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Lucy Walker recalled her inner turmoil when Joseph Smith invited her to become his wife. Not all had such experiences. Some Latter-day Saints rejected the principle of plural marriage and left the Church, while others declined to enter the practice but remained faithful. Sacred experiences enabled the Saints to move forward in faith. The challenge of introducing a principle as controversial as plural marriage is almost impossible to overstate.

A spiritual witness of its truthfulness allowed Joseph Smith and other Latter-day Saints to accept this principle. Church members no longer practice plural marriage. Moreover, members are permitted to perform ordinances on behalf of deceased men and women who married more than once on earth, sealing them to all of the spouses to whom they were legally married. The precise nature of these relationships in the next life is not known, and many family relationships will be sorted out in the life to come. Latter-day Saints are encouraged to trust in our wise Heavenly Father, who loves His children and does all things for their growth and salvation.

The Church acknowledges the contribution of scholars to the historical content presented in this article; their work is used with permission. Seek learning, even by study and also by faith. Learn More.

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Read the history of plural marriage and other doctrinal developments in Nauvoo. Home ChurchofJesusChrist. Plural Marriage and Eternal Marriage The same revelation that taught of plural marriage was part of a larger revelation given to Joseph Smith—that marriage could last beyond death and that eternal marriage was essential to inheriting the fulness that God desires for His children. Trial and Spiritual Witness Years later in Utah, participants in Nauvoo plural marriage discussed their motives for entering into the practice. Doctrine and Covenants —39 ; Jacob ; see also Genesis See Doctrine and Covenants , 34— Doctrine and Covenants ; ; See Brian C.

Johnson to Gibbs, , Benjamin F. Parley P.

Pratt Jr. New York: Russell Brothers, , Hyrum Smith, sermon, Apr. These were the same priesthood keys Elijah had given to Apostles anciently. See Matthew ; —9 ; Doctrine and Covenants 2. Doctrine and Covenants ; —3. Middlesex, UK: Penguin Books, , — Doctrine and Covenants , Doctrine and Covenants ; Matthew Bachman and Ronald K. New York: Macmillan, , ; and Glen M.

Brian C. Joseph Smith, Journal, May 19, 24, and 26, ; June 4, , available at josephsmithpapers. George A. Careful estimates put the number between 30 and Despite claims that Joseph Smith fathered children within plural marriage, genetic testing has so far been negative, though it is possible he fathered two or three children with plural wives.

See Ugo A. Bringhurst and Craig L. Foster, eds. Millet, ed. Foster, David Keller, and Gregory L. Estimates of the number of these sealings range from 12 to For an early summary of this practice, see John A. Polyandry, the marriage of one woman to more than one man, typically involves shared financial, residential, and sexual resources, and children are often raised communally. The revelation on marriage provided powerful incentives for a marriage performed by priesthood authority. See Doctrine and Covenants —19, Joseph Smith, Journal, Aug.

Hedges, Alex D. Smith, and Richard Lloyd Anderson, eds. Jessee, Ronald K. The warning to Emma Smith also applies to all who receive sacred ordinances by authority of the priesthood but do not abide the covenants associated with those ordinances. Doctrine and Covenants In Utah, the first wife was part of the plural marriage ceremony, standing between her husband and the bride and placing the hand of the bride in the hand of the husband. Doctrine and Covenants ; see also Genesis —3. Jacob Heber C. Kimball, Discourse, Sept. Brigham Young, in Journal of Discourses, Orson F.

Whitney, Life of Heber C. Richard E. After Link's father begs the gods to take his own life, but spare Link's, the seemingly mortally wounded Link is revealed to be Shadow Link playing out an elaborate ruse. He attacks and apparently destroys Link's father. While the Links are making their way to Hyrule, Red comes up with the idea of calling each Link by the color of their tunic, with the exception of Violet Link, who is simply called Vio. But the short-tempered Blue thinks he should be called Link. On the way they encounter Arcy, the castle cook, and a young girl from Hyrule, who mistake the Links for demons.

Arcy tells Link that she had thought he was nice, until she saw him attacking Hyrule Castle. Green asks her if the Link she had seen was a shadowy Link.

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When the Links arrive in the ruined castle, they are met by a large group of possessed knights. Green convinces the others except for Blue not to fight them, and Shadow Link appears and calls the knights off. He speaks of Vaati's plan, to replace the world of light with the Dark World, and sacrifice Zelda. The Links attempt to fight him but he shakes them off and almost kills them.

However, the Blue Maiden uses her power to send a fairy to scare Shadow Link away and teleports the heroes to her. She tells them they are not powerful enough to defeat the darkness, because Vaati weakened the power of the Four Sword. She states that they must regain Force to power their swords by fighting. Then the Blue Maiden tells them to go east to find the next maiden. While the Links train to gain Force, a circular stone with a single eye spies on them. Then it rolls into a crack in the ground where Shadow Link is waiting.

After Shadow Link learns of the Links' plan to restore the Four Sword, he tells the stone to continue watching them. In the Village of the Blue Maiden, the people in a long line are fighting. A girl named Erune attempts to calm them down, but is shoved and falls backward. She is almost hurt further, but the Links help her by forming a shield wall in front of her and pushing the combatants back into line.

Later, in her house, she tells the Links who are all smitten with her how, ten days before, a tornado hit and eighteen children disappeared. However, when she was outside in the square, she saw the shadow of one of her missing friends. She asks the Links to find the lost children, and they agree. During the conversation, the rock sneaks into Erune's house. Later that night, Blue finds the rock under his pillow, but, believing it to be a normal rock, throws it out of the window. Meanwhile, Green finds Erune talking to her doll, Rosie, who she will be giving away soon. He tells her to keep her if she is her most prized possession.

Suddenly, Blue grabs Green jealously because he was talking to Erune alone. While they argue, Rosie comes to life and begins talking to Erune.

The Trail of the Sword, Volume 2 by Gilbert Parker | Waterstones

She takes her to the Dark World. Green comes back, and finding her gone, alerts the other Links. Then he follows her footprints and sees what seems to be her shadow, which is crying. The rock with the eye speaks to him and causes him to run away. The rock follows him and eventually he looks into its eye.

He awakens with the other Links in a part of the Dark World which looks like the village, but in a bad dream. Vio states that it is like the real world, yet different. They find some of the children turned into toys, including Erune, who was turned into a doll. Suddenly, the rock now at a gigantic size and many smaller eyes attack them. They grab toys to use as weapons against him. Green chooses a boomerang, Red, a slingshot, Vio, a bow, and Blue, after much debate, a hammer.

They destroy the smaller ones, which drop Force. Arrghus cries for them, causing Red to cry too. However, Arrghus's tears dry as hard as cement and trap Red. Vio shoots several arrows into its eye and Blue smashes it with his hammer, freeing Red in the process.

The Trail of the Sword, Volume 2

She explains that when it is touched by moonlight, it opens a gate to the Dark World. When Green tries to say goodbye to Erune, the other Links become jealous, and they get into a fight. The Links use a canoe to travel toward Death Mountain. But halfway through the trip, Vio notes the mountain seems to be getting further away and when Red blissfully reveals they are going the wrong way, Blue flies off the handle. Blue ends up smashing Red over the head with his oar, and Blue and Green get into an argument.

They reach a fork in the river, but are unable to agree on which way to go, so they end up going down a waterfall.

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Green somehow appears in a desert town and is given a massage by a beautiful young woman, and Green eventually ends up falling asleep. Meanwhile, Blue awakens on a snowy mountain, believing that the cold water snapped the four Links into one again, and that he is the original Link. He sees an old lady in the snow trapped in the snow, and frees her. The old woman tells him the weather change is due to Vaati and shows him the cave that Vaati is in.

Blue rushes in and is frozen by the mysterious old woman. She tells him that Vaati is not there and the Wind Mage is not his only enemy. Red wakes in a forest near a burning village and a boy who the townsfolk blame for starting the fire seeks help from Red. Red ends up unknowingly providing a distraction for the boy to escape while he tries to argue for the boy's innocence. Then he notices that his sword and shield are gone. The town blames Red and chases after him. When Red hides, he finds the boy again, who tells him he did not have a sword or shield in the first place.

He gives Red a Fire Rod , which Red accidentally activates. When the people of the town see this, they accuse him of starting the fire and begin chasing him again. Vio lands in a forest full of monsters, and a few Deku Scrubs tell him of their master named Ganon , which Vio recognizes as a name that the Gerudo Tribe use. Then he goes off to find the others. Suddenly, Shadow Link jumps from a tree and begins to tell Vio how futile the Links' attempts are. By appealing to Vio's intelligence, he convinces Vio to join the darkness. While this is happening, Green awakens and sees Zelda's pendant.

He runs into the desert and the desert people are revealed to be the Gerudo. Green enters a pyramid and the Force in his Four Sword drains after slashing a Gibdo. He finds someone in armor who is transparent and can attack Green. Green attempts to flee the shadowy knight but it follows him. As Green flees, he finds a window where moonlight is shining in. Green pulls out the Moon Pearl and enters the Dark World where the shadowy knight is solid, so Green can fight him.

Green cracks his helmet open revealing Valenzuela, one of the Hyrule Knights. Valenzuela tells Green that someone more powerful than Vaati or Shadow Link trapped him in the Dark World and gives him a Gem Key which can allow him and the others to enter the Tower of Winds where Vaati made his palace. Green leaves the Dark World and the pyramid. When Green leaves, the fairy takes Red to the pyramid and they follow tracks to the cave Blue is in. The creature that froze Blue attempts the same on Red but he uses his Fire Rod to defeat it. The fairy suggest that Red unfreeze Blue.

Ebooks by Gilbert Parker

After Red is scolded and hit with Blue's hammer, they leave in search of Green. They come to a temple once known as the Temple of Light and find Vio. At Vaati's palace, Shadow Link tells him of his plan to bring the other Links to their side or kill them and it is revealed that they have Red's Four Sword. Vaati sends a creature called the Big Poe to destroy them. On a building on a tower where Zelda is hidden, Shadow Link tells her how the wind wall won't allow her to escape.

Shadow Link taunts her which she quickly turns back on him, calling him a faint and twisted echo, which makes Shadow Link very mad and causes him to walk off the tower. Vio shows them a coffin with Green's Four Sword on and they find that it's empty. Vio claims he was burned to ashes.

Blue angrily smashed the Four Sword and finds it is a fake made of stone and then Vio disapppears.

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Suddenly a Moldorm springs from the ground and attacks them. Blue is able to defeat it but Red has all but lost hope. They enter a dark corridor and the Big Poe loudly makes itself known. They run in fear and the fairy appears. The heroes find a lantern and the Big Poe appears and almost consumes Blue's soul but he uses the lantern to scare it off. They try to use the lantern to light all the torches but the Big Poe blows them out and accidentally eats Blue whole and tries to crush him. Red uses the Fire Rod to light the torches.

Blue escapes and kills the Big Poe in the process. All of the heroes raise their swords and the Four Swords all glow while Vaati mulls over how the Four Swords are coming together like an attempt to kill him. While climbing Death Mountain , Green finds and rescues a man under a boulder who presents himself as Tingle who is collecting Force Gems in an attempt to become a fairy.

Green tries to rebuff Tingle's attempts to follow him and "help" him. They are attacked by a cyclops sent by Vaati and Tingle leaves with some of Green's purple Force Gems. Luckily Red and Blue come through a portal made by the fairy and defeat the cyclops but a large group of cyclops appear. The heroes run but find a dead end in a lava river. They turn to fight but find them bowing to something. They turn and find Vio sitting on a throne. Vio tells them how he is working with the others and Shadow Link appears to confirm that it is the real Vio.

Green challenges Vio to a duel and they begin to fight on a small piece of land in the lava river. The two fight with Red crying, Blue yelling, and Shadow Link rolling on the floor laughing. At first they are evenly matched but Green seams to get the upper hand but Vio ends victorious and apparently kills Green. Shadow Link who considers him and Vio best buddies and Vio go to celebrate.