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Clean, quiet and highly automated, it's a factory where the workers need to have as much comfort with a computer as they do turning a screw. By the end of her four-year fellowship, when she will be 20, Johnson will have a foothold in the labour force and an associate's degree — without the debt that has increasingly made many young people wary of college. Siemens, she said, will be where she makes a career.

That is the goal. But I plan on staying with Siemens. I have no reason to ever leave. Programs like the one offered by Siemens and a handful of other Charlotte area companies are small — just five or six new recruits a year in Siemens's case. But the potential has caught the eye of US policymakers and corporate executives.

The German embassy recently launched a "skills initiative" in the US after hearing how German companies struggled to find workers for their highly automated factories, and have been promoting the system in talks with US corporations and local chambers of commerce. To replicate the German apprenticeship system in the United States would require a cultural shift away from viewing late adolescence as a time of exploration, and perhaps even away from the value associated with a higher education that is both broad and broadly accessible.

In a recent column in The Washington Post, the presidents of the University of Michigan and Stanford cautioned against a headlong dive toward what is deemed "useful" in higher learning, at the risk of "marginalising the humanities and social sciences". Half of the families in his racially diverse district live below the poverty line.

Yet not far from the school, Siemens has been hiring hundreds of new factory workers at a plant expanding to ride an anticipated boom in orders for large turbines powered by natural gas. The expansion of US energy production is just one of the forces that may be combining to reshape the American industrial landscape, and Realon said he wants students at the school to latch on.

He has tried, he said, to set a tone in which vocational training or apprenticeships are acceptable alternatives for students who want or need to begin earning a living and might enjoy the hands-on work of a factory.

The involvement of big corporate names such as Siemens, he said, has helped that sales pitch. Each class of seniors "is so tied up in the ego part — 'I need to say what college I am going to'", Realon said from the school's suburban campus, where five smaller specialty high schools are housed under one roof. We are not here to squelch their dreams But we build up the community college — that it is a viable pathway, and for many jobs and occupations it is the most effective.

Among some of the students he has helped place in apprenticeships, "for the families — if those kids were not working they would not pay their mortgage", he said. The norms of US companies would also have to change to make apprenticeship programmes work on a large scale, said Bill Dillon, the community college's associate dean.

Dokumentation - Columbine High School - Massaker

Among US companies, he said, managers expect job applicants to arrive with skills already perfected and are hesitant to make the commitment — an investment of several tens of thousands of dollars — to shepherd a teenager through years of training and community college and into a job, paying them a full-time hourly wage all the while.

The community college currently includes about 75 students who are progressing through Apprenticeship , a coalition of eight companies, including Siemens, that select the applicants, pay tuition and a full-time hourly wage, and guarantee a job at the end of the process. The companies also choose the curriculum — and there is no wiggle room.

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The apprentices are grouped together for coursework that leads to an associate's degree in mechatronics, a hybrid discipline pioneered in Japan and Germany that melds the basics of mechanical engineering, electronics and other areas. It produces workers who can program, operate and fix the machines common to the factories run by Siemens and other top companies. There used to be an elective among the 24 courses the students take.

That was replaced with a logic class. The companies balked at paying for "the history of rock-and-roll They didn't want that," said Eric Easton, program co-ordinator for apprenticeships at the college. The curriculum as it stands now, he said, is in "lockstep" with how mechatronics is taught in Germany.

What is journalism? Reports on a US spy agency run amok meet the test

Robotic logistics units let students learn how to set up and repair delivery systems, and model assembly lines teach them to diagnose problems with sequences of electronic motors. In another room, they work on orbital lathes that cut across five planes, or gather for a trigonometry lesson using an old-school sine bar to measure angles.

Am Das Leben geht weiter an der "Columbine High School" - obwohl sie wohl nie wieder eine normale Schule sein wird. Die Hauptbotschaft sei nach einem Zitat von Harris aus dem Video: "Glaubt nicht, wir versuchten, irgendjemanden nachzumachen.

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Wie konnte es sein, dass unter ihrer Erziehung zwei Monster herangewachsen waren? Die Klebolds sagten, ihr Sohn sei nicht wegen, sondern trotz ihrer Erziehung auf Abwege geraten. Columbine war zwar ein besonders schlimmes Schul-Massaker, aber nicht das erste und auch bei weitem nicht das letzte.

Durch Kleinwaffen sterben mehr Menschen als durch jede andere Waffengattung.

Without words: amok (german edition)

Laut einer neuen Studie ist ihre Zahl deutlich gestiegen - auf eine Milliarde weltweit. Auf jeden Fall machen sie eine Menge richtig. Genau 20 Jahre nach dem Amoklauf wurde an die 13 Opfer erinnert - und an Wunden, die noch immer nicht verheilt sind. Jetzt werden beide in ihrer Heimat bestattet. In Venezuela soll ein festgenommener Marineoffizier in Gewahrsam zu Tode gefoltert worden sein.

Das werfen zahlreiche Staaten der Region der Regierung Maduros vor. Und will es wohl auch nicht. Doch schon zeichnet sich Streit ab. Mehr Infos Okay. Wrong language?