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Initially, the database will contain 77 volumes with some 70, articles. Two volumes will be added each year. Alle Preise sind unverbindliche Preisempfehlungen. All prices are recommended retail prices only. Prices valid in Prices are subject to change. Online prices valid for unlimited simultaneous users. Offers comprehensive and reliable information concerning authors from the German-speaking world, from the Middle Ages to the present.

Search options include keywords, names, work titles, genres, biographical data, contributors and literature references. Bibliographic information is updated on a continuous basis with data from the Germanistik Online Database. Jahrhundert S. Alle Artikel werden wie gewohnt in unsere Verfasserdatenbank S. Our new series Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft [Fundamental Topics in Literary Studies] systematizes theoretical and methodological concepts across the different philologies in 14 handbooks p.

As usual, all contributions will be included in the Verfasserdatenbank [Database of Authors] p. We are also pleased to announce that we will expand our paperback portfolio this year. With many thanks for your interest and trust, I wish you an inspiring read! Gerlof degruyter. UVP: Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include postage and handling. Individual customers can purchase the eBook at list price through one of our vendor partners. Sign up for our newsletter! Box Boston, MA A major cultural genre from antiquity to the present time, autobiographical writing has developed manifold types and forms. By conceiving autobiography in a wide sense that includes diaries, self-portraits, autofiction as well as medial transformations of the genre, this three-volume handbook offers a comprehensive survey of theoretical approaches, systematic aspects, and historical developments in an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

Special emphasis is placed on the modes of self-representation in non-Western cultures and on inter- and transcultural perspectives of the genre.

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This textbook is an anthology of significant theoretical discussions of biography as a genre and as a literary-historical practice. Covering the 18th to the 21st centuries, the reader includes programmatic texts by authors such as Herder, Carlyle, Dilthey, Proust, Freud, Kracauer, Woolf and Bourdieu. Each text is accompanied by a commentary placing its contribution in critical context. Das seit erscheinende Nachschlagewerk wird mit diesem Band komplettiert. This volume completes the reference work, which has been in publication since Reference Work, German, 4th quarter Dictionary of Authors] Literaturwissenschaftliches Verfasserlexikon.

The Literature of the Early Modern Period in Germany — is a dictionary of authors that explores the literary landscape during the period between the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years War, with over articles and several indexes. It presents complex literary legacies by bringing together previously scattered specialized research in conformity with modern research standards. Early modern period; literature; dictionary. Steiger, Hamburg; M. Schilling, Magdeburg; J. Reference Work, German, 1st quarter Special emphasis is placed on the modes of selfrepresentation in non-Western cultures and on interand transcultural perspectives of the genre.

Series De Gruyter Handbook Approx. This handbook sheds light upon the complete works of Hans Fallada, who was a representative of synthetic modernity in literature, and reveals their connections to medial and social history through the Nazi era. It analyzes his literary creative methods in relation to his journalistic work.

Essays on his impact, which has extended to a worldwide audience today, and a comprehensive bibliography of all extant publications complete the volume. This work presents more than 40 places, which played prominent roles in medieval German narrative literature. It explores the language used to present these places, their plot functions, along with their historical and genre-specific connections.

The volume compiles findings from recent spatial analytic research and develops individual analyses. Liebeslyrik; Lied; Neidhart von Reuental; Satire. Along with Walther von der Vogelweide, the Minnesinger and poet Neidhart is regarded as one of the most original and influential song authors of the German Middle Ages. A rich lyrical oeuvre has been handed down to us under his name. This volume reviews the current state of research about the author, appraising his works from historical, literary, linguistic, musical, and art historical perspectives.

Love poetry; song; Neidhart von Reuental; satire. Developed by renowned scholars in the field, this handbook presents current research on one of the principal genres of medieval German poetry — the Sangspruch. This handbook fully updates research on Stefan Zweig and, for the first time, presents his life, work, and impact in the context of cultural history.

Reference Work, German, 2nd quarter Series De Gruyter Reference S. Arturo Larcati, Univ. Verona, Italien; Klemens Renoldner, Univ. Series De Gruyter Reference Ca. This handbook offers a broad overview of characteristic adaptation processes within and between media, and current academic issues in the theoretical understanding of adaptation. It describes the concepts, practices, and forms of adaptation and their role as cultural phenomena while also examining concepts of adaptation from other disciplines of relevance to literary studies. This handbook offers a systematic historical presentation of drama from the perspectives of literary and theater studies.

In addition to discussing dramatists, institutions, and contexts politics, economy, psychology, etc. This handbook offers a systematic historical presentation of the phenomenon of narrative and its research. In addition to covering basic terminology and issues in literary and intermedial narrative, the volume also serves as an introduction to transdisciplinary aspects of narrative in legal studies, medicine, and business. Das Handbuch bietet eine umfassende historische wie systematische Darstellung des Dramas aus literatur- und theaterwissenschaftlicher Perspektive.

Form ist die wohl einflussreichste Erkennungs- und Konfliktkategorie des literarischen Feldes. Formtheorie; Formverfahren; Formkultur; Formdebatte. In doing so, it also considers discussion about form outside of literary studies. Series Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft Ca. Was macht einen Text poetisch? Kann man Eigenschaften und Verfahren benennen, die poetische Texte von anderen unterscheiden? Das Handbuch stellt sich den theoretischen Grundlagen dieser Fragen. What makes a text poetic? Can we identify characteristics and practices that distinguish poetic texts from others?

This handbook offers an overview of the history of poetics and of systematic studies of poeticism, and discusses a selection of author poetics. The paradigmatic focus on poeticism is also applied to broader areas of cultural studies. This book offers an overview of the multifaceted field of material culture as it relates to literature. Beyond introducing basic theories and models for researching objects in the literary and cultural sciences, it undertakes analyses that demonstrate the manifestations and functions of material culture in literary texts from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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Materiality; material culture. In den Blick kommen dabei die Literatur als Gegenstand der Psychoanalyse und das psychoanalytische Wissen der Literatur. This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the intimate relationship between literature and psychoanalysis. It looks at literature as a subject of psychoanalysis as well as the psychoanalytic understanding of literature. The authors systematically investigate the literary dimensions of psychoanalysis and the relationship between psychoanalysis, cultural and literary studies.

Two indexes and a glossary conclude the volume. This comprehensive reference work compiles the results of international research on traditions of popular narrative. The authors compare the rich legacy of stories transmitted orally and in writing by a wide range of ethnic groups and describe their societal, historical, intellectual, and religious contexts. Die 40 paradigmatischen Sujets bzw. Mittelalterliche Dichtung; Oper; Dante. This handbook provides key information on the reception of major sujets in the European musical theater, thereby tracing characteristic cultural historical features in the transformation of medieval stage productions.

The 40 paradigmatic topics and groups of materials were selected for their current existence on the opera stage and for their particular cultural historical importance. Medieval poetry; opera; Dante. Sprache und Literatur. This handbook deals with linguistic aspects of literature and literary knowledge. Language and Literature. Reference Work, German, 3rd quarter Rhetoric originated as a communicative practice and theory in Greco-Roman antiquity.

This volume compiles essays on the historical contexts of ancient rhetoric, its presence in different literary genres, ancient disputes about the nature and moral defensibility of rhetoric, and the reception and transformation of ancient rhetoric during the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Classical Rhetoric; Literary Rhetoric; Communica-. Ralf Simon Hrsg. In Latin America, the avant-garde sought to offer alternatives to conventional, colonialist culture and found encouragement in Futurist works of art and F.

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The 19 contributions of this special issue explore the plurality and the intertextual character of Futurist-inspired literature, music and fine arts in Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Trans-Atlantic; trans-American; transnational;. Featuring essays by scholars of ancient and modern German studies, musicology, and philosophy, the common focus of this volume is on the description and critical examination of recorded traces that reveal the process by which works are revised.

The findings evoke exciting insights into the genesis of works and the interplay of different transmitted versions, while opening up new pathways for interpretation. Text revision; transmission; edition; genesis of works. Cinematic structures in literature have generally been examined from the perspective of intermediality theory, thereby neglecting some particular features of cinematic narrative.

The author develops an analytic model based on narratology and sensitivity to context, offering insights into the typological spectrum of cinematic narrative and its history from the 19th century until the present day. Eine solche Systematisierung steht im Zentrum dieser wissenschaftstheoretischen Arbeit. Hermeneutik; Leserforschung; Narratologie; Rezeptionstheorie. The theory and practice of literary studies has long been characterized by a virtually unnoticed asymmetry: the striking contrast between an intense effort to create a scientific foundation for the discipline and the equally striking paucity of efforts to systematically incorporate the reader models arising from these positions.

This study attempts to develop a systematic approach to reader models and theories of readership. Reader-response theory; narratology; hermeneutics. Narratologia 41 S. How do readers experience literary narrative? Through its interdisciplinary approach, this study combines close readings of literary texts and theoretical discussion in ways that shed light on the deep connection between narrative, literary fiction, and human experience. Narrative theory; cognitive narratology; experience; phenomenology of reading.

Series Narratologia 43 pp. Initiating a transgeneric, intermedial and interdisciplinary approach to narrative unreliability, this volume is meant to enrich, modify and refine our understanding of un reliable narration by taking into account research in a variety of fields. The three sections of the volume comprise articles on the theory of unreliable narration, transgeneric and intermedial issues, and studies from areas such as journalism, politics, law and medicine.

Understanding Metalepsis provides a state-ofthe-art overview of the narratological concept of metalepsis and develops new ways of investigating the forms and functions of metaleptic narratives. Informed by a hermeneutic perspective, this study offers not only an account of the complexities that characterize the process of understanding metaleptic phenomena, but also metatheoretical insights into the hermeneutics of narratology.

Monograph, English, 1st quarter Is narratology consolidating or is it diversifying? Narratology; comparative narrative studies; narrative cognition; narrative turn. Hansen, Uni. Southern Denmark, Kolding, J. Schmid; Hamburg Uni. Collection, English, 3rd quarter Series Narratologia 57 Approx. The study clearly discloses the epistemological roots of the text and the reasons it should be valued as a key document of literary realism. Mental events in the minds of narrated individuals are an essential feature of narrated works.

This study develops a typology of techniques for depicting the consciousness of narrated figures, and also seeks to delineate criteria and conditions for mental events. It then investigates how changes in consciousness are depicted in traditional narrative works from various cultures and epochs.

Aufbauend auf transgenerischer Narratologie entwickelt die Monographie ein neues Modell der Episierung im Drama. This monograph builds upon transgeneric narratology to develop a new model of epization in drama. It differentiates between different diegetic levels stage diegesis and free diegesis as well as the narrative authority of the drama dramatic authority.

The adapted model of epization establishes epic and dramatic procedures as options for the narrative representation of a story. What do we imagine when we think about the workspaces of major writers? Does it make sense to speak about the fantasia of the archive, analogous to how Michel Foucault spoke about the fantasia of the library of literature? What is the relationship between the imaginary spaces of writing and the real experience of modes of production? Prior to —38, more women earned doctorates in German studies at the University of Vienna than at any other German-speaking university.

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The author examines the institutional and academic history of the German studies program from to and links it to professional portraits of three University lecturers, Christine Touaillon — , Marianne Thalmann — , and Lily Weiser — The study explores the ways that foreign religions were presented in manuscripts and early printed books and analyzes the processes of semantization, valuation, and reflection that can generate an intriguing balance between self and otherness. Medieval travel literature; alterity; religion and ritual; manuscripts and early printed books.

Jahrhundert bis heute. Der Band untersucht Transformationen literarischer Kommunikationsprozesse vom Das Augenmerk gilt den unterschiedlichen Medien und intermedialen Konstellationen literarischer Kommunikation sowie Fragen der Kritik, der Wertung und der Emotionalisierung. Als Ergebnis kommen grenzaufhebende Selbstpoetiken zum Vorschein, in denen die Differenz von Leben und Werk getilgt wird.

The result is the emergence of a kind of self-poetics that transcends boundaries, where the distinction between life and work is obliterated. The volume examines transformations in literary communication processes from the 18th to the early 21st century. It considers various media and international constellations of literary communication along with questions of critique, valuation, and emotionalization.

Der Band fokussiert die Kategorie des Ereignishaften in der Literatur. Dass es nicht zuletzt dem Mythos als Zeugnis des Fremden gilt, wird am Beispiel zahlreicher Mythostheorien und literarischer Texte gezeigt. Literatur; Mythosrezeption. European cultural and literary history has long demonstrated a passion for myth. Among other things, myth is a sign of otherness, as demonstrated by this study, which explores numerous theories of myth and literary texts.

The study identifies a common thread that runs through diverse conceptions of myth while suggesting a surprising explanation for the seemingly ineluctable persistence of myth and the mythical. Myth; myth in literature; reception of myth. Die Kategorie des Werks wurde in den Literaturwissenschaften in den letzten 50 Jahren massiv kritisiert. Der vorliegende Band untersucht, welche Formen und Funktionen der Werkbegriff in den Geisteswissenschaften des Jahrhunderts annehmen kann. The volume focuses on the nature of the event in literature.

It describes the diverse strategies by which writers create a sense of eventfulness within and through their texts. Seit Beginn des Jahrhunderts werden in den Literatur- und Geisteswissenschaften quantitative Verfahren angewandt, um Texte zu beschreiben, zu analysieren und zu interpretieren. This book gathers twentythree scholars from ten countries with the aim to explore the idea and the use of fiction in different cultures.

Fiction; imagination; narratology; cultural history; globalization. Biography; literary theory; historiography; life writing. Wilhelm W. Starting from the early 19th century, quantitative methods have been applied to describe, analyze, and interpret texts in literary studies and the humanities. The volume aims to historically contextualize and examine quantifying procedures in relation to theory and to assess the value of quantitative data in the humanities.

Bernhart, Uni Stuttgart; M. Willand, Uni Stuttgart; M. Richter, Uni Stuttgart; A. Albrecht, Uni Stuttgart. Collection, German, English, 1st quarter Jahrhunderts, analysiert ihre Zielsetzungen und Verfahren und verortet sie in ihren wissens- und kulturgeschichtlichen Kontexten. Jahrhundert hinaus weiterwirkten. Didactic poems are among the most influential literary genres of the European Enlightenment. This comparative study examines representative didactic poems from 18th century German, English, and French literature, analyzes their objectives and processes, and situates them in their epistemological and cultural historical contexts.

Moreover, it shows that these poems continued to have an impact beyond the 18th century. Didactic poem; enlightenment, Poetry. The essays in this volume examine broadly interconnected British-German networks and include German-British references with a focus on twelve questions about the reception, translation, and dissemination of British writings in the Germanspeaking world as far as Prague, a comparison of aesthetic discourses, and depictions of journeys to England.

Blechers Poetik des Empfindens. Collection, German, English, 3rd quarter This study examines the prose works of the Romanian writer M. Blecher in the context of modern philosophies of perception, from Bergson and Husserl through Merleau-Ponty and Deleuze. Fiction research has traditionally developed its theories from narrative texts.

While narratology has engaged in media comparisons for some time, such comparisons are still at an early stage in fiction theory. This volume examines the phenomena of fiction through a comparative arts and media perspective, thereby helping to create a theory of fiction grounded in transmediality. Fiktionality; theory of fiction; transmediality; MakeBelieve. Collection, German, 4th quarter September This book contains the lectures delivered at the 8th conference on Law, Literature, and Art held at Nordkolleg Rendsburg in fall , as well as extensive discussions with authors Janko Ferk Der Kaiser schickt Soldaten aus, and Bernd Schroeder Hau, ; Wir sind doch alle da, The idea of human rights is not new.

But the importance of taking human rights seriously has never been more urgent than it is today. The eighteen essays which comprise Literature and Human Rights are written in a spirit of interdisciplinarity, and are intended to make a signficant contribution to this vital and enduring debate. Literature; human rights; law; language. Conference Report, German, 2nd quarter Diaspora Studies have emerged to study the changing patterns of global migration and home making. This volume offers new perspectives on this highly relevant field of research by integrating both legal and literary aspects, questions and methodologies in the study of diasporas and migration.

Diaspora; law; literature. Collection, English, 4th quarter What can fables and fairytales tell us of law, its practices and ideals? Drawing on real and metaphorical literary and jurisprudential accounts and practices of law, this volume reveals that law has recourse to fables and fairytales as moral exempla, as a new form of law and literature, found in diverse sources ranging from the fables of de La Fontaine and fairytales of Perrault and Grimm to the modern fairytales of True Blood and Harry Potter. Law; literature; fables; fairy tales.

Zwischen Literatur und Naturwissenschaft finden im Schreibweisen und Vermittlungsformen in exemplarischen Fallstudien. Sattelzeit; Wissenspoetik; Wissenspopularisierung; Wissenskultur. The 18th century witnessed diverse interactions between literature and natural science. Literary texts developed scientific themes, while scientific discourse employed literary techniques.

Using representative case studies, this volume examines paradigms and transitions in the history of science and ways of writing and communicating. Saddle period; popularization of science; culture of knowledge. Collection, German, 2nd quarter Series Literatur- und Naturwissenschaften 5 S. Geboten wird dabei nicht nur eine integrierte Diskursgeschichte des Unsichtbaren, sondern ein alternativer Blick auf die klassische Moderne.

The book traces the everyday cultural, aesthetic, and ethical impact of bacteriology research on the cultural epoch around It offers an integrated discursive history of the invisible, while also suggesting an alternative view of classical modernity. Its scope extends from naturalistic novels to ideological texts and includes the literary and artistic avant-garde. Monograph, German, 4th quarter Series Studien zur deutschen Literatur Ca. VIII, pages, 15 fig. De Gruyter Texte VII, Seiten Br. VII, Seiten, 2 Abb. UND 4. The Dictionary of Old High German will comprise ten volumes, and has been published in installments since by the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig.

Hans Ulrich Schmid Hrsg. UND 8. Marienklage; Bernhardstraktat. Based on all extant manuscripts, this new critical and synoptic edition of Unser Vrouwen Klage and Spiegel provides access to two widely disseminated verse renderings of the Pieta. They originate from a translation of the Latin Treatise of St.

Bernard, and are of central importance to the medieval history of piety. Pieta; treatise of Bernhard. Altdeutsche Textbibliothek Ca. Prosalancelot; Stellvertretung; Substitution. Variations of proxy and substitution are a guiding theme running through the narrative structure of the Prose Lancelot that help constitute a new focus in character development and narrative technique. Elements of replaceability and representation are reflected in constellations of power, love, and friendship in the Arthurian world and the world of the Grail, suggesting inwardness and presence.

Prose Lancelot; substitution. Series Hermaea. Neue Folge S. Wie eng sind Naturphilosophie und deutschsprachige Literatur des Mittelalters miteinander verbunden? Jahrhundert beantwortet werden, um die Vernetzung von Literatur und Allgemeinwissen zu beschreiben. Frauenlob; Wissenstransfer; Naturphilosophie. How closely interlinked are natural philosophy and the German-speaking literature of the Middle Ages?

Looking specifically at the theory of the four elements, this volume seeks to answer this question by describing the connections between literature and general knowledge. Insights achieved by scholars working in Latin did not find occasional expression in vernacular literature; rather, they exerted a decisive influence on the German language.

Frauenlob; knowledge transfer; Natural philosophy. Desert fathers; vitaspatrum. Christina von Hane ist eine einzigartige und bisher unbekannte Mystikerin. Eine Neuedition der Vita wird im zweiten Teil dargeboten. Christina of Hane is a unique and little-known mystic. Adopting a multi-perspective approach, the first part of the study considers the handwritten manuscript while also discussing performative aspects of this mystic text. The second part of the study offers a new edition of the Life.

Bridal theology; Premonstratensians; performativity. Dialogforschung; Stimmlichkeit. The poetical nature and performance of medieval poetry is largely constituted by the simulated orality of the conversational scenes and the vocality of the genre.

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Manuscripts and printed works develop a partially systematized written code to mark the vocal quality, enabling us to partially reconstruct concepts of voice and performance in different linguistic and cultural spaces. Historical Dialogue Analysis; vocality. This work explores how phenomena of secularization were expressed in the literature dating from the 11th to the 15th century. Exemplary analyses show how the concepts of the aesthetic and the religious in these texts overlapped and at the same time began to diverge from one another.

Literary texts from a variety of genres will be studied for the strategies of secularization they employ. Narration; religion; sacralization; secularization; aesthetics. The volume presents a collection of case studies by leading Medievalists on the subject of literary interculturation strategies in the biblical narratives of the Middle Ages and early modern period.

Biblical epic; hybridity; narratology. Series Literatur — Theorie — Geschichte 12 Ca. AA 91 und cpg in Beziehung gesetzt. Die vergleichende Analyse zeigt, welches Deutungspotential in dieser medialen Verbindung liegt. Each extant illustrated manuscript of Parzival represents a unique reading, and each image gives the reader new perspectives on the text. The study examines the use of the expression vremde foreign along with a comparison of three images from three manuscripts Cgm19, Cod.

AA91 and cpg The comparative analysis shows the potential value of exploring such medial connections. Text-image relationship; depiction of the forgein; historical semantics; book illumination. Artusroman; Emotion; Figur; Narratologie. Are the actions of literary figures motivated by emotion or are they instead shaped by narrative and literary constraints? The essays in this volume show how emotion and action in Arthurian romance novels are mediated by narrative factors — as is revealed, for example, when the author plays with the amount of information shared with the reader, references prior knowledge held by the reader, or violates cultural or literary norms.

Arthurian romance; emotion; characters; narratology. Dietl und C. Schanze, Univ. Wolfzettel, Univ. Frankfurt, Deutschland; L. Zudrell, Univ. Schriften der Internationalen Artusgesellschaft 13 Ca. In exemplarischen Analysen loten die Autoren und Autorinnen aus, inwieweit sich von hierher neue Einsichten zu den Texten ergeben. Its focus is on the potential value and limitations of applying modern narratological heuristics. The essays also document the broad formal scope of the heroic epic narrative. Narratology; Nibelungenlied. Series Texte und Studien zur mittelhochdeutschen Heldenepik Ca.

Beigegeben sind Rekonstruktionen der Melodien sowie ein umfangreicher Stellenkommentar. Beginen; Mystiker; Minne. This volume presents contributions about laughter and silence as special forms of communication in medieval and early modern literature. Laughter and silence question what has been said or confirm it, frame or reflect it. This volume examines various dialogic strategies of laughter and silence, covering court romances and heroic epics as well as medieval short stories and travelogues. The Beguine poet Hadewijch is an outstanding figure in the history of 13th century Dutch literature.

Her oeuvre consists of letters, visions, and songs that share the theme of a mystical love of God. This complete edition of the songs presents for the first time the Middle Dutch texts with a New High German translation. These are accompanied by reconstructions of the melodies and a detailed textual commentary.

Fraeters und F. Willaert, Antwerpen, Belgien; L. Schlusemann, FU Berlin. Die Endkommentare problematisieren die Autorschaft und verorten die verhandelten Themen in ihrem literatur- historischen Kontext. For the first time, this edition provides a modern reproduction of the Shrovetide plays ascribed to Hanz Folz and his circle, one that meets the demands of scholarship and diplomtics. Final commentaries examine issues of authorship and place the thematic content in its literary-historical context. The text commentaries offer assistance with translation and help make the texts accessible for teaching.

Shrovetide plays; Hans Folz; Nuremberg; 15th. Die Ausgabe bietet Edition und Studienbuch in einem. The Song of the Nibelungs is one of the most famous literary monuments of the Middle Ages. The story, taken from oral tradition and transcribed into courtly written literature by an unknown poet, has entered the canon of world literature. This volume serves as both a critical edition and textbook. For this 2nd edition, the text has been corrected and the introduction and bibliography have been revised and updated.

This edition presents for the first time a great late courtly romance in the tradition of Wolfram von Eschenbach, in a student edition with commentary and translation. The romance, written by Ulrich von Etzenbach at the Bohemian court of Wenceslaus II — , is also an early example of German— Czech cultural connections. It combines history, legend, and perfectly developed courtly narrative.

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The Mirror of Human Salvation, written in the early 14th century, is one of the most important works of late medieval catechesis. The work went on to become one of the most successful types of medieval books and was translated into many vernacular languages. Popular bibles. The volume provides the text of the Erfurt Popular Bible an expanded bible translation with commentary in a parallel presentation of two Erfurt manuscripts from the s. The text reprint indicates the connections to the vulgate and other sources, and the introduction covers relevant biblical historical, codicological, and language historical issues, thereby presenting an important textual example of late Medieval bible history.

Deutsche Texte des Mittelalters 95 S. Gesetz; Recht; Scholastik; Lebenswelt. The Summa Halensis — Tract on Laws — presented here with the original Latin text and German translation along with commentary, is the most important legal treatise of the early scholastic period. The Tract is a rich source, both conceptually and as a document of cultural history, not least because it stimulates reflection on the multiple functions of the law and the connections between theology and law.

BIS Jahrhundert fort. Alle Artikel werden aus den Quellen erarbeitet. Sie umfassen eine Biographie, eine Analyse und Kontextualisierung des Werkes sowie eine detaillierte Dokumentation von Handschriften, Drucken und Forschungsliteratur. The standard work on the history of the German language in a new, updated, and expanded edition. Following an introduction and discussion of basic principles, the first volume focuses on the German language in the transitional period between the Middle Ages and early modernity, especially during the early bourgeois period 14th to 16th centuries.

The dictionary aims to illuminate the literary forms, dynamics, and debates of the past. The articles, which are based on primary sources, also provide details concerning manuscripts, print publications, and research literature. Arend, Rostock, B. Jahn, HH, J. Seidel, FFM, J. Steiger, HH, S. Tilg, Freiburg i. Erforschung der mittelalterlichen Theologie und Philosophie 62 Ca. Jurist and philosopher Christian Thomasius — was the most influential German figure of the early Enlightenment.

For the first time, this volume collects his extraordinarily diverse correspondence, offering previously unknown materials on the life and work of this controversial university professor while also shedding light on the Republic of Letters around Early Enlightenment; academic controversies; Church criticism; university history. Series Neudrucke deutscher Literaturwerke. Teil 2: XIX S. Edition, German, 4th quarter Series Ausgaben deutscher Literatur des Jahrhunderts Ca. Teil II: Apparate und Kommentare. All of the texts are published here for the first time, with extensive commentary and a German translation.

They offer novel insights into the literary world of the 17th century. Series Studia Augustana 17 Ca. The Municipal Latin School in Magdeburg was one of the most renowned academies in the Protestant world. The sources analyzed for the first time in this volume testify to the unbroken continuity of humanistic teaching through the post-Reformation period. Ancient texts and the works of Erasmus taught students humanistic principles such as the ideal of virtue, a non-aggressive approach to conflict, and the quest for a peaceful world.

Ausgaben des Corpus iuris civilis. Monograph, German, 2nd quarter The third volume of the Library of Konrad Peutinger completes the reconstruction of the library. The first two volumes covered the autograph library catalogues, but only documented about half of the entire collection. Three categories of books are absent from the catalogues and have now been supplemented: books in octavo format, editions acquired after , and. This outline fills a gap by presenting a history of didactic poetry between the late Middle Ages and the Enlightenment. In addition to established authorities, it also considers the field of neo-Latin texts and translations of ancient and especially Italian didactic epics.

It is framed as a historical reconstruction of all relevant poetological discussions from Aristotle to Goethe along with a look ahead to the 18th and early 19th centuries. Dieser Band bezieht erstmals systematisch die nachhaltige Persistenz pikaresker Motive auf die kurze Geschichte des Pikaroromans als einer konturierten Gattung. Er fragt nach einzelnen Elementen seines diskursiv-strukturellen Profils und ihren epistemischen Voraussetzungen, und er analysiert historisch tiefenscharf ihre produktive Aufnahme und Verarbeitung in unterschiedlichen generischen und diskursiven Kontexten des For the first time, this volume systematically addresses the persistence of picaresque themes as a contoured genre extending beyond the brief history of the picaresque novel.

It examines individual elements, their discursive structural forms and epistemic assumptions, and analyzes in acute historical detail their adoption and further development in various generic and discursive contexts in the 17th and 18th century. Groundbreaking studies on related institutions in London, Strasbourg, Thorn, and Karlsruhe show the importance of this type of college for understanding the history of European higher education. The physician Christoph von Hellwig — tried to present academic knowledge to the general public in his difficult-to-read specialized literary work.

The work is made more accessible with an annotated bibliography. In recent years, intermediality has become a paradigm in literary studies, the visual arts, and musicology. This interdisciplinary volume presents a first attempt to systematically apply the forms, functions, and concepts of intermediality to the Early Modern Period. In addition to addressing forms of literature-centered intermediality, the work focuses on varieties of musical intermediality and the concept of the artistic work as a whole.

Intermediality; early modern period; interart studies, comparative studies. Anhand von Handschriften und Drucken Using manuscripts and printed versions from the 15th to the 19th century, this volume seeks to interpret early modern German prose novels in accordance with the conditions of their transmission. Textual history; variance; multiperspectivity. The essays in this edited volume investigate the relationships between German translations of the Classics between and and the rhetoric and poetics of the early modern period. The book revises our understanding of how translation culture — which arose under the influence of the Bildung movement — influenced the development of the German language and its literature in the early modern period.

Early modern period; translation; humanism; poetics. Auch im A form of poetry situated outside the world of the cultural elite flourished in the 17th century. A resident of Nuremberg, he worked as a journalist and publisher, and also as a contract poet and popular elocutionist. This volume offers a detailed presentation of his life and creative work along with a critical edition of his extant works. Craft poetry, history of literature in non-academic.

The early modern picaresque novel still fascinates us, not least because of its performative violations of the economic order. Narration and economy are engaged in a complex reciprocal interplay, a feature this study systematically explores for the first time as it examines the central texts of this genre. Picaresque novel; economy; early modern period. Mit einer kommentierten Edition der 5. In vorliegendem Band wird die Schrift erstmals umfassend analysiert und kontextualisiert. The genre opera was a favorite subject of dispute among Enlightenment philosophers.

This volume thoroughly analyzes and contextualizes the text for the first time. Opera; theater theory; Enlightenment; cultural transfer. Kritische Edition des Notentextes. They are regarded as an important milestone in early modern theologia catechetica that aimed at an elemental presentation of the liturgy. Edition, German, 3rd quarter Geboten werden neben 82 Liedern zu neutestamentlichen Basistexten zahlreiche Ehrenschriften, die Rists Gelehrtennetzwerk offenlegen.

Christian Flor composed the musical scores. Edition, German, 2nd quarter Analyse und neue Forschungsergebnisse. An der Wende vom Schlesische Dichterschule; Barockdichtung. He advocated for the parity of German language and poetry with the language and poetry of its neighbors, and helped build the bridge from humanism to Enlightenment. This book presents the first edition of the traveling theater play Die Liebes Verzweiffelung as well as variants of the Vienna manuscript King Franodalpheo.

The volume includes a catalog of preserved traveling theater texts, their routes of reception, and performance dates. Mit knapp Artikeln erhebt es den Anspruch, die literarischen Formen, historisch-sozialen Dynamiken und intellektuellen Debatten der Zeit umfassend abzubilden. Die Produktion in anderen Sprachen als Deutsch wird ebenso beachtet wie bedeutende anonyme Textkorpora. Alle Artikel werden aus den Quellen neu erarbeitet.

This book contains contributions by several different leading scholars on the foundational work of Werner Jaeger — for the study of the history of ancient philosophy, science, and religion. Antiquity; dramatic theory; historical practice of. Er verfolgt das parallele Nebeneinander von Antike und Christentum im 5. This book is devoted to substantiate this. The book is a manifest for the continuation of Romanitas in the Spanish Middle Ages, against the common view that only the Renaissance did justice to Antiquity.

Roman-Romanesque; continuation [of antiquity]; anti-periodization [of art history]; junction [instead. Transformationen der Antike 43 Ca. Collection, English, German, 2nd quarter Series Transformationen der Antike 48 pp. Die Korrespondenz dokumentiert u. Goethe, Johann W. This volume includes letters that Goethe wrote between the time of his return from Italy to the end of , and seven official letters.

An additional original letters were accessed to produce this volume. Johann W.

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Neben Gottscheds Umgang mit Theaterautoren, Dramensammlung und Rezensionswesen zeigt sich erstmals auch seine Suche nach Handschriften deutscher Dichtung des Mittelalters. Von diesem Schicksalsschlag erholt sich Goethe in Bad Tennstedt. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. In , Christiane von Goethe died, and Goethe went to Bad Tennstedt to recover from this fateful blow. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Yearbook of the German Schiller Society is an annual journal that primarily publishes essays on German-language literature from the Enlightenment to the present day.

This time span coincides with the collections housed at the German Literary Archive in Marbach, which is under the stewardship of the German Schiller Society. Schiller war, wie schon Heine wusste, Kosmopolit. Diese Zeitspanne entspricht den Sammelgebieten des Deutschen Literaturarchivs Marbach, das von der Deutschen Schillergesellschaft getragen wird. Arbeiten zu Schiller sind besonders willkommen, bilden aber nur einen Teil des Spektrums. As Heine already knew, Schiller was a true cosmopolitan. Of course, viewed more closely, his world citizenship was confined to the boundaries of Europe.

Friedrich Schiller; image of Europe. Friedrich von Schiller; literary reception; poetics; literary analysis. Kleist, Ewald Christian von. This is the first fully up-to-date research monograph on Ewald Christian von Kleist — The protagonists in this book — philologists, antiquarians, natural historians — share a key concern: how can one ensure a legacy of permanence and reproducibility, even under adverse conditions?

During the period of epistemological upheaval in the early 18th century, awareness of this problem led to novel, historically unique constellations of practice, knowledge, and imagination. Representation of knowledge, storage of knowledge. Die Studie zeichnet diese Geschichte von der Antike bis zum Beginn des Jahrhunderts in signifikanten Stationen nach.

The problematic history of these categories furnishes insight into the evolution of aesthetic thinking in its continuities, fissures, and mechanisms of change. Jahrhunderts diskutiert wird. Sie bewirkt keine Verabschiedung, sondern eine Stimulierung des Intelligiblen. Affekt; Begriff; Rezeption Literatur. Ein typologischer Vergleich zwischen Rescued from its status as a marginal genre, the libretto reveals its aesthetic qualities and far-reaching importance in German and European literature and literary discourses.

Written for the expert or beginner, this volume introduces the libretto text as a work of art in its own right and shows the impact of the libretto in structuring the transmedial nature of opera as a genre. Aesthetic fascination is the product of an experience of divergence in processing sensibility and meaning. It does not engender a moment of farewell, but rather stimulates intelligibility. Exploration; French Revolution; colonialism; philosophy of history. Die Arbeit entwickelt auf der Basis eines strukturalistisch-kommunikationstheoretischen Dramenmodells und der Affektenlehren der Rhetorik eine Methode zur Emotionsanalyse im Drama.

Emotionsforschung; Dramenanalyse; Intrige; Neid Motiv. The study uses a model of drama informed by structuralist communications theory while also drawing on the rhetorical theory of affects to develop a method for analyzing emotion in drama. The historical section examines the relationship between jealousy and intrigue in drama between and based on 50 canonical and popular dramatic works. Emotion studies; analysis of drama; intrigue; envy. In , M. Lichtenstein, Professor of Zoology at Berlin University, organized a famous natural science conference together with Alexander von Humboldt.

Lichtenstein was also an active member of the Choral Society. Die Studie analysiert den Diskurs der sich formierenden deutschen Fachdidaktik von — This study analyzes discourse in the emerging discipline of German didactics between and The works of Lessing, Goethe, and Schiller were not only considered first-rate subjects of instruction, but also helped shape teaching methodology. The letters address the sharing of scientific knowledge in Europe and the rising field of archeology, which had to demonstrate its independence from philology.

This annotated volume reproduces the original French letters with German translations. Series Deutsche Literatur. Studien und Quellen 22 S. Humboldt, Wilhelm von. The two men continue by letter the philosophical conversations they had been conducting in Jena on a near-daily basis. Many of the c. Philip Mattson, Heidelberg.

George-Kreis; Gundolf, Friedrich. Their correspondence provides an inside view of their relationship, which played out in Heidelberg, Vienna, and Rome — against the backdrop of the First World War, the Spartacist uprising, hyperinflation, Viennese psychoanalysis, and Italian fascism. Gundolf, Friedrich; George Circle. UND IV. This edition encompasses all extant letters to Jean Paul — Launched by Eduard Berend in the mids, the historical-critical edition of the works and letters of Jean Paul is thus amplified with a fourth section.

Edition, German, 1st quarter Freytag, Gustav; Realismus. The work portrays Gustav Freytag as a key figure in the establishment of literary realism post , and comprehensively contextualizes his writings.