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Paul clarified that sex outside of marriage is wrong but indirectly said that sex should be between men and women. There is no clearer definition of marriage in the New Testament than in I Corinthians chapter 7 and it is always between a man and a woman. To be a pastor or a church official, one of the first qualifications was that he should be the husband of one wife, not another man, and so if someone is called into the ministry, they are literally not qualified if they have a marriage partner of the same sex or if they have more than one wife.

This is made clear in 1 Timothy. This is repeated in Titus and elsewhere. Paul was very familiar with homosexuality in the culture that he lived in since he wrote two corrective letters to the Corinthians about this. He could have made the exception to a man having another man or a man having more than one wife but he did not. For more on this subject, please read the following too articles on this obvious sin.

Thank you ez. There is witchcraft and rampant Homosexuality, as well as other anti-Christ like behaviors……. The LGBT agenda is being shoved down the throats of some church goers…. This is why I ask does anyone take the Bible seriously? OH and ….. Yes, we tale the Bible seriously. I see you are down on Christianity overall.

What is your source. Are you without sin? Can someone please tell me what bible scripture talks about, baptists, pentecostals, non denominationals, Methodist, presbyterian, etc, Give me Book, Chapter and Verse please oh and do any of you know who the Bloods, the Crips, and the Latin kings are? Where did you hear about the Crips or the Bloods and what Latin kings do you mean?

From what era? I used their names to make a point about all the denominations. I went through a similar dark trial just weeks ago. It was a satanic attack no doubt. I was depressed and I started almost hating people. With much prayer and perserverence the Lord brought me out of it. Your comments remind me of another person thats on youtube a lot who claims to be Holy Spirit led but calls the Bible the mark of the Beast. He goes on and on about the Godhead and how wonderful it is, then puts the Bible down the same time. He wont answer. The Lord lays on my heart quite often to be careful on the internet because people WILL lead you astray.

God bless ya! Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. A church is wherever 2 or more are gathered in HIS name for so shall HE be present, that can be in a 10, sq foot mega bldg, in a house or even in a 10sq foot closet.

Last but not least, Colossians from Aramaic bible And your words should always be with grace, as if seasoned with salt, and be aware how it is appropriate for you to answer each man. Blessings EZ. Jack your article is factually false. You are misleading your readers in Tip 4 in relation to the New Jerusalem Bible. I believe that you should remove this part of your article and replace with a non fictional example.

The article is wrong in the following points. Reading the NJB it is apparent that poet flow has be a secondary priority and has been sacrificed for accuracy.

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Contrary to your article at point 4 which claims it is more poetic than prescriptive, it has sacrificed poetry to be more accurate. I hope that you will take my comments on board to improve the accuracy of your article, as I have found the Study version of the New Jerusalem Bible by Henry Wansbrough to be one of the best if not the best study Bible going round.

I would encourage those looking at a Study Bible to consider the NJB and look into for themselves as what is in your article is not correct. Thanks Tim…. This proves that the Bible is without error…. Thank you sir. The NKJV fills the bill very, very well. I love it. I did dig up some some original Good News for Modern Man—minus the inclusive language—and this one thrills my soul. The NLT did not thrill my soul with the gender inclusive language and changing singulars to plurals, but the old Living Bible is much better than its gender-inclusive son, even though it is more paraphrastic than the NLT.

Thank you for writing this. Thank you Charis…. I know that no version is completely without error but the main and essentials of the faith are clear enough for us to know the truth. I appreciate your kind words. Hello Mr.

The Christian Post

Wellman, I have a quick question. I believe their Bible is called the New World Translation. Thank you. There are so many errors in the NWT that it is hard to just pick a few. Here are just a few examples:. It is not in the original Greek, nor is it implied. This is a section where Jesus is described as being the creator of all things. The first means another of a different kind, and the second means another of the same kind. Neither is used at all in this section of scripture.

Since Jesus, to them, is created, then he cannot be worshiped. They have also done this in other verses concerning Jesus, i. I can add dozens and dozens more but the point is that the NWT is dead wrong. No wiggle room here at all! The Bible gives clear warning to anyone who adds to or takes away from the words of this book the Bible but they did it anyway. Courtney, I hope this is more than enough evidence to stay away from the JW and this corrupted Bible the NWT and to warn others who are still trapped in this church. Please try and warn them. Courtney, Lets be clear about the NWT of the Bible, in essence it is not a serious translation it is a con job.

You can not take seriously any Bible translation where the translators refuse to give their names. In that respect it is worse than the Mormon translation, at least Smith was willing to give his name. Of the names of the NWT translators that have been leaked by ex employees of the Watch Tower not one of them has been an interpreter and none of them had University Degrees.

There are plenty of modern translations that you can be confident in the process and integrity of the translators, their names are known, there education background. These modern translations other than providing very readable text have also included the many improvements in understanding of scriptural texts, archeology and linguistics. These are reliable translations all by different translators but when compared side by side give they are basically the same.

Only those who want to delude themselves would chose to read a NWT once they realize how it was translated. So true. So true Ron. I hear mormonism is still the fastest growing religion in the U. The mormon church can be very appealing to people who have had bad church experiences. He even uses the name of Christ in the title of the mormon church in order to deceive people. It seems that those things that are popular are not right and what is right is not popular but we are such a pragmatic nation and it fits well with our pragmatism results man!

We rather like what we can do than what has already been done for us at the cross. I was told that Mormonism was the fastest growing religion in the world…but so is Islam and so by their standard, that must be true too! Also, thank you for staying active on a two year old post. Hello Paul and thank you for your comment and question. This relatively new translation is unlike other modern Bibles, this is not a revision of a previous translation—but new from the ground up by specialists across the world.

Detailed notes explain the reason why each verse was translated as it was, clues you in to linguistic, scholastic, and theological issues, and lets you decide for yourself how best to understand it. It therefore functions both as an easy-reading and hard-core study Bible. Plus full color satellite maps of the Holy Land! Other than that I know very little about it and with all translations, it actually takes a few years to see if it is indeed a good one.

Good Shepherd Evangelical Church Seguin, Texas

This may be why the King James Version has been around for so long…. I like the Authorized King James Version. It is easy to read and understand. It speaks to me better than other translations. If it has been good enough for over years, it must be reliable. I agree. Everyone is so worried about wording when it comes to translations that we are missing the message. The point of each translation is not how it is worded, but what it is saying about our Lord and Savior!

The point is it is the word of Gid regardless of how it is worded! Thank for posting this article. I wish there was just a one Bible that which is all accurate and unifies us as believers in Christ. I have a question. Do you know how many translations there are? Man can add and take away. Hello Kayla. Great question and I get asked this a lot.

Thank you for that and may God richly bless you. Hundreds of Old Testament prophecies foretold hundreds of years before the life, death, resurrection and events of Christ all came true down to the finest detail. The coming of Christ was so important that we have even divided the calander years either B. Is the Bible true? You better believe it is! Are some versions more accurate than others.

Oh yes! Try listening to Alexander Scourby read it. Its such a beautiful reverent poetic-like rendering of the scriptures. The 70 week of Daniel was fulfilled by Jesus and His disciples right on schedule from 27 — 34 A. The language indeed I am told by those who are proficient in both languages, is often more grand and religious than that of the original Greek manuscripts used to produce it.


Indeed our greatest play write was alive around that time. These things all add up to familiarity and poetic beauty which are both calming to the soul. You nailed it!

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It really is an amazing version. I can just imagine a time when Christians were united as one using their King James Bible. The body of Christ, revivals, people accepting Christ as Savior, the hymns, etc were all so wonderful back in the day im sure. They still use the hymn books and have a reverence for the Lord mostly unheard of in average churches today. Rock concert style services with fog machines, the gospel rarely preached but rather self-help teachings,etc. I believe satan has infiltrated the church in subtle ways most Christians are unaware of. But I sense a disturbing deceptive spirit in most of these services.

Something just isnt right. And you cant bring it up to most people unless you dont mind losing friends and being avoided. Hi Ron thanks for the response to my post. But you are right in saying Christianity is falling apart, seemingly. The truth has become very hard to distinguish from all the lies. Many, many people calling themselves Christians yet not understanding what that means or knowing about the work of the cross too. In Christ.

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Kayla, let me add these facts to your understanding about the veracity of the Bible. The fact is that the amount of manuscript evidence is astounding. There are over 25, New Testament manuscripts of which 5, of these date from the first century. What that translates into for Historians is what is called a primary source. A primary source is a source that comes from eye witnesses. The nearly 6, Dead Sea Scrolls are so close in agreement, contextually, that there is only 0.

In no way do these miniscule differences affect the text or the context. Remarkably, there are thousands of existing Old Testament manuscripts and fragments copied throughout the Middle East, Mediterranean and European regions that agree phenomenally with each other. In addition, these texts substantially agree with the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, which was translated from Hebrew to Greek some time during the 3rd century BC.

Of the approximately 20, lines that make up the entire New Testament, only 40 lines are in question. These 40 lines represent one quarter of one percent of the entire text and do not in any way affect the teaching and doctrine of the New Testament. Wellman, Thank you for your responses. The other article is very insightful on the Word of God being the Word of God. Quite awesome that God preserved His Word indeed. So true that the third person of the Trinity the Holy Spirit illuminates it as well.

Prayerfully sharing the Gospel for I find that my selfishness gets in the way of things. But how the love of Christ enables us to die to the flesh.

I thank God you and all who genuinely trust in Him. Amen…God has ensured that His Word will abide forever and the preservation of His Word against the wiles of the Devil is quite a testimony to His sovereignty to ensure it remains for us today and yes, the Holy Spirit really is the One Who opens the eyes of the blind and unstops the ears of the death of which I was at one time!

Is there a difference between translation and a version? All translations are different versions so yes, there is a difference. Thank you again Darius for your question. I have been a student and studier of the Bible for about 35 years and have never once heard that there are 20 thousand mistakes in the King James. Wow…what is your source. Can you point out a least a couple of dozen for us to examine? Thank you Darius. Despite the conventional Jewish wisdom in His world, Jesus did not see Himself as a Messiah who would bring sociopolitical liberation and rid the land of the Romans but as one who came to die an atoning death for the sins of the world.

Mark, Matthew, and Luke form the synoptic Gospels because their presentations of Jesus are more similar than different. Matthew and Luke reproduce a substantial majority of the material found in Mark, though often in their own words and with their own emphases. Both also include significant additional material about Jesus, especially involving His teachings. Matthew arranges a majority of these teachings into five large blocks of material in chapters 5—7, 10, 13, 18 and 23— In sum, there is continuity as well as discontinuity.

On the other hand, Jesus is no antinomian. He requires greater righteousness of His followers than do the Jewish leaders see Matthew , and He insists that true disciples will produce the good fruit that demonstrates the genuineness of their faith see Matthew — Two details in the last of these accounts create the closest parallels in any of the Gospels with the later teaching on salvation by the Apostle Paul.

Luke also helps solve a problem that has troubled many readers of the Gospels. But the vast majority of all Christians throughout history have done nothing of the kind, even though this passage is found in all three synoptic Gospels. But shortly afterward Luke alone narrates two additional accounts, as if anticipating the very question of whether all or even many Christians must meet the same requirements. But before we can turn to Acts, we must comment briefly on the fourth Gospel. While Nicodemus, perhaps the most prominent religious teacher of his day, did not yet believe, John 4 surprisingly proceeds to narrate another extended dialogue between Jesus and a person far less likely to come to faith, who nevertheless does believe.

John also sets the stage for what Paul will articulate even more clearly—that salvation is by faith alone and not by good works. Still, the rest of chapter 8 demonstrates that not all who initially profess allegiance to Christ persevere as His followers. Other important texts found only in John also prove relevant to his understanding of salvation. In , in the context of His raising Lazarus, Jesus claims to be the resurrection and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me. As will become clearer in his epistles, John recognizes just as much as Mark, Matthew, and Luke that, while faith saves, good works do inevitably issue from saving faith. But the most fundamental purposes of the entire Gospel are that unbelievers would come to faith and that Christians would continue to believe see John Immediately after this empowerment, Peter preaches the first recorded evangelistic sermon of this fledgling community that would come to be known as Christianity see Acts — The plot of the rest of Acts is one of many men and women, Jews and Gentiles alike, coming to faith in Jesus and receiving salvation, as the Apostles fulfill their great commission of spreading the gospel to the ends of the known world.

From this Peter deduces that if God is declaring all foods clean, He must be declaring all people clean, since it was the non-kosher food Gentiles ate that erected so large a barrier between them and orthodox Jews. Presumably that was the very moment they believed and committed their lives to Christ. As Acts proceeds, it records, no doubt in drastically abbreviated form, the sermons of numerous early Christians, but most notably the Apostle Paul.

To a Jewish audience in a synagogue in Pisidian Antioch, he quotes scripture in detail see Acts —41 ; to superstitious pagans in Lystra he refers to what can be known of God from creation—what theologians call general or natural revelation see Acts —17 ; and to the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers in Athens on Mars Hill, he quotes their own poets and honorific inscriptions to his advantage see Acts — To an audience of Christian elders from the Ephesian Church, the Paul of Acts sounds more like the Paul of the epistles than he does anywhere else in the book, with his reference to the redemption purchased by God in Christ through His blood see Acts , not surprisingly since the epistles too are written to Christian audiences.

Whatever the ages of his family members, they were old enough to believe and hence to be baptized. Finally, of great significance in Acts is the Jerusalem council described in chapter 15, in which all major parties in the early church ultimately agreed on a solution to an enormous problem that threatened to split the first generation of Christianity completely in two: did Gentiles becoming Christians have to become Jews first? In this context, brought on by itinerant Jewish-Christian missionaries Judaizers, as Paul calls them who were insisting on law keeping as a prerequisite to salvation, Paul first formulated his metaphor of justification by faith.

The Greek verb for justify dikaio? It reflected the judicial verdict that a convicted criminal had paid his or her fine or served his or her sentence and thus was now free to leave the courtroom in which the justification had been pronounced. And Paul is passionate about all this. Whereas in other contexts he can bend over backward to identify with various cultures in morally neutral practices for the sake of bringing as many as possible to salvation see 1 Corinthians —23 , when he believes the principle of justification by faith is being threatened, particularly by those who would replace it with the works of the law, Paul can use language deliberately reminiscent of the Jewish ban put on flagrant sinners during Old Testament times.

Once again, though, Paul is no more an antinomian than Jesus was. In Galatians he recognizes that true faith expresses itself through love, and in he says that love sums up the entire law. But any attempt to characterize either the means by which one begins the Christian pilgrimage or the manner in which one lives it out, primarily in terms of obedience to laws or ordinances , so perverts the true gospel that instead of liberating people, it condemns them.

Chronologically, the next two letters of Paul that contain significant material on the doctrine of salvation address the Corinthians. The theological center of 2 Corinthians —21 develops the metaphor of reconciliation—the replacement of interpersonal hostility and alienation with warm friendship—as the central act of God in Christ for humanity. Not surprisingly, those who sum up the historic Christian doctrine of salvation via systematic theology regularly produce a sequence of topics not much different from that of Romans itself.

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was that very incarnation of God. It is faith in Him, not works, that brings us back into right relationship with God and confers on us eternal life with Him and with all fellow believers. Good works do not save, but they do play an essential part in the subsequent process of sanctification becoming holy , a process that comes nowhere close to being completed in this life but that can effect substantial transformation of individuals compared to their lives apart from Christ chapters 6—8.

Romans indicates that the eventual culmination of sanctification is glorification—resurrection to a sinless life in the world to come. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

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