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This is the next chapter in theNina series. Nina had been getting on well with Hannah over the last couple of weeks as her standard of work was improving. It had been three days since Hannah had complained to Ella about her and so three days since her last serious work related spanking. It was the work related spankings that were new My memory of this week away from home should appeal to cmnf, cfnm and spanking fans alike. We were sent to stay with relatives or friends of the family and it was Principal Grant was sitting in his black leather chair. In front of him scattered papers lay over his mahogany desk.

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It was a hot September afternoon, exceptionally hot even for the time of year. And although the blinds kept most of the sunlight out, the heat of the burning This story only available on Lush Stories. A thrill of dread coldly washed over her, and he stepped closer so that she could feel his Mathew's mum Janet had just come off the phone and was both angry and disgusted. Mr Nesbitt who owned the local newsagent had called to tell her that he was detaining her teenaged son Mathew after catching him red handed stealing.

The shop owner was a no nonsense sort of man who had a dim view on sticky fingered youngsters.

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I worked as a builder so I was fit and proud of my well toned body. I had a few days off and woke to find it was going to be a hot one so I watched to see if all my neighbours were going off to Mrs Collins brought Ellie home from camp knowing she had promised Mrs Howard she would give her 16 year old daughter a really hard spanking. Ellie knew her Mother had threatened to spank her and fully expected to have her knickers taken down and make Nina gets an intern, a friend of her stepdaughter Ella, so her next spanking looms quickly. This continues the Nina series.

Ella had given her six strokes of the cane before work. Born to Ride I don't consider myself a bad girl, but I will let you judge for yourself. After reading my story, you might come to a different conclusion. My name is Babette, but my friends just call me Babe. I am 25 years old and very aware of my sexy body.

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I sometimes wonder how many men have secretly jerked off with my picture in mind. I like to play and consider myself an expert at Larson glanced at her assignment book and announced to the class, "Everyone open up your texts to page and read chapter six, I have to go to the office for a few minutes, but I shouldn't be too long! Solon and he wants to see me right away, is he Aunt Clara has suffered enough of her nephew's nonsense, and is determined he'll mend his ways.


There are three things I must tell you about Martin. First, he's a tall, gangly youth, lean and fidgety, with a shock of black hair, earnest brown eyes and cute button nose. Second, he's a perfect brat, mucky minded and insolent with it, and third, I had the misfortune to be his aunt. He usually stayed with me for a week or two during the summer holidays, to give his mother a break.

Her Victorian Bottom Thrashed. Part 1. For awakened Prudence, the days had been sexually listless for Henry, her husband, was away on business. The sunlight flickered through the swaying branches of the old oak tree which majestically dominated the farthest reaches of their garden, and It was quite a scene. David, my 22 year old brother in law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. David was already a crying sobbing My babysitter Lori lived across the street from us. She was about 16 or 17 years old and attractive.

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She sat on the couch, her hands trembling, staring at her purse. Her purse held a little bomb, the clock ticking down. Escape seemed unlikely. Looking quickly at her watch, she hoped with all her heart he would be late. Please please please That might save her for a bit. Twenty-five year old Ellie looked up at the sign. She looked again at the letter she had read so many times before. It was from the Court. For stealing the underwear she was sentenced to 18 strokes of the cane. The minimum for theft as it was her first offence. It was My senior year in highschool.. I had been 18 for about a month.

I was so excited, this was my year to rule the school. I wore a sexy skirt and tight top on my first day. I left my long dark hair down, falling almost to my waist.

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The two bottles of perfume and one silk scarf felt like a burning ton in her pockets, what had she been thinking? Was it too late to take them back? Casey kicked the can away down the track. It made a satisfying rattle as it plink-plonked metallically on the hard ground and pebbles. So much so that despite the dusty heat she broke into a little jog that set her blonde ponytail bouncing to kick it again; anything to delay the inevitable and home.

Home […]. The train was crowded that morning and it seemed that everyone wanted to jostle, shove and variously poke her.

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Thank God so far there had been no gropers or pinchers. A couple of times a seat was vacated and an earnest young man would motion at it with his hand and grin. But she would […]. Part I Sofia stood solemnly in front of the mirror while her maids fussed around her. She was naked and the spring chill set her astonishing white flesh in tight gooseflesh. Every once in a while a maid would tug at her long jet hair or turn her this way and that so that the […]. The car made a slow turn at the bend and began to climb the hill.

It was steep enough and the car laboured for a moment before the engine caught. In the rear-view mirror Abraham Heights looked quite pretty nestled on the side of the opposite slope. All white and red brick houses peeking above […]. Sam is a contributor who from time to time sends in some interesting snippets and pictures.

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This old picture is unusual not only because of the subject matter, two young women about to be caned in public, but because the faces have been pixelated out. Sam reports that the picture came from a family blog […]. Joanna looked at her watch and then shifted impatiently in her seat. What was the big deal?