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  1. How You Can Travel Luggage Free - Mapping Megan
  2. The research
  3. Up Down Roads and a Field of Suitcases
  4. Guidelines for Choosing a Rollaboard Suitcase

And then having to pick it up and re check it before a connecting flight. Someone who would pick up your luggage from your home or office and deliver it wherever you want it to go. Everything is protected and insured. For instance, in we moved from the US to Australia.

How You Can Travel Luggage Free - Mapping Megan

We sold our home in Arizona, though planned for a 3 month roadtrip to Alaska before we caught our international flight. If I had known about luggage free, I would have shipped half of our luggage ahead of time to meet us in Australia. What NOT to do! You might think this kind of service sounds too good to be true, but it works!

The research

You can make your booking online or via the phone. The online booking process is very simple, and should only take 5 minutes to do. On the day of pick-up a professional delivery expert will pick up your luggage, and once delivered you will received an email to confirm your luggage has been successfully delivered.

They price standard luggage by the pound which is a nice change from most companies who charge bulk pricing. I mean, why should you pay the higher weight if your luggage weighs significantly less?

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Time saver. Print your boarding pass at home so you can get to the airport and walk past those queues of frustrated passengers waiting to check in their luggage. Ease of transportation. No waiting for bags. The average time at a baggage carousel is 30 minutes. Obviously, a massive perk of traveling luggage free is being able to bypass all of those suckers waiting for their luggage.

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Beat the rush to exit the airport and get on with your travels sooner than everyone else. Great option for the physically challenged. If you have physical limitations or disabilities which mean you have a hard time moving heavy suitcases, Luggage Free will definitely suit you. Luggage free is a fantastic service which means I can have my cake and eat it too.

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! I actually used a service like this to move to Paris. They picked up two very heavy suitcases and in about 30 hours, my stuff had been delivered in France.

So nice! Amazing Leah! Especially for expats like me that are relocating to a different country, but decide to travel prior to arriving at the new destination, it makes a lot of sense. Cutting time spent at the airport is also something that I think everyone would like to do!

Up Down Roads and a Field of Suitcases

Especially as an expat who makes a lot of international moves : If you try the service let us know what you think! It does sound amazing especially for long trips when you have to carry a lot or hav eto change flights. I am going to check it out for sure. The hidden fees associated with baggage really are starting to get ridiculous.

I say we boycott the airlines and just ship it to where we want to go :D! I would definitely use this service, especially for ski and snowboard gear. I would probably rent as well instead of trying to travel with all that equipment and gear. Though those costs add up too, so depending on how long the ski trip is, a service like this could actually save you :. This service might make it possible for some mobility challenged people to travel to places they thought out of reach because of their inability to handle luggage.

Imagine driving late at night and seeing this...*CREEPY*

Especially for those with physical limitations … would be a lot easier on your shoulders for sure if you could bypass all the hassle at the airports and have your luggage waiting for you at the hotel when you arrive. It sounds like a great alternative. Bonus: less troubles, right?

Very good article! Travelling with a carry-on or with luggage is always a bit complicated… especially for women! I have heard of this service, but have yet to use it. Can you imagine how helpful this would be for a golfer or skiier? This would make things so much easier and it would definitely help maneuvering the airport. That sounds amazing. Although we are carry on travelers most of the time, when you go for eight months at a time, it would be so helpful especially if the clothes you need for the first leg are for Fall and the next, for winter! Happened to us in !

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Should have known. You can take any t-shirt, sweater, or even pants, fold them in half, and roll them tightly from the bottom for safe storage. In any case, since the fabric isn't bunching up anywhere and you're creasing it less by rolling it, your clothing won't have as many wrinkles once you arrive. Once you've rolled all of you're clothing, it's time to pack your suitcase and carry-on bags. The first layer you'll put in will be made up of any heavy objects like guidebooks and all the clothing you've rolled. Next, you'll add in non-clothing items like toiletries, spare shoes, and a security pouch or money-belt, prescription medicines, an extra pair of glasses, contacted lenses, or a camera.

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  7. After you've packed all of your essential items, you can return to your pile of non-essentials from organizing them before and see if there's anything you want to take to add a few creature comforts to your travels. However, you should remember to leave room to buy things at your destination if you hope to return with souvenirs and that you can almost always pick up things like toiletries and guidebooks once you arrive.

    To make sure you're ready for departure, there are a few things you should do before you zip up your luggage and head out to the airport. Put everything that you won't need until you return from your travel in one place in your suitcase or carry-on. You may also want to bring a plastic wallet even the A4 plastic ring-binder files will do and put everything you need at the airport in there. Because of numerous ID and ticket checks, you'll find yourself emptying pockets every few minutes and forgetting where you put things.

    However, if you start with empty pockets and everything you need in one place, you'll find everything much less stressful.

    Guidelines for Choosing a Rollaboard Suitcase

    If you are checking luggage, make sure that you have the following with you on the plane: anything valuable, anything that can break, medication, some basic toiletries, and clothing in case your bag is temporarily misplaced in transit. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. Organize the items by order of importance. Consider what you'll need at your destination—and what it might already have there. You probably won't need to bring a towel to a resort, for instance, but you may want to pack a beach towel if you're going camping on the coast of Spain.