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  2. The book starts with the biggest death of the whole series
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There are several images that have been used to represent the filius philosophorum. From the Second Key of Basil Valentine. Peter 1Peter to be the true Philosophers Stone.

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This same Christian Alchemical tradition holds that the true knowledge of the Elixir of Life and the real Philosophers Stone are essential to understanding the Secrets of the true Holy Grail. Dried Amanita muscaria creates a golden water extract that tastes sweet and possesses great healing power. Our Living Philosophers Stone is more valuable to us than any amount of Gold.

Ambrosia Society Alchemy. Ambrosia Society Hermeticism. Ambrosia Society Soma. Ambrosia Society Ambrosia. Ambrosia Society Resurrection.

  • Why 'Philosopher' Became 'Sorcerer' In The American 'Harry Potter' Books?
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Ambrosia Society The Emerald Tablet. Also the American Hollywood-driven market is producing a generation dependent upon "thrill", and a sorcerer is more compatible with that than a philosopher! A poll of British children between 9 and 14 four years ago would likely have revealed a similar familiarity with the term 'philosopher's stone. For the benefit of any reader who didn't know what it was, Scrooge explained the theory a supposed stone that turns base metal into gold in the first few panels.

Presumably American kids are no longer expected even to pick up a book if they don't understand a word. Typically, Barks' comic was thematically complex: the World Gold Council tried to stop Scrooge finding the stone, for fear he would overuse it and destroy the value of the world's gold stocks; but though Scrooge did find it, he had to give it up when he started turning gold himself.

The book starts with the biggest death of the whole series

The comic also dealt with Minos and the labyrinth and medieval pirate routes John, Wellington New Zealand Having worked with American kids for 2 years, I would imagine the thought behind it is that 'philosopher' is too highbrow, and that 'sorcerer' is much more mystical and appealing It was merely changed because it was assumed - quite rightly - that Americans would neither know or care whether the first two Georges were mad or not.

I have no doubt that the connotations of the Philosophers Stone are completely alien to kids in most countries including the UK.

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In fact recent surveys have shown our youngsters to be every bit as ignorant of recent history as anyone else. It is the merketeers in the US who seem to refuse to accept that popular arts can educate and improve the mind, so as soon as they see any sort of a barrier to instant access they attempt to remove it.

I'm sure very few Americans understood what "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" referred to but it was still a massive success. I think the name change was simply because some suit in a US publishing house decided Philosopher was a hard word and Sorcerer, bathed as it is in the culture of Mickey Mouse, was more accessible. It was an error of judgement and I'm glad to hear the author, with the power that comes with success, is refusing to accept this sort of nonsense with the movie.

For instance here in The Netherlands it is 'HP and the stone of the Wise' Being a wise person is a bigger value then being a philosopher here.

Philosopher's Stone ~ Van Morrison

Dorine, Amsterdam the Netherlands There is another reason why the US was keen to avoid identifying which George was the subject of the film 'The madness of King George III ': the film portrays as a sympathetic character a man most Americans have been brought up to think of as a villain. Quentin Langley, Woking, UK Whether or not your correspondents are being harsh on American children and their incomprehension of what a philosopher could be, they are certainly being harsh on philosophers.

Speaking as a person who plies that trade, I can tell you that it is exceedingly exciting and full of thrills and spills, and it far outstrips what sorcerers get up to, if any of them actually exist, which I doubt. Rowling knew what she was doing! Phil Cole, Barnet Hertfordshire Not that this is really an answer to the question but I just wanted to add something more about changes made.

As I am still only a teenager I have had the oppurtunity to read all of the books and I have seen the American versions in Canada it remains Philosopher' Stone and the title is not the only thing changed.

The Quest of the Philosopher's Stone | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Throughout the book in the U. And whether it was corporations and media mougals who made the desion to do this or not, the fact still remains that most children in the U. Hillary, Canada The reason the Dutch title includes the reference to the "stone of the wise" is that this is simply an alternative name for the Philosopher's Stone, and the one most readily in use in a Dutch context. The provenance is the Gospel quotation "the stone which the builders rejected has become the keystone".

Creating The Philosopher's Stone: The Medieval Science Of Color And Alchemy

Other names for this Alchemical stalwart include the Universal Medicine and the quinta essentia. John Bennett, Glasgow Scotland Some of the previous replies containing assumptions about what children in the U. Whatever the reasons for the change in the title for the U. I taught as a public school teacher and the brightest kids want to renounce their "nerdiness".

Philosopher's Stone

But even in graduate school I did a presentation in class in regards to the "allusion to alchemy in modern art and literature. Matthew, Chicago United States Having taught in an American school for the last 20 years, and in an English school for 25 years before that, I can share with you my experience in dealing with the two groups of children.

Although I share your American patriotism and I would love to tell you about how culturally advanced American children are, I am sad to say that most American children are completely devoid of any sort of cultural and intellectual interest. It is therefore not surprising that "Philosopher" was removed from the title, as this would would be an instant subconscious turnoff not only for the children but also for the parents.