fiction up to 4, words. Nonfiction: essays for a general audience about science, innovative ideas in SF, authors, scientists. Fiction: stories or poetry where science plays a role. Characters, plot and writing are more important than the science. Black and while art with science iheme. OMNI, Broadway. Fiction Editor: Ellen Dallow. Current needs: short stories , words. Open to a variety of SF and science fantasy, from high tech and hard science to sharp-edged fantasy.

Editor; the Copper Pig Collective. Current needs: Wc feature SF. Current needs: Overstocked; closed to unsolicited submissions until further notice. Editor moving and reponse to queries slow. Sample S5. Current needs: Short fiction up to 7, words. Reporting time: 4 weeks. Most readers arc writing and submitting on a regular basis. Articles, , words preferred. Query with ideas and clips. No complete manuscripts. No fiction. SASE for guidelines.

Editor: Scott Edelman. Current needs: Literate, innovative and ambitious stories that take the reader to new worlds, new places of the heart. Preferred length 2,,; maximum of 14, words. Not looking for straight horror. Editor: Andrew I. Current needs: interviews with writers, editors, artists, of 2, 4, words. Query first. Seeking cover art, first or second rights. No simultaneous submissions. Call to remind me. Editor: Gordon Linzner.

Current needs: SF, fantasy, horror, and poetry, from short-short to 10, words. Payment rates: Ic a word, on acceptance. Editor: David McDonnell. Current needs: Book reviews, words, by assignment only. Query first; SASE for writers guidelines. Payment rates: S15 for reviews, S for features and interviews. Reporting lime; weeks.

Editor: Eric llcidcman. Seeking SF, fantasy, poetry, cartoons. Editor: Greila M. Current needs: horror, SF, fantasy up to 5, words. Reporting lime: 12 weeks. Milwaukee OR Current needs: SF about words, for this bimonthly collection of thematically centered prose and graphic stories. Payment rates: S on a work-for-hire basis. Editor; W. Paul Ganlcy. Cur- rent needs: very overstocked but open to poetry and art. Pro quality fiction, poetry, artwork on weird, fantastic themes. Reporting time: 3 months. Editors: Thomas F. Monieleone, Elizabeth Barboza.

Current needs: Nonlradilional dark fantasy, suspense, horror and weird tales. No vampires, ghosts, werewolves, serial killers, child molesters or other tired icons. Show us something new. Editor: George Hatch. Reporting time: months. Carr, Managing Ed. An original hardcover anthology about the nature of near future warfare, covering conflicts from submarine warfare to killer satellite dogfights. Wc want stories that will chart and articulate some of these new possibilities.

Wc pay 6-lOtf for First Serial Rights. We respond to submissions in 3 months or sooner, quickly to all queries. Wc sometimes take longer on border-line submissions. Wc arc interested in powerful stories on the future of law and justice. We are not looking for courtroom dramas set in the future. We are interested in both reprints and original stories as well as some poetry. Submitting originals? Wc sometimes take over a year to make our selections; wc do respond quickly to all queries. Carr, Managing Editor, J.

Current needs: SF stories with a military or combat theme. Wc always need good essays on future war, and SF war poetry. We buy non-cxclusivc world anthol- ogy rights only and encourage authors to submit original stories to the SF magazines. Reporting time: within 90 days; sometimes take longer on borderline stories. Respond quickly to all queries. Oakland CA Editors: Robert Siiverbcrg, Karen Haber. Curretit needs: Closed; no longer reading. Do not send submissions for 4 until we say it is open.

Now reading for the 7lh annual volume, to include all material published in Datlow seeking all branches of horror, from traditional supernatural to borderline, including high-tech or psychological horror. Individuals only send stories if they think Datlow will not sec publication they appear in. These include mention of magazines and pub- lishing news, trading cards, weird nonfiction titles, etc.

Editors: Michael Amzen, J. Deadline; January 10, Editor: Karl Edward Wagner. Current needs: NO original submissions. Authors and editors arc encouraged to suggest stories for consideration, particularly those from less likely to be encountered publications. Payment rales: variable advance against pro rata share of royalties. Reporting lime: About 2 weeks. Editors: John Douglas. Chris Miller. Payment rales; negotiable. Reporting lime: varies; 1 week and up. For our fantasy line, we seek novels with idea-driven plotlines and internal plausibility.

Payment rates; very competitive. Will not consider unsolicited manuscripts, but will consider queries. Payment rales: as good as or better than anyone else. Editor in chief: Susan Allison. Current needs: Publishers of Ace SF and fantasy — an average of 7 paperbacks per month plus hardcovers per year. We want solid well-plotted SF; good action-adventure, well-researched hard science with good charac- terization; books that emphasize characterization without sacrificing plot. In fantasy wc seek all types from high fantasy to sword and sorcery.

Send first 3 chapters and a detailed outline, enclose a SASE. Reporting lime: 3 months minimum, longer if the work is under serious consideration. Milford Scries editor: Dr. Wc prefer a query letter, table of contents, sample pages, projected length. Not a market for fiction or artwork. Reporting time: 2 months. Wc develop almost ail books ourselves, sell them to a publisher, then commission them to be written. Need professionally published authors for new and ongoing scries submit samples for our files; 3 short stories or a novel.

Ability to meet deadlines is essential. Wc do SF, fantasy, mystery, graphic novels, etc. Payment rales: competitive advance against royally. Reporting lime; 1 week on most queries, weeks on proposals. Publisher; Keni Carroll. Current needs: Out of print SF and fantasy novels, original novel manuscripts. Submit synopsis, sample chapter. Pajment rales: standard industry royally. Box , Missoula MT Publisher: David Curran. Current needs: actively seeking writers of interactive computer fiction and non-fiction. Programs arc distributed as shareware and payment is by contract on sales.

Sample program available for Mac for S5. Publishers; Betsy Wollhcim, Sheila Gilbert. Submisions editor: Peter Stampfcl. Current needs: We arc always interested in SF and fantasy novels 65,, words or more. Longer if novel is promising. No experimental writing, avant-garde, etc. No occult, UFO. No short story collections.

Contract and advance by individual arrangement. Reporting lime: weeks, longer if a second reading is required.

What epic book should I read next? - books reading fantasy | Ask MetaFilter

Executive Editor: Shelly Shapiro. We arc looking for well-told talcs with believable and sympathetic at least one! Our SF list runs from hard science and provocative extrapolation to adventure, with lots of variety in between. We prefer novels of , words. Submissions must include an SASE large enough to hold the manuscript.

Payment rates: competitive, depending on the nature of ihe book, strength of the author. Editor: Jeanne Cavelos. Current needs; sophisticated, literary, culling-cdgc horror.


Books should have strong psychological elements. They may also have supernatural elements. Reporting time: 4 months. Editor: Lydia C. I-anlasia, Horrifica cross indexed reference work to be published by Prcnlice-llall.

All Jim's books

Please write for rates and guidelines. Authors already under cotract include Terry Pratchett, A. Aitanasio, C. Cherryh, J. No unsolicited manuscripts; send queries only, which must contain a concise plot description and author credentials. We take no responsilbility for the return of unagented manuscripts, though we will make our best effort to return them within 6 weeks. Editor: Jane Yolen. OH Editor; Julia J. Current needs; Book-length manuscripts on the scholarly study of SF and fantasy.

Payment rates: Royalty arranged. Reporting lime: 3 months. Box , Tallahassee FL , Editor: Barbara Grier. Current needs: SF and fantasy with a lesbian ori- entation. We publish books by, for and about Ixs- bians. We prefer manuscripts well grounded in SF, not simply cosmetically lesbian in theme. Please inquire by writing a single page letter about yourself, along with a one-page precis of your novel.

Do not send sample chapters nor the manu- script without inquiring. We do not consider sim- ultaneous submissions. Editor; Stephanie Spinner. Current needs: Stories of approximately , words written at a 3rd grade level. These are aimed at year olds who like adventure, action, humor and fantasy. Payment rates: S Editor: Lee Boojamra. New writers welcome. Editors: Christopher Sdielling, Amy Stout. Current needs: We publish 4 books per month, hardcover and paperback. We seek quality SF and fantasy. Unagented authors, query before submitting.

Payment rates; competitive. Reporting lime: 1 -2 months. We take no responsibility for the return of unsolicited mss. It is that good. Have you ever read any Olaf Stapledon [ previously ]? He wrote the first thing you could call a 'space opera' except it's not. Check them out Thirding the Baroque Cycle and I devoured that shit. Shogun sounds like it fits the bill. Oh and cause you mentioned fantasy-ish books in your question, The Baroque Cycle isn't fantasy, but it does take place in the th century so it might as well be, one character is suspected of being immortal and the speech in the 2nd book about the implications if "Sanatic Magic" actually exists pretty much sold me on reading the NEXT thousand pages posted by The Whelk at PM on August 22, Apparently Joe Abercrombie's stuff is pretty good.

I have Best Served Cold sitting at home but have yet to delve. You've read Dune, right? Are the classic epics on the table? A lot of the Arthurian stuff should work, too. Wilson at PM on August 22, Three Musketeers? Nthing Baroque Cycle. Seconding Abercrombie's The First Law trilogy. I tore through it over a couple of weeks, cramming in what reading I could during work, and my spouse is gallumphing through them now. I do not gallumph. Pillars of the Earth? There's a follow-up book as well. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth.

It's not SF or fantasy, but riveting pages about four families in post-partition India. Things happen and there's a real ending. Be ready, you need to read about pages to really get into the story, but it's one of my all time favorites. Ilium, by Dan Simmons, is really, really good.

It got robbed by the Hugos and I say that as someone who loves Paladin of Souls. The sequel Olympos is not quite as good. It's surprisingly easy reading in the Seamus Heaney translation, and it's about vikings fighting monsters pretty much cover to cover. Somehow you also get to look like a sophisticated intellectual while you read it. These are great! I am also recommend seconding? Drood and Terror. Kali , while not an epic, was fun as horror. I recently finished Simmon's Ilium and Olympos and found them merely okay.

The Lilith's Brood trilogy by Octavia Butler is quite nice. Also nice along the society-building line is Steven King's The Stand. War and Peace is mostly known for being long, but it is also really, really great. A Glastonbury Romance. It will do things to you. Yeah, "Dune" the first, perhaps not the follow ons posted by edgeways at PM on August 22, [ 3 favorites ]. Orlando furioso by Ludovico Ariosto is about as epic as it gets. Nthing "First Law" trilogy. Also, it's pretty "hard" sci-fi, but Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy is definitely epic and definitely hacks it as literature.

Orlando furioso! Good idea. And why not another Italian epic, Gerusalemme liberata by Tasso. Although both are set in recognizable historical contexts they have lots of fantasy elements as well. Lots of globe-crossing, head-removing, mead-quaffing, bone-crushing fun. Wolfe, of course. Declare is good too. I was about to say I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Gormenghast yet, but on non-preview I see it did finally get a mention. Well then, seconding that!

And adding David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas. At pages I guess it might be on the cusp of "epic" depending on what your definition is, but I found it deliciously immersive, and its intertwining stories cover a span of time from the s to some point in the post-apocalyptic future Islandia Also recommend Little, Big. Prickly, bloody, brain-twisty. Nthing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Powers writes stand-alone, but the books will sweep you off your feet. Bujold, the Vorkosigan series and also the Chalion books.

Similar to the Stevenson Baroque Cycle books. Complicated, well-written, creative and incredibly dense. Huge Martin and LoTR fan here, but this is by far my favorite epic series. Rothkuss doesn't do much for me-seems very same old, same old, but of course, YMMV. I like Abercrombie a lot, but it's not in the same league-pretty simple, missing that Epic feel.

Seconding the Malazan Book of the Fallen - I'm four books in to a reread in prep for the last book that's been sitting on my shelf for months while I reread ASoIaF, of course and it's more complex than the Martin stuff by far. The first book isn't awesome, the second is mindblowing, the third left me literally in tears and on a reread! But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Do people find it terrible? I find it pretty damn engrossing, and with four fat books it is quite epic. Admittedly there are a couple strands of the story that I tend to skim, but overall I think it's a pretty great read.

Have you read Michael Chabon's work? They aren't extremely huge doorstoppers, but I liked The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and some of his other books. Seconding the recs for Tigana and the Lions of Al-Rassan. Also, Imajica was very engaging to me. You would be a person who misses out on a great titanic epic book.