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  1. Guitar virtuoso Napoléon Coste suffered from acute piano phobia
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  3. 25 Etudes for Guitar, Op. Etude No. 24 in D Minor by Flavio Apro
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Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 1 — Eight pieces at the grade one level with dedicated lessons preparing you for each piece. Video lessons, hundreds of exercises. Start after my method books and continue with repertoire.

Guitar virtuoso Napoléon Coste suffered from acute piano phobia

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Carulli Duetto No. This book is great for students who want to dive into real technique practice for the first time.


Maybe too much content for some people? Halfway between a method on how to play technique as well as many exercises. For those who want tons of information. I use these with my students.

25 Etudes for Guitar, Op. Etude No. 24 in D Minor by Flavio Apro

This is the most comprehensive method series currently available for beginner to intermediate classical guitar. The books give you a combined pages of advice, theory, exercises, repertoire, and more.

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Shearer Classical Guitar Technique, Vol. It good!

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Slightly numbing but does the job better than any other book. Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity — Difficult but very good. Click for Details On Sale!

Napoleon Coste was one of the most important and influential protagonists of the guitar in the 19th century. He was a prodigy, touring Europe in his early years giving highly successful concerts, publishing his own music, inventing new types of guitars and hybrid instruments such as the Heptacode and Decacorde, a musicologist and a highly respected teacher. His most important oeuvre for the guitar are the "25 Etudes de Genre," concert pieces composed over the whole period of his life, miniatures of great attraction, charm, melodic inventiveness and virtuosity.

Also included is the Grande Serenade Op. This recording is played with great conviction, technical command and apparent joy by the wonderful Flavio Apro, one of Brazil's foremost guitarists, who has already successfully recorded for Brilliant Classics. Show Basket.