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  1. How Did Jack Die On 'This Is Us'? - Ranking Fan Theories About Jack's Death
  2. Having two phones are a lifesaver. Let me spell it out for you:
  3. Death from laughter

Ron was a bit of a loose cannon and, like his brother, was not exactly well-liked among fans. It made sense for the show to kill him off in the same episode. There wasn't a chance in the world Rick would have let anyone from Terminus live if he got his hands on them. Gareth's death might have been gruesome, but many people would probably agree it was well-deserved after he ate Bob's leg. Spencer had it coming and everyone watching knew it. The show spent nearly an entire episode setting him up to die, which is why most people weren't too taken aback.

His character also died the same way in the comic series, so there wasn't a big surprise there for the most devoted of fans. We figured the doctor may not make it back to the Hilltop in one piece, but we didn't expect his death to come at the hands of the Saviors after he survived getting his foot stuck in a bear trap. Carson got a little too confident after he and Gabriel had several strokes of luck. Unfortunately for the doctor, his luck ran out. Despite being a great leader, Deanna didn't exactly have what it took to keep her community alive outside of their comfortable walls.

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Some viewers might have expected her to last a bit longer, but a power struggle between Rick and anyone else probably wouldn't have worked. At least she got to go down fighting. We knew Simon's days were numbered after he went behind Negan's back and had everyone at the junkyard killed. But it wasn't certain how Negan would take him out. We thought Simon would have received a more violent death instead of one of honor where the two fought to the death. Now, he's living out the rest of his days as a walker chained to the Sanctuary.

It was a huge surprise on Sunday's episode when Rutina Wesley showed up on "The Walking Dead" as one of Michonne's closet college friends. It was a bigger surprise when things quickly took a dark turn and Jocelyn betrayed that friendship only to steal the children of Alexandria for her own survival in the zombie apocalypse. We didn't rank this death higher because once Jocelyn's true motives were revealed, it became clear she needed to go. Who forgets their humanity so much that you think it's ever OK to brand someone who was close to you? It was kill or be killed as Michonne was forced to stab Jocelyn in the chest or risk the chance of losing Judith and her unborn child.

It was an unthinkable decision and devastating to watch. It was a reminder that when it comes to survival, the scariest thing in the zombie apocalypse may not be the undead. The Governor had to go after ruthlessly killing Maggie's father Hershel in front of everyone. While you may have jumped when Michonne drove her katana through the Governor, his death was more satisfying than surprising, especially when his girlfriend Lily sealed his fate by shooting him in the head. Despite being an original cast member, T-Dog wasn't exactly a major character in the series.

While many expected him to part ways with the show eventually, it was slightly surprising to see him sacrifice his life after getting bit to save Carol from walkers.

How Did Jack Die On 'This Is Us'? - Ranking Fan Theories About Jack's Death

Henry's death was a big change up from the comics as he took over King Ezekiel's death. We were less shocked to see Henry die since his story has focused heavily around dodging the Whisperers after he convinced Alpha's daughter, Lydia, to ditch her old life in the communities. His time was up. You can't escape them forever. The moment brought his story full circle. People didn't expect Lizzie to last long at all after she stabbed her sister and almost killed Judith. Fans still weren't expecting the heavy scene that came when Carol took the girl out to a field Old Yeller style and told her to look at the flowers while shooting her dead.

While David's death was adapted straight from the comic, it wasn't one we were expecting to see play out nearly frame by frame. For those who aren't fans of Negan, it may have been a surprise to see him kill one of his own men for attempting to rape Sasha. Despite having several wives, most of whom don't even want to be married to him, Negan is adamant on his stance about his men committing rape. The only member of the Anderson family that had the slightest chance of surviving outside of Alexandria was Jessie.

Unfortunately, she refused to let go of her dying son's hand and was dragged down into a throng of hungry zombies as well. This might have come as a shock to some since her relationship with Rick was just starting to kindle. In the end, she met the same death as her character in the comic series. Nicholas indirectly killed a couple of people because of his own overwhelming fear, so it wasn't a surprise that he took his own life after getting trapped by a hoards of walkers.

It was a surprise he decided to actually go and do it after Glenn stuck his neck out for him so many times. The real shock was that he took Glenn down with him. The bigger shock? That the showrunners tortured fans with a " did they? Benjamin was just starting to get interesting when he was shot by the Saviors. He had his whole life ahead of him and was working with Morgan as a mentee much like how Morgan worked with his friend Eastman.

When Ben was shot instead of Richard it wasn't only shocking, it was sad.

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  • 55. Rodney got plucked up by Alpha to get the pike treatment, too..
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It's not just the undead you have to watch out for in the zombie apocalypse. Shane shot Otis in the leg and left him for a group of walkers so he could make an escape. Otis' death was so shocking because many thought Shane wouldn't be capable of something so brutal. Otis didn't go down without a fight — he tore out a chunk of Shane's hair — which made watching him get torn apart that much more upsetting. We were definitely surprised Tara took Rosita's comic death, but Tara hasn't been given too much to do this season.

She was kind of taking over the Hilltop in Maggie and Jesus' absence, but then Daryl stepped in when the Whisperers showed up at the community. Lizzie was clearly a tortured young girl, but nobody expected to see her standing over her dead sister and Judith with a knife in her hand. Luckily, Judith left the scene unharmed. Mika got the short end of the stick and was gruesomely murdered by her older sister, proving that the showrunners have very few boundaries. Bob certainly didn't play a pivotal role in the group, but his relationship with Sasha and overall kick-butt mentality was gold.

After making it out of Terminus alive and reuniting with the group, it was pretty upsetting that he had to go so soon. At least he got his revenge by letting the cannibals eat tainted meat before he went — a story line taken from Dale's character in the comic series. Maggie has a zero-tolerance policy with anyone threatening the life of her or her son, Hershel.

2. Why are Jack’s possessions in the back of Rebecca’s car?

After giving Gregory numerous chances, he went too far when he tried to have Maggie murdered and subsequently pulled a knife on her himself. While we were surprised to see Gregory go on the premiere episode, we can't put him higher on this list because we weren't surprised by the decision to kill him off. Gregory's hanging went down almost exactly as it does in the comics. Just when you thought Morgan was about to take another life — wham! Henry snuck up from behind and drove a spike right through the back of Gavin's neck. This death was a bit of a bummer more than an outright shock.

Out of all the Saviors, Gavin seemed like one of the few characters who would have been able to turn over a new leaf and work toward a united front between Negan and Rick's men that Carl envisioned. Unlike some of Negan's other top men, Gavin seemed like the Savior you could reason with the most. Right before his death, he told his men to get Ezekiel a pillow to make him comfortable.

Having two phones are a lifesaver. Let me spell it out for you:

Does that sound like an awful guy? Enid was the pike death that shocked us the most. We thought her death would have gone to Alden or a member of Magna's new group of survivors. She said her storyline felt like it was starting to have nowhere else to go.

Death from laughter

The back-half of season nine was really becoming less about her character as an independent, strong character and more about a relationship and that bummed her out a little. Shane needed to go. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Format: Kindle Edition. Just keeps getting better totally hooked.

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  • 56. Alek bravely gave his life before he was killed and put on display on a pike by Alpha.;

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Theo Joey Plewa Alexander Lorenzo Caccialanza Country: USA. Language: English German Italian Japanese. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia It is often said that Bruce Willis 's lines during the scene when he pulls the glass out of his feet were ad-libbed. Indeed, it is said that upon learning this, Terry Gilliam cast Willis as the lead in Twelve Monkeys However when comparing the original script, it appears that Willis only veered very slightly from the original written dialogue. Goofs When jumping off the roof at Nakatomi Plaza just before it explodes, you can clearly see John McClane's "rubber shoes" that were used to protect his feet.

While the people are being held hostage, he is supposed to be barefoot. His support wire is also visible in addition to the fire hose. Quotes [ first lines ] Businessman : You don't like flying, do you? John McClane : What gives you that idea? Businessman : You wanna know the secret to surviving air travel? After you get where you're going, take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes. John McClane : Fists with your toes?

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Businessman : I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Trust me, I've been doing it for nine years. Yes sir, better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee. John McClane : Okay.