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  1. Quality in project management--a practical look at chapter 8 of the PMBOK­­® guide
  2. Introduction to the Project Management Knowledge Areas
  3. What is Quality?
  4. Processes & Methodologies

These requirements become the foundation for the work of the project.

Quality in project management--a practical look at chapter 8 of the PMBOK­­® guide

Quality is not about giving the customer extras or completing extra work. The notion of extras is often based on possibly erroneous perceptions of what you believe the customer wants.

These extras add time, possible costs and other impacts to a project but do not always result in increased customer satisfaction. Project quality management consists of three major processes:.

Introduction to the Project Management Knowledge Areas

The definition of quality is central to understanding these three processes. To be able to define quality, you need to be clear about the meaning of the following terms:. The quality management planning process determines the quality standards that are applicable to the project and devising a way to satisfy them.

The goal is to create a quality management plan which documents the following:. Identifying these items might require updates to the project management plan or schedule, which emphasizes the evolving nature of the plan and project documents. The plan, like other components created during the planning phase, is written by the project manager with input from stakeholders. When planning for quality on a project follow the corporate quality policies that are in place.

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The overall purpose of project quality management aims to provide a broad framework for identifying quality standards and requirements, implementing quality assurance and control activities, and taking corrective actions for project improvement. The people involved in managing the framework key stakeholders, the project manager and the team take care of managing documents, templates, schedules, plans and other quality management tools to make sure that the project deliverables are produced according to the implementation methodology and the expected quality levels.

The Project Quality Management Framework section of the Project Implementation Guide is dedicated to describing the three components to help project managers, quality teams and stakeholders with setting up quality requirements, managing control procedures, monitoring quality levels, taking corrective actions and implementing improvements. The section includes the following articles:. This is a statistical method. Each of the several identified tests are performed many number of times and the results are statistically analyzed to identify which of the tests help measure quality of deliverables most accurately.

Statistical sampling is a sampling technique where a representational sample is picked from the population and this sample is thoroughly tested using the designed tests. If number of defects found cross the acceptable limit in this sample, entire population is rejected.

For instance, out of shirts population a batch of shirts is randomly selected. Each of these shirts are tested for manufacturing defects. If the threshold is say 3 shirts, then 3 defective shirts at the most are allowed in this batch of shirts. If more than 3 defective shirts are found, then entire population of shirts are rejected. Figure 7: Statistical sampling flow.

What is Quality?

This plan defines,. Quality metrics is that WHAT of the product that you need to measure in order to improve its performance. This is a great measure, because it sets you thinking to further dig and find the source of the issue.

Quality Management Goals and Objectives

You have drilled down the reason to be around the buttons. Now you dig into the automated process that stitches buttons on the shirts. This way you can drastically reduce the defects, and corresponding costs of nonconformance that we saw in cost of quality. This may be required whenever you find that some impacted document needs updates due to this quality plan exercise.

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The risk management plan, requirements management plan, scope baseline. Documents such as lessons learned register, risk register, stakeholder register, requirements traceability matrix and so on — the thumb rule is most of the input documents that are studied may be improved or refined based on discoveries or changing needs. If you have worked in smaller companies or start-ups like I do, you might have found that you need to start on some of the activities on your own without much help from organizational process assets.

You may even end up preparing the quality plan that sort of becomes the organizational quality policy for other projects to follow. Share your quality planning experience in the Comments section below. With planning behind us now, let us look at how manage quality process works. Tina January 6, , am.

In one example, is there a typo? If the threshold is say 3 shirts, then 3 defective shirts at the most are allowed in this lot of 50 shirts. I think that it is the same lot of shirts — either a lot of shirts, or a lot of 50 shirts. So, if I am reading this right, the needs to be changed to 50, or vice versa. Shiv Shenoy January 6, , am.

Processes & Methodologies

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