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Good materials to add are leaves, hay, straw, paper, seaweed, grass clippings, fresh manure, vegetable trimmings and most green plant cuttings. See the good ingredients page for more detail. Materials to keep out of your compost are meat and fish products, bones, fats, whole eggs, dairy products, human and pet feces, and pressure treated wood.

A full list is available on the what not to add page.

Top 10 Questions About Composting - Gardening Know How's Blog

A: Composting isn't difficult. All that's needed is some vegetable scraps and a place to make a pile. See the beginner's guide to composting for some tips on getting started. We have some sites that have approval for composted product to be used similar to how you might use landscape mulch in a residential environment. Our sites have met with approvals from EPA, Dept.

This will vary quite a bit with the application and installation. As you might image, it takes a longer cycle to fully compost a pound hog vs.

Compost Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience and technology in systems design allows for predictable outcomes once each site settles into a routine of processing. Forced air composting will produce consistently higher temperatures than static pile composting. Higher temperatures are due to increased microbial activity leading to complete pathogen kill and reduced composting time.

Static pile composting is limited by the lack of oxygen. Forced aeration removes this typical composting limitation resulting in minimal odor, a more thorough breakdown of the mortality, and in a significantly shorter period of decomposition time.

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Advanced Composting. What volumes can you handle? How do your ACT systems handle huge spikes in waste volume? How do your systems perform in very cold, freezing weather? I'm trying to figure out just how little space I need to get started. I've been in the lawn care industry for 28 years and do leaf removal in the Fall. I collect tons of leaves and dump them on my 2 acre property in the woods.

What can I add to my compost to raise the pH? Do you know of anyone building tumblers at this scale?

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We have acres of landscaping on an estate in Napa Valley, California. Could you please comment? What are the necessary requirements, and cost of starting a small scale composting company?

Composting Questions

What are the major obstacles people run into when trying to start a composting program at their work? I currently work in the food industry. I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on the subject? I would love to patronize such establishments! I use a hot composting technique and my pile is usually about two cubic … I've Got the Compost Ingredients But Now What?

Not rated yet I am looking for a compost grinder or shredder. I work for a small College and we want to start a composting program, but I am unsure what to do with … Return from Frequently Asked Questions to Compost Junkie home. Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.

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I promise to use it only to send you email updates from this site. Download Free eBooks. Learn About Making Compost Tea. Learn How to Compost. Compost Tea Supplies. It was built for three specific reasons : 1.

To provide you with answers to your most frequently asked compost questions. To provide you with a means of asking any compost-related question you may have on your mind. If you have a question If you have an answer Together, we can share our message about the fascinating world of compost. Compost F.

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I use a tiller and turn 20 pounds of inorganic …. I would also …. I ask because …. How to Start a Compost Business? I am currently looking into grant money, and any …. West Chester University ….