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Earthfall Synonyms, Earthfall Antonyms |

There's the Blackout, a floating octopus-like creature that can shield itself and swiftly dart about the map, and the Enrager, which looks like a giant levitating brain mass that emits a pulse which makes enemies more aggressive. Similarly, the level design helps this along by being interesting enough to want to explore.

Each of the maps feel large, which is good given that there are only 10 of them. Not even once was I put into a public game with another player, nor did anyone join my public lobbies over the entire 12 hours I spent playing it. When I finally did manage to invite one other random player to a game, the connection seemed fine except for one shaky moment that dropped both of us out to the title screen. Earthfall follows a proven concept, but its delivery feels outdated, derivative, and woefully underdeveloped. The thought of a new game in the style of Left 4 Dead sounds great, but you would hope that whatever comes out surpasses its inspirations or at least matches it.

Earthfall simply doesn't have the content or concepts to make a case for itself in a world where the two Left 4 Dead games are still viable options, and far better ones at that.

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10 Tips for Earthfall, Available Now on Xbox One

Left 4 Dead of course proved to be a source of inspiration, even before Earthfall was being conceived. Earthfall shakes up the Left 4 Dead gameplay loop, however. Depending on the level, objective, and what the team decides, the action can play out pretty differently. Alternatively, one player might venture off and discover a tall building that provides an excellent perch for a sniper; from there they can provide overwatch for the rest of the group. Or the group might all be focused on defending a specific location, placing fortifications, and covering all the entrances.

Stories from a Crowded Room

For a co-op action game, narrative is a tricky thing to get right, and while Earthfall does boast plot-driven objectives, Holospark has tried to maintain a light touch so as to not get in the way of all the shooting. That means the team has to leverage environmental storytelling, hints, teases, and codexes to make sure the action never has to stop.

Earthfall Review

Critically, there are no cutscenes. The Inferno update added a new, sizzling level last month, and the upcoming Invasion update will add several more, but just as importantly, it will cater to players who have already played through all the older content by introducing new player progression, a new Horde-style gameplay mode and more siege antics. You can you do better in that mission repeating it, and you can also get more rewards through the progression systems.

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When the swelling hordes of alien menaces are descending upon the team, Earthfall can become extremely frenetic, but Holsopark is very particular about the type of stress it wants to generate. They get one of their group back, that person brings another person back, and you come back from that edge. In some ways, Left 4 Dead had it easier.

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Who can forget the Hunter or that goddamn terrifying Witch. Related: Best Xbox One Games. However, Earthfall also has some nasty, aggressive dog-like critters, some weird, pulsating eyeball things that get the other aliens riled up, and a nasty, shield-protected fiend with teleportation powers and a vicious charge move.

You start with a pistol but can pack your two slots with any assault rifle, SMG, shotgun or hand cannon you find along the way, not to mention melee weapons like machetes or an axe. A few more futuristic weapons are thrown in later on, while heavy weapons like mini-guns and flamethrowers can be grabbed and used until their ammo runs dry. At certain points you can also 3D print one of a choice of weapons; this invariably summons a horde of monsters, but the pay-off will be worth it, right? Landmines and napalm grenades are always fun to muck around with.

Related: Best PS4 Games. As far as the visuals go, you can see signs of the budget in the low-detail scenery and sometimes clumsy animation, but use of the Unreal 4. Yet the level design tends to be drab, pedestrian and predictable.

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