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According to the suit, New York City violates federal law by failing to systematically implement audible and tactile pedestrian […]. In September , Disability Rights Advocates announced a settlement of its federal lawsuit on behalf of the American Council of the Blind ACB and members of the blind community against eatsa, a growing, national fast-casual restaurant chain. AMC has agreed to improve audio description service in its theaters nationwide, after several blind individuals, the California Council of the Blind, and the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired LightHouse brought a case against the theater chain.

Audio description technology enables people who are blind or low-vision to participate in and enjoy the […]. This case set a nationwide precedent requiring cities and other public entities to make all public sidewalks accessible to people with mobility and vision disabilities. The court ruled that public entities must address barriers such as missing or unsafe curb cuts throughout the public sidewalk system, as well as barriers that block access along the […]. As a consequence, blind […].

On April 5, , DRA and Legal Aid at Work filed a lawsuit against BART alleging that it discriminates against people with mobility disabilities and effectively excludes them from the regional mass transit system. For people with disabilities, problems that may be familiar annoyances to other riders can create absolute barriers to access. Problems cited […]. The settlement resolves the question of whether UPS may use the Department of Transportation hearing standard as a […].

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On November 15, , a group of homeless people and advocates sued the city of San Diego, arguing that two city ordinances—one prohibiting living in vehicles and the other prohibiting nighttime RV parking—violate federal law. Flagging is the practice by which administrators of standardized tests place notations on the score reports of people with disabilities who take the exams with accommodations for their disabilities.

Since its implementation […]. Disability Rights Advocates filed a class action lawsuit in the U. Barnabas Hospital discriminate against patients with disabilities. Specifically, the suit had alleged that the UCHC […]. This federal class action lawsuit was filed in September of The class of , New York residents with disabilities included people with vision, […]. The obstacles include a flight of stairs at the very […]. Voting privately and independently is one of the most fundamental and cherished American rights.

murder through disabled access Manual

In July , DRA filed a lawsuit against the County of Alameda challenging discrimination faced by voters with disabilities who are denied an equal opportunity to vote on Election Day. The suit was brought by California Council of the Blind and […]. On January 21, , in a settlement announced by DRA and the City of Oakland, Oakland agreed to adopt an emergency plan which includes the needs of people with all types of disabilities during emergency disasters. Oakland is particularly vulnerable to emergency disasters.

Since , it has experienced eight Presidential-declared disasters, including the Loma […]. Sacramento International Airport serves approximately 7. Under the settlement, Caltrans agreed to improve the surface conditions of thousands of miles of sidewalks and […]. On behalf of several blind individuals, DRA demanded that Caltrain address the access barriers that the Clipper Card system at Caltrain stations presented to blind and low-vision passengers, such as: 1 fare gates that were difficult to locate, 2 confusing audio tones that emitted from the gates, and 3 the inability for blind and visually […].

In , the Court ordered Marriott International, Inc. Accessible golf carts, also known as single-rider carts, are used by individuals with mobility impairments. The carts are operated with hand controls and have seats that swivel to get the golfer into a hitting position.

Timeline of disability rights in the United States

Serra, a for-profit transportation company based in Daly […]. These stores are central to activities of daily living for millions of people. Yet many of these retailers knowingly place point-of-sale machines beyond the reach of patrons with disabilities who use wheelchairs and scooters. This compromises […]. This case has positively altered the landscape of insurance coverage for people with disabilities in California. District Court judge found that United discriminated against Howard Chabner, a man with muscular dystrophy, by charging him a life insurance premium […].

Goodwin is a person of short stature who relies on a customized wheelchair for mobility. In , Mr. Goodwin was travelling on a San Francisco sidewalk to catch a bus home when he fell from his wheelchair.

He sustained injuries that required medical attention, and was transported by ambulance to a hospital in San […]. Currently, there are no housing areas at the County Jails compliant with federal or state accessibility standards, and much of the rest of the County Jails have some sort of architectural barriers. Accordingly, some inmates report suffering […]. The City and County of Los Angeles have experienced multiple natural disasters ranging from earthquakes, fires, and landslides; the County of L. People with disabilities have traditionally faced exceptionally […].

In , DRA reached a settlement with San Francisco Airport SFO that resulted in the installation of accessibility features such as visual paging, improved access to TTYs, improved signage, and numerous other features to make travel throughout the airport accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The court issued a landmark ruling that established that testing entities are required to provide accommodations that best ensure exams measure […].

The case was brought under state law to stop the CYA from perpetuating illegal conditions within […]. The Charges are filed on behalf […]. A civil rights class action lawsuit was filed on May 15, in New York against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA , challenging its prevalent, discriminatory practice of renovating New York City subway stations without installing elevators or other stair-free routes in blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA.

This ongoing illegal conduct harms […]. Disability Rights Advocates in partnership with Public Counsel filed this lawsuit because Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall had a policy and practice of locking young people with disabilities in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day and depriving them of education. In a video, parents of young people held at Juvenile Hall say […].

Ghanaians ban 'spirit child' killing

After approximately six years of contested litigation and extensive settlement […]. DRA reached a class action settlement with the University of California, Berkeley that is resulting in comprehensive access improvements to this leading national University. Under the settlement, U.

Disabled Access in Berlin

Berkeley has been removing thousands of access barriers throughout its facilities. It is essential that all consumers have the ability to conduct business matters with companies by phone. In order for deaf and hard of hearing consumers to communicate with companies, they must use a relay calling service that involves an interpreter who facilitates communication between the consumer and business representative.

In , DRA investigated complaints […]. The agreement was negotiated […]. The plaintiffs are the California Council of the Blind and three […]. The federal law suit was brought by a coalition of individuals and disability rights groups in the San Francisco Bay Area: […]. SSA filed […]. These barriers to services, programs, and facilities compromise the health care of people who are blind or low vision.

Kaiser patients […]. As a result of the agreement, Lane Bryant has added tactile keypads to its point-of-sale devices at all of its 83 locations in California. This accessibility feature will ensure that blind […]. The lawsuit alleged that Santa Rita Jail failed to provide for basic needs of people with disabilities by forcing people with mobility disabilities to live in inaccessible housing units that lacked basic […]. Self-service kiosk technology allows us to bank, shop, and conduct a wide range of transactions independently, without the assistance of a clerk.

In this era of automated technology and self-service, it is important that businesses operate kiosks that allow everyone, including people with disabilities, to use their services. In January , DRA, along with the […]. Lyft provides transportation services through thousands of vehicles, to consumers throughout the nation. Lyft uses smartphone applications to create a convenient, streamlined experience, dispatching cars on-demand to drive passengers […]. DRA filed this lawsuit to challenge a nationwide, antiquated U.

As long as the policy is in place, children with diabetes cannot participate safely in Army […]. Subsequently, in Camalo v. The hospitals agreed to make the following improvements to health care access for patients with mobility, vision, and hearing disabilities: Remove physical and programmatic barriers Provide accessible medical equipment […].

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Stanford routinely bars […]. DRA represented several students with mobility disabilities who had been subjected to discriminatory and dangerous conditions at this high school. One of the students, Liana Mitchum was struck three times by cars on her way […].

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Yet, LSAC operated a website that was not accessible to blind law school applicants who use screen reader software. As technology plays a central role in many facets of our lives from communication to purchasing goods, enrolling in classes and seeking employment, it is important now more than ever to bridge the digital divide between technology and people with disabilities.

If you were denied service by an Uber driver because you travel […].

Five teens charged for murder after throwing rocks

In , DRA reached a first-of-its-kind agreement with Netflix to make accessible for blind people the movies and videos offered through the Netflix video streaming and DVD rental subscriptions. Audio description technology […]. The parties reached a comprehensive settlement agreement on Monday, August 2, Among other critical new access features to the testing program, the settlement included a broad expansion of the […].

On June 11, DRA and co-counsel Carlson Lynch filed a class action lawsuit against Uber, challenging its failure to make wheelchair-accessible vehicles available through its popular, on-demand ridesharing service in the Pittsburgh area. Uber is a multi-billion dollar company and a major provider of transportation services in the Pittsburgh area. However, Uber fails to provide […].

Individuals who use wheelchairs, motorized scooters, […]. In September of , a settlement was reached to improve access for soldiers and their family members with disabilities to housing and access at Fort Lewis in Washington, the West Coast headquarters of the U. James Phillips and Daniel Carione filed this lawsuit in to challenge their termination from the New York City Police Department under a policy that discriminates against officers with hearing aids.

Both individuals had exemplary service records — and both sustained hearing loss while performing their duties as police officers. Yet, the NYPD terminated their […]. In , DRA settled a class action lawsuit with U-Haul, whereby U-Haul agreed to: Make significant modifications to its vehicle rental, retail, and storage facilities to bring those facilities into compliance with ADA regulations Provide accessible information to customers with disabilities regarding access and other disability-related issues Make best reasonable efforts to provide removable hand […]. In , DRA reached a landmark settlement with two major travel websites — Hotels.

Under the settlement, the major online travel service companies agreed to improve reservation services for travelers with disabilities. Both companies added new features to their travel websites to improve the ability for people with disabilities to search and reserve […]. The Spieler v. Diablo Consent Decree negotiated in , represents the most sweeping school access settlement to date under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Consent Decree created equal access to school buildings, educational programs, and social programs. To avoid litigation, Sterling VisionCare committed to ensure that accessible examination chairs are made available to patrons with disabilities at all of its facilities, […].

At the Amityville, […]. Our investigation uncovered abuse and neglect of youth with mental health and behavioral […]. The Sutter Health network of hospitals, medical foundations and other health care service providers has agreed to improve health care access for its patients with mobility, vision, hearing, and speech disabilities. Under the terms of the Agreement reached in , Sutter has been removing architectural barriers, acquiring and installing accessible medical equipment, and reviewing and […]. Under the settlement, the state park agency agreed to improve access to its system of over different parks through comprehensive barrier removal.

The improvements include making a reasonable portion of the trail system accessible for people in wheelchairs, […]. These […]. The hospitals are […]. DRA represented the United Spinal Association, whose members live with physical disabilities due to spinal cord injuries and disorders, in this lawsuit against the MTA. A parent kills their disabled child. If the parent stands trial, they are given sympathy and comparatively lighter sentences, if they are sentenced at all.

The victims are disregarded, blamed for their own murder at the hands of the person they should have been able to trust the most, and ultimately forgotten. And then the cycle repeats. This is not a new phenomenon. The Nazi killings started because a father asked the doctors to kill his disabled baby, and the Nazi state found it was an easy way to eliminate the disabled and, soon, other undesirable groups.

In a memorial was unveiled in Berlin to the estimated , disabled people killed by the Nazis and naming that first child victim. But of course, killing people, disabled or not, is wrong. Disabled people are still fully human. If we devalue people because of our ableist response to their impairments it is the slippery slope towards devaluing their lives and needs.

Some say if such ideas become widespread euthanasia of disabled people would not be far behind. This does not deny the reality of the battle to get appropriate and timely services and supports, to have people who will listen and provide for both the disabled person and the family carers.

Many parents of autistic people endure isolation, stigma, extreme exhaustion and complex health needs of their own. Caring is heavily gendered with often a single mother relying on a network of women for professional care services, many equally tired from multiple jobs. But in a situation when the highest skills, physicality, creativity, patience and status is needed, caring instead has low value, low pay and usually minimal training.

Sheer availability is the main requirement. She parents alone, and battles for everything. Government and non-government agencies are rarely her friend. Money is always tight and every day and night is hard work. Her daughter has assorted medical conditions and pain as well as autism.

Armies of officials and workers traipse in and out of her house and her life. There are some good and helpful people but nothing is sustainable; a problem-solving person leaves or the rules change. There are some horrible people who help destroy what little she has. Like many of us with autistic adult children, she worries about the future. She would do anything for her daughter — but never kill her. Those who seriously consider murder have gone to a dark place and need urgent help. There are solutions. Many of us hoped they would have been established following the murder and the following decade of policy attention.

The ASD Guideline had hundreds of recommendations, but only a few were ever implemented. That research is a decade out of date now and global knowledge of autism has moved on, largely based on information provided by autistic people themselves. We need to update and resource data and improve processes and supports, urgently. Government and other agencies and society as a whole need to see and treat disabled people and families as more than inconvenient expenses.

We all need to heed the advice of autism advocates. And as Professor Werry said two decades ago — listen to the parents. Well written Hilary, it's so easy to automatically side with a stressed parent rather than looking deeper. Our autistic citizens and others in society with mental and physical challenges deserve better. I focus on autism but disabled people with so called 'complex needs' usually have lots of labels, and these can change over time.

The stresses remain the same. Thanks Hilary - the historical account in your post is uplifting in the sense that a precious life tragically and needlessly lost at least spurned action in NZ - but soul destroying at the same time, as if anything, it seems to me we have gone backwards in both policy and circumstance. So many children and their caregivers across a spectrum of circumstances in NZ, waiting, waiting, waiting in desperation for a government that addresses their needs.

What you suggest in your final paragraph is of course a win-win solution for everyone, both the able and the disabled living and working in the sector. Everyone gets lifted up. The Autistic Collective however, feel that the central issue being lost sight of here is that a young woman was murdered, and her murder is being justified because she was autistic. In no other case of murder is this so. That we might have difficulties, even severe ones, and yet still find life worth living, never seems to occur to others.

Crisis is not an excuse for murder. This is especially true with autistics, as our needs often differ even from other disabled, due to our neurology. The position of the Autistic Collective is that there should be far more support available, so that we are not forced to stay with family members or other caregivers when the relationship turns toxic, or when they have threatened violence towards us. Penni Winter for the Autistic Collective The Autistic Collective is a group of autistic advocates who have joined together in order to become more effective in our advocacy.

We can be contacted at info autisticcollectivenz. Ministry of Health sees no responsibility to improve services! Ministry disability support services group manager Toni Atkinson said there were many autistic people who did not need disability support. There was no need to improve training for carers, and autism support was not under-resourced, she said.

Nice piece Hilary. To add to what you pointed out about disabled people across the whole range of impairment being at greatly increased risk, the NZ post-census Disability Survey points out that most disabled people have two or more impairments, and one disabled person in 3 has unmet health needs- which means that many disabled people don't get support services, or pretty inadequate amounts of it.

International research about disability, violence and abuse shows a complex mix of invisibility, insufficient inadequate services, denial of basic human rights and attitudinal black holes. This isn't just about services though, it's as much about how this always runs in the media, breathless paeans about 'mercy killings or in the courts where judges and lawyers strut their inimical stuff. Both frankly are revolting and crappy. Ruby Knox's killing see, I choose to name the victim, not the killer and the killings of all those other disabled people deserve better than simply focussing on service provision though totes agree it's important too.

It will be good to have him as a politician who is informed about the issues from personal and professional experience. Worth watching. He said something about her sentence placing a value on her life. I totally get what you are pointing out. That killing a disabled person is no less acceptable than killing an infant, because they require there caregivers time and energy. But it's also important to consider the mitigating factors in the mental health of the murderer in all sentences.

Like when someone kills a three year old, rather than giving oxygen to opinion people who write angry blogs about public lynchings, it might be better to look at the mitigating factors during the sentencing process, which you are doing then create sentences that help society to heal holistically.

Steven the obvious mitigating factor is the failure of support for the Mother but then in mitigation of the support services, we have a limit on resources because of free market ideas of health care floating around at government level. The Neo liberal democratic hegemony that we have is as hard to excuse as it is to get rid of, and this is the real trickle down; to this kind of cruel tragedy. Other support is available based on people's disability-related needs which varies for each individual.

We should take a look at TePou She would not comment directly on the amount of support Donella Knox received, but said the ministry was always working to improve how it supported disabled people. This gives people across the country access to an online database of carers. I was going to comment here yesterday, but had to delete what I had wrote So far I have not had the pleasure of meeting Toni Atkinson, although I have spoken with her on the phone. She lied on that occasion too. Back in the good old days the Misery used to host Consumer Forums in major centres around the rohe.

These were a perfect opportunity for those living with disability to take their most pressing issues to those at the top in DSS. These were not celebratory occasions, and once the preliminaries of showing how much was spent on what by DSS were over attendees were free to give voice to their concerns. The last one we attended was in Dunedin in Barbara Crawford was most put out when our table's biggest issue was the lack of sufficient supplies to manage the bowel and bladder dysunction issues common to those with spinal impairment.

Which are clearly doing a less than awesome job in conveying to the Misery just how shit their service is. I guess if you are representing an advocacy group which relies on the Miserly for funding your ability to do actual advocacy is limited. Such is the system And then we have the very grand sounding Disability Sector Strategic Reference Group whose function it seems is to provide The minutes of their last meeting are here, if reading the same old drivel floats your boat You seem to think you are doing a good job.

You're not.