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Successful winter travel sellers share a common trait: They sell the destination, not skiing Gebhart, According to Gebhart the key is an expanding set of activities.

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Mountain resorts are developing winter activity menus as broad as anything their competitors in Florida, Hawaii or the cruise industry can offer. Marzella states that if ski resorts would refine the business they are in and form strategic alliances or vertically integrate with companies that could deliver the total mountain experience, they would utilize natural resources differently, promote their product more broadly, and develop in a different and most appealing manner.

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Bruhn notes that the best way of reaching an international audience economically is by creating a multi-lingual website. A further step that generally proves to be of ever increasing importance for a resort is the implementation of either an international alpine ski race, international snowboard event or cross-country race that receives media coverage in many countries www. Gebhart states that one of the best ways to sell a ski resort is to sell the nonski activities to nonskiers who are part of almost every skiing family Gebhart, Many traditional ski resorts, like St.

Moritz, Chamonix and Davos, are known to mainly target middle- and upper class families and prosperous individuals. Ischgl, St. Anton and Whistler Mountain on the other hand target a younger population that is looking for extensive nightlife and fun events www. The winter destination market today is almost all couples and families Gebhart, though for ski operators, kids are the future.

In literature there are many studies on the advertising strategies of ski resorts but unfortunately very few on differences in perception between skiers and snowboarders, and nationalities. Most studies do not consider how cultural values impact perception Weiermair, Overall, France is blessed with the perfect setting for ski resorts, in arguably the best part of the alps Lisella, In particular, triangulation will be used. It implies that the results of an investigation employing a method associated with one research strategy are cross-checked against the results of using a method associated with the other research strategy.

It is an adaptation of the argument by authors like Webb et al. The questionnaire consisted of 9 numbered questions to make the statistical analysis easier Fowler, Further, most questions were answered on a 5 point Likert Scale as according to Oppenheim this guarantees good reliability. The data was collected by a means of a researcher-administered questionnaire. The sample utilised could be considered under the definition of Hakim , as that of a convenience.

As mentioned above, the research tool utilised for data collection in this study was a structured questionnaire. This was regarded as the most appropriate method, as questionnaires allow information to be gathered relatively quickly, inexpensively and achieve the acquisition of empirical data May, ; Gummesson, January and the January This study is predominately of quantitative design.

Portugal exits bailout program

However, qualitative data in form of a secondary analysis was collected to gain a wider perspective. All items on the questionnaire were coded in order to enter into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences 8. Non-parametric tests had to be used as the data did not meet parametric requirements. On the four hypotheses, multiple comparison tests where then performed to discover where any significant relationships or differences lay. For the secondary analysis, advertisement material was collected and analyzed using a coding sheet.

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The main themes and categories were identified, and then used to elicit information quotes from the material Cooper, The amount of quotes found for one category will then indicate where the most information is given Silverman, Hypothesis 1: There is a sig. R S Robert Schiele Author. Visiting Scholars Research Fellows. Alumni Alumni Website.

Das Nichts ist Zentralbankgeld. Anmerkungen zu Dirk Ehnts' Buch über Geld und Kredit

Programs LL. Degree and Accreditation Who can apply? Till Kosche Dr. Markus Burianski Prof. Christian Heidfeld Dr.

Carsten J. Angersbach Dr. Christian Altvater Dr. Phoebus Athanassiou Dr. Klaus-Albert Bauer Prof. Torsten Engers Prof.

Facebooks Kryptowährung Libra muss verhindert werden by Katharina Pistor - Project Syndicate

Thomas Gasteyer Dr. Alexander Georgieff Ward Greenberg Dr. Hendrik Haag Prof. Andreas Hackethal Prof.

euronews interview - "Die Europäer sind keine Selbstmörder. Sie werden Veränderungen angehen"

Michael Haliassos Dr. Oliver Heiland Dr. Thomas Huertas Patrick Kenadjian Dr. Manuel Lorenz Prof. Raimond Maurer Dr. Bernd Meyring Dr.