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First vehicles belonging to e. Oggetto: A rischio estinzione digitale 21 lingue europee su L'italiano, con il francese, l'olandese, e il tedesco sono in una fascia di rischio intermedio. Secondo questi studi, senza supporti digitali quali correttori ortografici e grammaticali, assistenti interattivi sugli smartphone, sistemi di traduzione automatica su telefoni cellulari e motori di ricerca web, molte lingue europee non saranno in grado di sopravvivere nel mondo digitale di oggi.

La Commissione come intende intervenire per tutelare il ricco patrimonio linguistico e culturale del continente europeo ed evitare la scomparsa di molte lingue europee? The languages most at risk are Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Maltese. Italian, French, Dutch and German are in an intermediate risk category. What will the Commission do to protect the rich linguistic and cultural wealth of the European continent and avoid the disappearance of numerous European languages? The steady development of information and communication technologies provides both challenges and opportunities for lesser used languages, accelerating the globalisation of the economy on the one hand and helping language communities scattered around the world to remain in contact.

Commission support to linguistic diversity cover a broad range of activities, from the European patent to the right to interpretation and translation of people involved in criminal proceedings. The purpose is to deploy a language infrastructure to allow all providers of online content and services public and private to easily make their offerings available in all official EU languages. The Commission provides an important input to the development of natural language processing: EU legislation which is published in the 23 official EU languages is the largest parallel multilingual corpus available to researchers and developers.

Can the Commission state whether a selection panel chose the successful applicants, and can it specify who was on the selection panel that chose those appointed? What selection criteria did the panel use when sifting through the applications it received? Was there a call for applications beforehand?

If so, what form did this call for applications take? Was this call for applications advertised in all the Member States? How and where was it advertised? Did the selection panel respect the diversity of opinion in Europe and the different philosophical movements? Candidates in the list were selected on the basis of requirements published in the call for expression of interest in accordance with the EGE requirements, namely: 1 Relevant, internationally recognised high-level experience; 2 Documented experience in an Ethics advisory board.

Om: Offentlige udbud og overensstemmelse med EU's internationale forpligtelser. Der er visse undtagelser fra reglen. The proposal does not propose a revision of the established thresholds. Can the Commission be expected to work to raise thresholds at the next renegotiations of the WTO rules for public procurement? The text on GPA rules however was already negotiated and provisionally frozen by the negotiators in Raising the thresholds unilaterally would be a violation of the GPA.

The same applies, mutatis mutandis , to the EU's commitments on public procurement in its numerous bilateral trade agreements. For goods and services procured by sub-central entities the threshold is. The threshold for construction services works is set at 5 SDR for all type of entities. There are some exceptions to the general rule. For example Japan has lowered its thresholds for central entities to SDR. The proposed Directive provides for an obligation of the Commission to review the economic effects of the thresholds on the internal market in relation with the GPA.

Turkije, Egypte en Iran willen dat het lasteren van de islam en de profeet Mohammed op internationaal niveau wordt aangepakt. De leiders van die landen zullen deze week opnieuw bij de Algemene Vergadering van de VN pleiten voor antiblasfemiemaatregelen. Hoe staat de Commissie tegenover een eventueel toekomstig verbod op blasfemie op internationaal niveau, voorgesteld door Turkije, Egypte en Iran? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat een dergelijk verbod verwerpelijk zou zijn omdat het de vrijheid van meningsuiting zou ondermijnen? Kan de Commissie garanderen dat op EU-niveau nooit een verbod op blasfemie zal worden ingevoerd?

De EU ziet vrijwaring tegen belastering van godsdiensten niet als een mensenrecht. De Commissie is op de hoogte van de recente roep om een internationaal wetgevingskader voor de bescherming van religie. De EU blijft gekant tegen enige vaststelling van normen op dit gebied. De EU zal zich blijven inzetten voor religieuze tolerantie. Turkey, Egypt and Iran want international legal regulations against the defamation of Islam and the prophet Muhammad.

Does the Commission agree that such a ban would be reprehensible because it would undermine freedom of expression?

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If not, why does the Commission believe that freedom of expression stops where blasphemy begins? Can the Commission specify where, in its view, the border of freedom of expression lies? Can the Commission guarantee that no ban on blasphemy would ever be introduced in the EU? If not, why is the Commission not fighting tooth and nail for freedom of expression? Freedom of expression is necessary to create pluralist, tolerant, broad-minded and democratic societies.

The Commission is aware of the recent calls for an international legal framework to protect religion. The EU maintains a firm position against any standard setting in this regard. The EU will stay engaged in fostering religious tolerance. Barriere architettoniche sono presenti inoltre anche nelle aule, nelle mense, nei laboratori e nelle palestre.

In tale contesto sarebbe opportuno che gli Stati membri sfruttassero appieno i fondi strutturali europei che possono contribuire a sostenere la riforma dell'istruzione. This study sets out a general framework at European level in reference to access to training for people with disabilities, and the data throw up significant differences between the various Member States.

This can be considered an excellent result in terms of integration and social inclusion, but, nonetheless, people with disabilities still have considerable difficulties in making full use of the education on offer. There are also architectural barriers in classrooms, canteens, laboratories and gymnasia. Another worrying piece of news was reported by the Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps FISH , according to which there was apparently a considerable reduction in the number of support and assistance hours dedicated to communication at the start of this new school year compared with those allocated last year.

This was due to the major cuts which have also affected this sector. These policy choices risk compromising the good results achieved, leading to a huge step backwards and significantly affecting the right to study of the almost two hundred thousand Italian pupils with disabilities. In light also of the recent cuts made by Italy, therefore, what measures and practical instruments can the European Commission implement to continue to encourage access to education and training for people with disabilities?

As mentioned by the Honourable Member, the report prepared by NESSE at the request of the Commission shows that Italy is making progress in the field of access to education for people with disabilities. The need to protect investment in education in the face of current budgetary constraints and to enable all learners, including those with disabilities and special needs, to develop their full potential is a key message of the Commission in the Annual Growth Survey.

In this context, Member States should take full advantage of the European Structural Funds, which can help to underpin education reform. The Commission is currently defining country-specific investment priorities for in order to give Member States the opportunity to mobilise resources to support access to education for people with disabilities. The Erasmus for All programme will continue these activities after ;. However, the rules cannot be adequately enforced because many road transport drivers undertake cross-border journeys which can be equated to posted work, without the benefits provided for in the rules, i.

The regulation explicitly refers to the temporary and non-permanent character of the work. The Member States are responsible for the correct application and enforcement in practice of the Posting of Workers Directive in the transport sector. This should make it easier for the competent national authorities to apply the Posting of Workers Directive and guarantee compliance with its rules.

It should also enhance legal certainty for companies and road transport drivers with respect to their rights. Volgens deze politici heeft de trojka de hulpprogramma's aan Griekenland afhankelijk gemaakt van het handhaven van deze defensieprogramma's.

il tato omnibus italian edition Manual

De kwestie kan daarom niet op de agenda van de Raad Buitenlandse Zaken worden gezet. According to these politicians, the troika made the bail-out programmes for Greece conditional on maintenance of the defence programmes. The question raised by the Honourable Member concerns exclusively the trade relationships arms trade between Member States of the European Union and has no element of external action. It can therefore not be placed on the agenda of the Foreign Affairs Council. Currently, around a dozen political prisoners are serving sentences in penal institutions and colonies in Belarus.

Can the Commission take action to support the immediate families of these political prisoners? The EU is well aware of the grave situation of the political prisoners in Belarus, as well as of the psychological and physical difficulties their families face. As not all political prisoners have been released and no political prisoner has been rehabilitated, and against the background of the lack of improvement as regards the respect of human rights, rule of law and democratic principles, the Council decided to prolong the existing restrictive measures by another year.

Oggetto: Roma, zona Monti dell'Ortaccio: possibile apertura di una nuova discarica. Anche uno studio recente del Dipartimento di epidemiologia del Servizio Sanitario della Regione Lazio ha sottolineato che nella popolazione insediata a ridosso degli impianti le patologie del tumore all'apparato respiratorio e cardiovascolare sono in eccesso. Whether the mandatory procedures for advertising and providing information to citizens have been carried out environmental impact assessment VIA and strategic environmental assessment VAS ;.

As concerns the new landfills envisaged in Lazio, the Commission launched an investigation aimed at ensuring that, when opening a new landfill, whether in Monti dell'Ortaccio or in other sites, the Italian authorities correctly apply the above EU legislation. On the basis of the information available so far, no concrete project has been finally authorised for the construction of a landfill in Lazio. As a consequence, no breach of EU environmental law can be identified yet.

If the national authorities conclude that the damage is significant and establish a causal link between the activity of the liable operator and the damage, remedial measures must be identified by the operator and approved by the competent national authorities.

Meyer et M. Global cereal production is currently suffering from bad weather conditions that have affected traditional areas of production throughout the entire crop cycles. Severe droughts and extreme heat in the spring and summer months in the United States together with the deteriorating outlook for crops in the Black Sea region have had repercussions for wheat cultivation. This should lead to high and very volatile prices. Taking account of these disturbances, does the Commission believe that the supply of cereals will meet demand over the next few years?

In the event that supply fails to meet demand, what measures will be taken to ensure the supply of raw materials throughout the EU? Given the increase in global demand, does the Commission wish to prioritise food applications over non-food applications? Does the Commission plan to implement a future European stocks strategy? How does the Commission plan to prevent the high volatility of the prices of raw materials used in basic foodstuffs leading to an increase in consumption prices?

At European level, despite this year's drought in certain Member States, the current forecast for cereals does not pose serious supply problems. The European Commission does not envisage for the time being a strategy for European stocks. Creation of stocks would have lots of implications relating to e. En este sentido:. However, some aspects of their implementation still need to be ironed out. With this in mind:. What role will the European regions play in the management and use of structural funds and project bonds?

The European Investment Bank's internal procedure for the approval of the Bank's capital increase is under way and is expected to be finalised by the end of The implementation of the additional lending stemming from the capital increase will start in It refers to a cooperation agreement between the EIB and the European Commission laying down the detailed terms and conditions for implementing the project bond instrument, taking into account the provisions laid down in the annex to the regulation.

The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

The agreement needs to be signed before the first operations under the pilot phase of the Project Bond Initiative can take place. Negotiations on this agreement were recently concluded and the signature is expected to take place in the coming weeks. In that context, Member States are to organise a partnership with authorities and bodies including the competent regional, local, urban and other public authorities.

Practical implementation is the responsibility of the Commission and the Member States. The Commission and the EIB are also to submit an interim report to the European Parliament and the Council in the second half of , while an independent full-scale evaluation is to be undertaken in In May, the Commission presented the provisional results of these action plans, which were a far cry from the promises announced.

Can the Commission explain the significant disparity between the figures announced and the amounts actually used to tackle youth unemployment? Does it not believe that youth unemployment, already a human tragedy affecting five million young Europeans, requires more ambitious EU aid? Why is data on the measures taken to help young people using these funds so vague and lacking in detail? The Commission agrees that high youth unemployment puts Europe at risk of losing a generation. It will also include a detailed report on the implementation of the Youth Opportunities Initiative. As results of meetings with Spanish authorities in the frame of the Youth Opportunities Action team, Spain committed to reallocate funds for SMEs and young people.

A new set of requests for reprogramming the current operational programmes is underway. The Commission will only approve amendments addressed to support Europe priorities, in particular the targets related to employment and education. The action teams set up by the Barroso-initiative have re-allocated enough ESF funds to target an additional , young participants. Mecanismul de supraveghere unic propus de Comisie este deschis tuturor statelor membre.

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Creating a European Banking Union might be the expected answer for both economic and financial crises and for the internal crisis that we are going through. In the context where simple coordination has proved insufficient to manage the banking crisis, and the monitoring of the activities of banks, most often with a transnational character, is limited at national level, the idea of a banking union is opportune. In addition, through compliance with official cooperation agreements consolidated with the ECB, Romania could be subjected to the same supervisory regime as the euro area Member States, the Central Bank having the right to request and verify certain internal documents.

In the context where the countries outside the euro area do not have voting rights on the ECB supervisory board, how, in the Commission's view, will agreement be reached on the desire to advance towards a Federal Union with promoting a Europe with two gears? The Commission believes that the establishment of a single supervisory mechanism in the Euro area will not undermine the integrity of the Single market and will be beneficial for the whole Union since it will help ensuring financial stability. In that case, they will have full access to all information and they will be involved in the activities of the supervisory board to the greatest extent allowed by the Treaty and the ECB Statute.

The decision establishing the close cooperation will specify the modalities for their involvement in the ECB decision making accordingly. In the context of the ongoing negotiations and within the limits set by the Treaty, the Commission will carefully consider any further provisions which would enable, to the extent possible, non-Euro area Member States' participation on an equal footing with Euro area Member States.

The ECB will act in accordance with the single rulebook applicable to all Member States and the European Banking Authority will continue to ensure consistency of supervisory practices across the whole Union. Public-private partnerships PPPs have been used in Portugal in the last decade, particularly in relation to road and transport infrastructure and, to some degree, to the hospital-infrastructure sector;. What volume of future financial liabilities do these represent for the various Member States?

What PPP investment projects are currently underway in Portugal and what future financial liabilities do they represent for its budget in the next few years? This is one of the reasons why the memorandum of understanding MoU contains a dedicated section on PPPs aimed at reducing such risks by implementing an improved regulatory framework for the latest edition of the MoU cf.

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As part of this new framework, reporting requirements have already been improved substantially and will be further improved in the near future. We refer the Honourable Member of Parliament to the annual government report on PPPs, which serves as input to the budget preparations:. This percentage of physical checks is entirely insufficient to guarantee an acceptable level of animal protection during transport, especially in consideration of the fact that In the light of these official figures, and if the present Regulation is not modified, does the Commission think that Spain will be able to invest large amounts of financial and human resources to significantly raise the number of inspections of animal transports in future, in order to safeguard the welfare of animals during transport, especially during long-distance journeys?

Does the Commission not think that the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit would make enforcement much easier for the inspection authorities, as legislation would be much less complex since all the additional requirements for long-distance transports would be obsolete , and in this way even where the standards were breached, animals would not have to suffer for very long periods as is happening under the present rules? The Commission has no indications that Spain systematically fail to implement the abovementioned Articles in relation to controls of animal welfare during transport.

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union TFEU , this article does not impose any concrete obligations upon the Union and Member States to amend their legislation in one particular way or another. Without a proper assessment, it is not possible to know whether a change to the legislation as indicated by the Honourable Member would make the legislation easier or more difficult to enforce. Le zone di massima allerta sono quelle di Tall-al-Abyad, valico di frontiera con la Turchia, e Aleppo dove sono stanziati cannoni e missili anti-aerei per fronteggiare i ribelli e le forze filo-governative di Damasco.

In quale misura l'Italia e i paesi del Mediterraneo, gravati economicamente, possono usufruire del Fondo europeo per i rifugiati per far fronte alla suddetta situazione d'allerta? L'Unione europea intende adottare misure straordinarie di supporto tecnico, logistico, sanitario nei confronti degli Stati membri che dovranno affrontare l'emergenza umanitaria dovuta al conflitto in Siria? La Commissione segue con attenzione gli sviluppi della complessa situazione in Siria e le sue possibili conseguenze sulla gestione delle frontiere dell'UE e delle migrazioni.

A tale proposito, la Commissione continua a svolgere, di concerto con altri partner, un ruolo determinante nella promozione del forum umanitario siriano. The situation in Syria has worsened to such an extent that there is now a chance that the conflict could spread, as it is deteriorating rapidly and in humanitarian terms is fast becoming extremely serious. The main conflict zones are Tall-al-Abyad, the border with Turkey, and Aleppo, where guns and anti-aircraft missiles are stationed facing the rebels and pro-Government forces in Damascus.

In addition to the number of dead and injured, the country is afflicted by a very high migration rate. The Syrian state department has not ruled out the possibility that other Mediterranean countries, notably Italy and Greece, may also be required to accept a large number of refugees. Whether, in light of this crisis, the European Union intends to increase financing available from the European Refugee Fund?

The extent to which Italy and other economically-troubled Mediterranean countries make use of the European Refugee Fund to address the aforementioned crisis. Whether the European Union intends to adopt extraordinary technical, logistical and healthcare support measures for Member States that have to handle the humanitarian emergency arising from the conflict in Syria?

Both Italy and Greece have applied for emergency support from the European Refugee Fund this autumn in order to not only address the Syria crisis but the overall pressure on their reception system resulting from the Arab Spring. The EU has been at the forefront of humanitarian efforts in Syria and neighbouring countries. The EU's response has addressed humanitarian needs and has closely monitored the situation on the ground in order to adjust its funding to the deterioration of the situation. In this respect, the Commission continues to play a strong role as co-facilitator of the Syrian Humanitarian Forum.

Sebbene il governo vietnamita abbia inserito nella costituzione nazionale i diritti umani fondamentali ed abbia anche ratificato il Patto internazionale sui diritti civili e politici, l'attuazione di questi diritti nel paese continua a essere molto insoddisfacente. Alla luce di quanto precede, e considerando che l'UE sta attualmente negoziando un accordo di libero scambio con il Vietnam:.

L'UE segue con particolare attenzione la situazione delle minoranze etniche in Vietnam e, nel quadro del dialogo periodico sui diritti umani UE-Vietnam, ha ripetutamente chiesto il rispetto dei loro diritti. L'UE ha appoggiato Gay MacDougall, esperta indipendente dell'ONU per le minoranze, in occasione della sua visita in Vietnam nel luglio e ha ripetutamente invitato il governo vietnamita ad attuare le raccomandazioni da lei formulate. Tali clausole permetteranno all'UE e al Vietnam di intensificare la loro cooperazione in questi ambiti.

Inoltre, al fine di garantire relazioni coerenti e integrate con i suoi paesi partner terzi, l'UE punta a creare un legame tra gli ALS da un lato, e gli accordi di partenariato e cooperazione, incluse le disposizioni sui diritti umani, dall'altro, in quanto accordi generali. Despite the fact that the Vietnamese government has incorporated key human rights into its national constitution, and even though it has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the implementation of these rights remains very poor in the country. In particular, it seems there is a lack of political will from local authorities to further the protection of ethnic minorities.

As civil society organisations have recently highlighted to the UN, the ethnic Khmer Krom population living in the southern part of the country have seen their civil and political rights, as well as their economic, social and cultural rights, restricted since their territory came under Vietnamese administration after the European colonial power left the region.

The EU attaches particular attention to the situation of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. It has consistently called for the respect of the rights of ethnic minorities in the framework of the regular EU-Vietnam Dialogue on Human Rights. The Dialogue was followed by a field-visit to An Giang province, where most of the Khmer Krom minority currently live.

The EU has also, in the past years, supported development assistance specifically aimed at alleviating poverty and promoting the rights of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. It has consistently called on Vietnam to implement the recommendations produced after the visit. The EU will continue to promote respect for the rights of all minorities, including Khmer Kroms, in Vietnam. These zones will offer tax advantages to qualifying foreign and Greek companies, a semi-autonomous administrative structure designed to side-step red tape, overlapping laws and a flexible system of employment defined by employers.

The proposal has been warmly welcomed by German energy producers wanting to take advantage of the situation in Greece. What European legislation covers the creation of special economic zones? What specifications must be fulfilled in order to approve the operation of special economic zones under Community law? Does the Hellenic Republic fulfil those specifications in its current state?


In which areas of Greece are special economic zones most likely to be created? Which EU Member States already operate special economic zones? Based on experience in countries with special economic zones, were they able to spur economic growth and social development? Can the creation of special economic zones be combined with other financial support under European development programmes? These specific geographical areas would be regulated by a free market framework operating under different laws regarding labour relations and the tax system. At the same time, there will be a special wage scheme for those working in the SEZs, which will be proportional to productivity.

The seafront area Faliro-Sounio is also being studied. The relevant technical studies will begin in the next period so that proposals on tax and administrative incentives for specific economic sectors can be submitted to the Commission. The building of a healthy base to sustain economic recovery and growth are key policy objectives of the multilateral financial assistance program. In this context, a wide set of reforms are already being implemented with the aim to improve business environment, increase competitiveness and safeguard medium and long term sustainability of public finance developments.

Special Economic Zones can be established on the territory of MS and undertakings located therein can receive support, e. In the event that the creation of the SEZ's entails tax exemptions and other facilities, the adequate administrative capability will need to be established. At the same time, the risks of tax evasion and transfer pricing that would jeopardise budgetary revenue targets must be minimised.

The Commission services are currently undertaking a review of the experience with SEZ's. The Commission continues to promote horizontal measures aiming at improving the business environment across economic sectors and regions in Greece. Betreft: Ondanks crisis blijft Griekenland massaal wapensystemen aanschaffen.

Frankrijk en Duitsland worden er bovendien van beschuldigd Griekenland onder druk te hebben gezet om de aankoop van wapensystemen niet te annuleren, door te dreigen leningen naar Griekenland stop te zetten. De Raad kan geen commentaar geven op deze aangelegenheid, aangezien hij deze niet heeft besproken. Greece spends 3. Furthermore, France and Germany are accused of having put pressure on Greece not to cancel the purchase of weapon systems by threatening that they would stop lending money to Greece.

Can the Council confirm or deny that France and Germany have put pressure on the Greeks not to cancel the existing defence contracts, by threatening that they would stop emergency lending to Greece? Does the Council agree with the PVV that it is absurd that Greece should continue buying large numbers of weapons systems while surviving on financial infusions from the EU? If not, why not?

Euro-area Member States which provide financial support to Greece by intergovernmental instruments have agreed with Greece on a number of budgetary measures. A recently produced Troika non-paper calls for the Greek Government to introduce major labour market reforms. In light of the above, will the Commission say, in a detailed reply to each question:.

The existence of the Economic Adjustment Programme agreed between the Greek authorities and the International Monetary Fund and the Commission on behalf of the euro area Member States involves an agreement on economic policy conditionality. The duration of the working week or changes to it have not been and are not part of that conditionality.

The Working Time Directive thus provides that every worker is entitled to a minimum daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours in each hour period, and that average weekly working time including any overtime shall not exceed 48 hours on average. What is the timetable for the investigation and what procedures are being followed? What comments can it make on the Putin decree which immediately followed the Commission announcement, putting all strategic Russian companies trading abroad under the control and protection of the State?

In accordance with the regulation, the Commission will, depending on the outcome of its preliminary investigation, set out any objections it may have in writing and give the company concerned the possibility to comment. The duration of an antitrust investigation depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case and the extent to which the company concerned cooperates with the Commission.

The Commission continues its investigation in the same manner as before the adoption of the decree and trusts that all companies concerned will cooperate with it, since this is also in their best interest. The Commission has identified three suspected anti-competitive practices, which will now be subject to an in-depth investigation: a whether Gazprom has divided gas markets by preventing the free flow of gas between Member States; b whether Gazprom created barriers to supply diversification by preventing access to alternative sources of gas supply; and c whether Gazprom imposed unfair prices on its customers.

Nuo m. In , all the transitional periods applied to meet high qualitative-farming requirements expired. Will the Commission address this situation by developing an adequate EU budget that meets commitments and future challenges and will the part intended to finance the common agricultural policy correspond to the fact of EU enlargement? Does the Commission believe that the direct payments financial package for the Baltic countries should be determined using a new calculation method? It is politically very difficult to find common, objective economic criteria on how to reduce the large disparities between the Member States in terms of direct payments.

Does the Commission believe that a new way of paying all direct payments should be introduced as early as without any transitional period, which may again delay harmonising competitive conditions for EU Member States? Will the Commission simplify aid procedures, because farmers are suffering due to complicated and confusing rules and requirements? Amounts have been added for the accession of Croatia in the updated Commission proposal recently adopted. It is a simple translation of the accession negotiations. Compared to their current aid level, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will gain most from this convergence.

To apply the actual EU average per hectare would correspond to an equal distribution per hectare. However, equal does not mean equitable, in particular due to the substantial differences that still exist between Member States in terms of economic factors. A transitional period is allowed for Member States that applied the single payment scheme to avoid disruptive effects when moving from historic to regional model.

The CAP reform proposals form a comprehensive package intending at addressing various policy objectives, including simplification. The proposals are as simple as possible, while still being effective to achieve the various objectives. Simplification will also play a prominent role when establishing the implementing rules of the future policy at EU and national levels.

Fishing taxes have increased significantly: costs incurred by fishermen from taxation alone can grow by as much as six times. Therefore, fish prices for EU consumers would no doubt only increase. Does the Commission understand that accepting the terms of the Protocol to this signed agreement will cause fishing in the waters of the Economic Zone of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to become unprofitable?

Moreover, it allows for technical adjustments to be agreed in the context of the upcoming Joint Committees with Mauritania. The Protocol was negotiated in full transparency and with the involvement of the stakeholders. The initialled Protocol is in line with the mandate from the Council and the principles therein, in particular regarding the use of the best available scientific advice and targeting only the surplus resources. In the light of the data provided by the industry, the new fishing opportunities appear to be profitable and worth using, despite more stringent technical and financial conditions.

This applies especially to the segments of the industry targeting higher value species beyond the mile zone which also concerns mackerel and horse mackerel caught by Lithuanian vessels. Concerning the Commission's commitment to pay, the new Protocol contains a clause which allows to denounce the protocol if it is underutilised and to recover pro rata temporis the financial contribution.

Asunto: Dignidad de las personas con diversidad funcional. Different groups of people with functional diversity, who continually denounce discrimination, have raised the alarm about the risk of segregation and exclusion from everyday life as a result of the crisis. How will the allocation of EU funds in the next multiannual financial framework address the needs of people who require personal assistance to live included in the community? These may cover a broad range of topics and also address the situation of vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, and promote their social inclusion.

For the period three CSRs specifically targeting i. Oggetto: L'UE e il racket romeno degli sfruttamenti dei disabili. Police in Milan have broken up a Romanian criminal racket that had forced a large number of disabled people into slavery across Northern Italy. Disabled people were literally bought by traffickers in Romania and made to work as beggars. What pressing initiatives aimed at combating these activities does the Commission intend to implement in order to stamp out this shameful exploitation of disabled people in Italy and the Member States?

The Commission will publish more detailed results by end Europol, in its Organised Crime Threat Assessment Report, has identified Romanian mostly of Roma ethnicity criminal groups as extremely mobile and one of the most threating regarding trafficking in human beings. The EU Strategy attaches special attention to vulnerable groups, such as people especially children with disabilities and foresees actions tailored to this category.

The strategy also calls on Member States for increased prosecution of traffickers, by stepping up investigations, establishing national Multidisciplinary Law Enforcement Units and by increasing cross-border police and judicial cooperation. In , the Commission will thoroughly analyse existing prevention initiatives. Building on that, the Commission will in ensure that funding is available under the research funding programme to increase understanding of such high-risk groups, with a view to targeting actions in a more coherent manner in the future together with the Member States.

Quest'anno sono state condannate a morte almeno 96 persone. I numeri sono in aumento. Gli osservatori internazionali sospettano che molte delle procedure giudiziarie non vengano svolte regolarmente e che le esecuzioni siano dovute a motivi politici. Application form download here. According to the Russian media, the cause of death was a heart attack.

Even though he was transported to a hospital, doctors were unable to save his life. Aleksei Oktyabrinovich Balabanov was born in in Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg. He completed his translational studies at the Gorky Institute in Nizhny Novgorod. While serving in the Soviet army, he traveled to Africa and Asia and participated in warfare in Afghanistan. He went on to study film directing and screenwriting in Moscow and worked as an assistant at a film studio in Sverdlovsk. He made his first short film in the Urals in , having written the script in one night.

His last movie, Me Too, dealt with the question of leaving life on earth through a metaphorical story in a mystical tower that people visit hoping to find salvation. Apart from their artistic value, his movies are powerful accounts of the early, chaotic years of post-Soviet Russia. He was a guest of Kustendorf , where he held a workshop with guests of the festival in which he spoke about work on his most recent film.

Aleksei Balabanov made sixteen movies and wrote the scripts for most of them himself. He is survived by his wife, Nadezhda Vasilyeva, a costume designer, and their two sons. The animation in the movie was done using nails and 35 mm tape, making this the only movie created with old technology. The official part of the programme began with the presentation of specially designed diplomas that, as a memento from their time at Kustendorf, were given to all the student participants in the Competition Programme.

The host of the evening, Dunja Kusturica, invited the founder of the festival, Emir Kusturica to award the diplomas to the students. While the students got on stage taking pictures and greeting Kusturica, the atmosphere in the audience was warming up. Storytelling by picture is a base of film that can improve and enforce emotions and support general idea.

Cinematographer can use light, camera movement and framing to express his own interpretation and help director to achieve his goal.

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President of the jury, famed Israeli actress and author Alona Kimhi, was then greeted with a thunderous applause and delivered the justifications for the winning films before announcing the winners explaining: - It is being said that in filmmaking many mistakes are made, however, the audience would know in the dark theater weather it has found the gems among the stones. We have been paying attention to three major values: authenticity, originality and creativity.

The movies we have chosen best met these goals as well as high technical level, the personal style of the filmmaker and the maturity of their stories. The films we have chosen are solidly structured, emotionally rich and well produced. The winner of the festival in a competition for 28 movies is the Swiss film Stammering Love, by Jan Czarlewski. The Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival was closed by its founder, Emir Kusturica, who said that he hopes that everyone will fight for compromise between auteur and commercial film again at the same time next time.

Following the showing, the director held a workshop. Emir Kusturica opened the workshop adding that the movie that was just played is one of his favorites from a time when he was just entering the world of film. Kusturica also presented Gothar a restored digital copy of the movie and reminded him of a time when people came to festivals with several heavy suitcases containing film reels. Peter Gothar spoke about the visual style from his movie. The Hungarian filmmaker explained that that style was created by studying photographs of people from the s era during which the film is set.

Gothar also noted that he came to the discovery that that was the moment in which he had to use numerous neon lights through conversations with people who remember the time. These are the roots of this distinct visual element that was largely responsible for setting the atmosphere. The conversation also discussed the attitude of the communist censorships toward this movie. The director explained that this movie was classified as historical and that bureaucrats knew that the main character was a high school student, but that they were not sure what the final product would be like.

Gothar also said that the Award of the Youth that the film received in Cannes in did not affect his career in a way that it would today. Being from a country that was behind the Iron Curtain, he could not travel a lot and Hungarian government was afraid that his next film would be too pro-West. The meaningful award did not enable the young director to shoot his next movie easily then. The director also spoke about the relationship between reality and fiction, stating that the stories are mainly a compilation of true stories that happened to his compatriot friends at the time.

Still, he remarked that the visual and musical aspect as well as the historical period that the movie portrays is more important that the story. Gothar explained that he mainly searched for actors for this movie in schools and on streets, and did not use professional, trained actors for the lead roles.

He also added that he and his colleagues had very limited access to world cinematography so his film literature was mainly comprised of older Russian movies and some Francois Truffaut movies. In front of a gathering of journalists and visitors, Kusturica performed an act in which he stood high up in the air on a crane and untangled international flags that had been tangled by the wind at the entrance to the village. Thanks to the welcome and the applause, Hausman said that he is very happy to be at the festival, adding that he is glad that he had the chance to see many great debut films.

Before the beginning of the workshop, Hausman wished to show a some of his film projects that formed and keep forming his career, by showing a film collage he titled A Life in Film.

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Describing his career as a mix of big and small films, Hausman explained that before his work in the film industry he worked as a stockbroker and that thanks to that job he managed to understand the meaning of money. During the s he began his collaboration and friendship with Milos Forman. Hausman stated that in his business, it is rare to find a collaboration that has lasted 40 years, because in most cases the director and the producer tend to quarrel after 15 minutes.

Speaking about his work as a producer, Hausman emphasized that it is only because he understands money and film that he managed to control finances and with that enabled the directors to finish their projects. He explained to young authors that they should view producers as their friends, people who lead, protect and help them, and that it is important for every author to meet and work with quality people.

With these specific examples, he explained that the Studio does not necessarily have to be a enemies of the film, and that it is much easier when the director and the producer observe that relationship as something that will help them when the project reaches a crisis point. He did however warn young authors against doing remakes of other people's films.

With a spirited remark that he is waiting for the call from some of the workshop's attendees, Hausman concluded the workshop by the showing of a short clip from the 25th Columbia University Film Festival in which he played the main role. At the beginning of the workshop there was a discussions about the form of the omnibus, with an attempt to define the reach, potential benefits, and also to bring attention to some of the shortcomings of this consolidating approach to film. The director Suleiman admitted that he gladly make short films, mentioning several reasons why producers request them from him.

He said that shorts are the films created in periods between shooting feature films, as a chance for a director to keep working at his craft in a relaxed setting free of demands and pressures. Suleiman then enthusiastically began the adventure of explaining the genesis of delicate humor spotted in the film by the students. He said that humor is never the consequence of an artistic strategy, but a thing that is humanly inherent. According to him, the most important thing for humor is choosing the right moment. Suleiman tried to analyze in detail his humoristic approach to creation of that right moment.

In that analysis, he spoke about repetition and anticipation of repetition, as well as a tiny, barely noticeable change of detail as tools to use in order to bring forth the moment for presenting the point. Suleiman described humor, with help with methods of expression that belong to the absurd and the burlesque, as the greatest possible pleasure and challenge. He placed this form of humor against the construction of the narrative. Narrative for him is a question of continuity, and humor is the thing that breaks continuity in the same way that laughter creates a hole in the passing of time.

Suleiman spoke about humor as a medium of political action, a reason that always cancels out manifestation of rules. Together with Suleiman, the workshop was also attended by Emir Kusturica who played a lead role in one of the films in the omnibus Seven Days in Havana. Kusturica described the omnibus as a result of a work put in by people that were gathered around an idea, which in the end made no one in that group sure what the idea actually is. He analyzed some of the elements from Suleiman's story from the omnibus, the film Diary of a Beginner, but also his earlier film The Time That Remains.

Kusturica dubbed Suleiman a spiritual descendant of the great Jacques Tati, explaining that film must surpass spontaneity in order to truly become a work of art. At the end of the workshop, Suleiman said that he does not create films with a mission or a concrete idea concerning social engagements, but because he hopes that he will make the microcosms that forms his audience more festive and happier. Following the screening, the students and visitors of the festival will have a chance to ask the famous director questions about this film, as well as to hear his thoughts on his entire opus.

Guests and students attending the festival attended a presentation of the ALEXA camera which features an anamorphic lens. Introducing themselves with the capabilities and uses of ALEXA camera, attendants of the workshop watched numerous clips from commercials, music videos, television series and trailers that were filmed using the camera including the film Skyfall which used eleven ALEXA cameras, film Zero Dark Thirty directed by Catherine Bigelow, and the film Life of Pi by Ang Lee.

During the workshop following the screening, the director described her work method, common problems she faced during the making of her last film, her theoretical perspective, and the reception of the film in Turkish society. Questions that were asked by the attendants of the workshop were mostly concerning specific scenes from the film Araf.

According to her, improvisation comes as an additional step in the process where precise directorial instructions are crucial. Intensive preparations and rehearsals allowed her to shoot incredibly demanding scenes with minimal amount of retakes. Her intention was to allow the viewers to come to their own conclusions surrounding the questions posed in the scene, in order to achieve authenticity. The role of the psychiatrist was given to a woman who is a psychiatrist by profession.

She described her use of direct and ambient sounds in certain scenes, along with various effects that allowed her to create a desired atmosphere. Writing commonly starts with the director visiting locations where she plans to later shoot her film. She then thoroughly observes and takes note of details. She wrote the film Araf while living in a small, provincial town, and becoming friends with truck drivers.

According to her statement, involving a new editor brought a fresh and distanced approach to the film. Can you compare the two experiences? Which do you prefer, Europe or America? The only difference is the economic difference. But when you are in front of the camera nothing changes — you act and you do your work low budget or high budget. There is no difference at all actually, you just act.

The difference is just money — it means you have a bigger room, a bigger trailer. You are just more spoiled, protected. But apart from that, nothing changes. I never lived in America. I never decided to live there, to go there, to have a house in New York or Los Angeles. My life is in Europe. When you read a script, how do you analyze characters and the relationships between characters? What attracts you in a role? You are a world famous star who has been at numerous film festivals. How is Kustendorf different?

This is my first time. To me, Emir is a multitalented person. The mosaics consist of small pieces of stone with gilded, silvered and bronzed details that together form whimsical images of chicks, which appear almost lifelike when light plays on the glistening stones. Every award represents an authentic artistic work - a trademark of Kustendorf. Their exhibition sparked the interest of students and visitors of the festival. The greatest part of the discussions was dedicated to his new film Reality that was screened as part of the Contemporary Trends programme. At the beginning of the discussion, Garone introduced himself as a man whose films have been greatly influenced by autobiographical events.

After he met his future wife during the shooting of his previous film Gomorrah, Garone, a native of Rome, was initiated into the world of southern Italy, Napoli in particular. Garone explained that the core of his film Reality, a moving story about a man whose life is changed by his dreams of fame, is actually a true story that happened to the husband of his sister, who was convinced that the brother of his new wife, a famous director, will help him become a contestant on the reality TV show madness Big Brother.

The film itself is an adaptation of the story about his brother-in- law, which Garone described as his attempt to find a relation between comedy and drama, the real and the surreal, fairytale and reality, nightmares and dreams. Garone told young directors that he always shoots his films chronologically, meaning that the scenes are filmed in the order in which they appear in the script.

To him, that approach is most suitable for actors and their development of characters. The director described his film Reality as an enormously expensive film that did not do too well in the box offices of Italian cinemas. Aware that he will not be able to provide a budget of those proportions for his next films, Garrone also stated that he is not worried, as he wanted to seize the opportunity given to him after the success of his film Gomorrah.

He said that the massive budget allowed the production ambitious production design ventures, scenes with hundreds of extras, and a large crew of world-class collaborators in every department, such as the composer Aleksandar Desplat and the costume designer Mauricio Milenot, who worked with Fellini. Garone listed Fellini as a great stylistic inspiration for Reality, especially the film Casanova. Signore degli Aztechi by Cottie A. Il tarlo della lettura by B. Milano Calibro 9 Italian Edition by G. Il volto segreto degli assassini seriali: Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

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