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More Books by Ginger Lee Bull

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Play great games, and earn achievements and high scores. See more. Entertainment One. Play Kids Flix TV: kid friendly episodes and clips. Mini Mango. He then walks to town and can be found strolling between Peach Plaza and Central Plaza until he departs Portia on Sunday. Catfish: 30g Golden Salmon: 33g Bubblefish: g. With this occasion, Mayor Gale will appoint Merlin as the curator of the museum.

Reedley Author Ginger Lee Bull | Kings River Life Magazine

From then on and as more and more donations are made to the museum, villagers will come to admire the relics and reward the donor with friendship points. As of Alpha 6. The Museum will put on display various relics and assembled items donated by the player. Each donation is rewarded with anywhere between 5 to 30 Rep points.

On top of Rep points, the player will also be rewarded with various unique items when enough items have been donated. The Rewards can be retrieved from the box on the table across the main entrance. Number of Donations.

Watch Video Ladybug Adventure Run Vs Miraculous Ladybug Cat & Noir Gameplay

But sometimes there is, and it may pay off in the long run. In the time remaining, the player may go and chat with people. Chatting only rewards one meagre point; but doing it often enough, the player will soon learn the daily routine of various characters NPCs. As time goes on and the player accumulates more and more resources, gifting NPCs their favourite gifts, especially on their birthdays or on festival days, will dramatically improve the relationship with them. Chasing down NPCs through Portia takes a long time; it takes even longer to reach a heart with them.

It would be easier to know what to gift them, but they rarely confess secret desires. They do so in those mini quests signalled by a red star over their heads, and any such requests indicate loved gifts. Yet, many people have put a lot of time into this and found at least a highly valued gift for almost all NPCs and I am truly indebted to them. The Mechanics of Socialising. Stranger — Only basic interactions are available: chat, gift, spar, RPS.

To confess, the player has to have roses in the inventory. Also, an upgrade home is a prerequisite. Once the licence is obtained, the player can choose 1 Commerce commission per day posted on the Commission Board inside the Commerce Guild and various other missions that will become available in time. The Commerce commissions are time restricted and can be posted either by local NPCs and delivered to them or other cities and delivered to Antoine. This will get easier as the player becomes more and more familiar with the available recipes for each station.

The commissions are quite repetitive unfortunately! In addition to the Commerce commissions, the player will receive requests to fulfil other missions. Such missions give some context regarding Portia and its villagers, and will help the player advance with the storyline. Missions are usually not time restricted there are some exceptions and can be taken on top of existing Commerce commissions. As mentioned above, missions can also be posted on the Commerce Guild.

They can be easily differentiated from the daily commissions, since they have been introduced either through a cut scene or through mail. Main missions are missions which require crafting something that would benefit the town. Side missions are missions that will benefit only the villager requesting it. Spoiler Alert: I blacked out the description for each mission and the required materials to complete it.

Also, it may not be complete, when it comes to side missions. Also, some side missions require not to be married with the NPC who initiates the mission. Side Missions. Help him place some flowers on the grave of his deceased crewmates. This will ease his pain. Xu is worried that people might fall off and get hurt.

Fix it. Just add chilli pepper and tea in the cooking set. She would also like a water storage. Talk with Petra about the well and water pump designs. Report back to the Mayor. The original lift is in very bad shape, so please repair it. A Lift Controls system must also be installed; the diagram for that is attached. The commission from the Civil Corps contains the diagram for the Lift Controls. Some materials need to be collected beforehand. The hole needs to be patched as soon as possible! To buy the horse, the player has to have a stable constructed in the Workshop. The Eufaula Tunnel V From the moment this mission is initiated and until its completion, Sam and Arlo remain stuck in the tunnel.

Enter the mine when you are ready. Try finding some power stones around here. Try activating it. Only afterwards the player is allowed to enter the museum and start donating items. Use the diagram in the mail and assemble a driller for him. He sent you the diagram by mail. Wait for Dawa to give you the poplar trees. You should ask him about the debt. Rewards: none [The agent leave behind, in the middle of the road a sack containing Crafter's Toolbox.

Here’s Everything Coming to and Leaving Hulu in April

Mei says she has no money for the moment but she'll reward you later. Around a month later, you'll receive in the mail the amount of 2, gols. The diagrams are attached to this letter; construct and install them in South Block. She suggests that you go talk with Phyllis, who is from Highwind, a city with many wind generators. Find Petra; maybe she can help you figure out what you need. Install both in the designated area. I thought of adding a final section to my guide that would concentrate most of my findings throughout into a compact list of tips.

It is aimed especially at those players who know the basics but would like to, say, brush up their strategy, though I hope others will find it useful as well. I was reluctant to add it previously for two reasons. And this further means that a discussion about strategy and tips will immediately be dressed up in the min-max garb. Secondly, I have invested around hours in playing this game, which may not be enough to warrant such conclusive remarks.

I am certain there is still much to learn and discover. Taking into account all of the above, here are some thoughts that you might find useful in your game play. Similarly, avoid Crystal Necklaces, Jewellery Boxes, Gunpowder and Bombs, unless you already have the required crystals, nitre and sulphate. And, again, no guarantee that each slurpee will drop it. Remember: Completing one commission a day even if lower rated rewards you more gols, Rep and Exp points than, say, one higher rated commission every other three days.

Think ahead! This means you have to keep your stations running at all times, or at least the furnaces. Yes, furnaces plural! And, of course, you need to constantly gather resources for them. Try to keep in storage at least 20 of everything, from bars to pipes and slates, to boards, to fibre cloth and leather etc. Start by making at least 2 Stone Furnaces 4 are best: one each for copper, bronze, bricks and glass.

The latter will allow you to make copper blades for the Civil Cutter and bronze pipes for the Basic Skiver. The following will require various amounts of data discs to research the diagrams, but you should try to get them as quickly as possible. You may find you need them in a different order of priority, but this is how it worked best for me: Civil Furnace, Industrial Cutter, Cooking Set here I was aiming for the Blender, but the blender seems to come last in the 5-data-disc research category , Industrial Furnace, Blender, Fire Powered Generator, Electric Furnace, and the Comprehensive Grinder and Cutter.

Along the way, you may have to research the Recycling Machine, for donating to the Museum if nothing else. From all the cooking stations, the blender is by far the most profitable to your character. Herbal Tea or if you have cotton, Simple Ointment is the way to go for HP restoration when fighting in the Hazardous Ruins or in the dungeons. So make a habit of picking herbs up whenever you see them. I use the cooking set only for crafting recipes as gifts and not as HP or SP restoration. First of all, some common ingredients like sugar and salt are expensive to buy from Sophie or they are in limited amount like lobster meat which is a rare drop from snaillobs.

Second, and most important, cooking is very time consuming. That being said, Ack can now cook for you, so maybe you may find cooking to be a profitable business. For SP restoration, I rely on dried apple slices and, later, on dried apricots. I make as many drying racks as I have land available for and allow some days for kicking apple trees in the Tree Farm, after it becomes available. And though dried apple slices do require some investment of stamina, the recipe still pays off.

The Ladybug Love-In: A Valentine's Special - Deep Look

You can get an average of apples from the trees inside and immediately outside the Tree Farm. When it comes to dried apricots, the only limiting factor is the cash for it, since now Sophie stocks up of everything. Try to spend all your stamina for the day, especially in the beginning. Later on, there will be days when you will have to go to sleep with a full bar: whether you were dating NPCs or just running around doing errands. Those will be balanced out by mining or foresting days, when you could easily go through 3 or 4 times worth your full stamina bar, if well stocked up on dried fruit.

Stamina left unspent is lost opportunity for levelling up. Depending on your available budget and the rate at which you level up, you could skip buying the next sets of clothing from Carol until you reach Lvl20 and can afford the Meidi garb. You can also accessorise: initially, wear whatever you have at hand. Later on, there are two accessories you should always keep on you, especially if you have invested much time and money into becoming buddies with Ginger, and thus got your hand on the recipe for Yellow Sapphire Necklace. The former will add another 36 SP; the latter will add another 60 hit points to your attack.

Another way to boost your character is by furnishing your house. Try to fill in as much as you can in each of the four categories: Stamina, Health, Defence, and Attack. Attack boosting furniture, though, is only available by assembling relic parts found in the Abandoned Ruins 1 and 2. Craft whatever you can initially, even if the house will not look the prettiest. Later on, when you can afford to redecorate, you can sell the unwanted furniture. Some of the items also make good gifts. It is good to upgrade your house early on, though that might not be possible until you have acquired at least the next two plots of land available for 1,g and 10,g respectively , since the upgraded house has a huge footprint and cannot be moved around.

If you crafted several stations of each and continuously added more trees Crystella, Nitra, and Apricot to your Workshop, you may find that you also need the 30,g land just to fit everything in. And speaking of trees… Try to plant one of each as soon as you have some extra data discs and place wherever they fit. With Alpha 6. Upgrading the house is important, but so is building a stable and buying a horse. A fully trained horse will make movement so much easier Upgrading the horse will take you around 2 full seasons, if not more.

Maybe postpone a bit upgrading the house? Your choice!

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You are always short on money… does it sound like your story? If not, then skip ahead. Everyone needs money all the time. Even when all missions are completed, there is still something left to do in the game, like buying all land available, and the last plot for sale is , gols. Check the online spreadsheet in the Crafting section for clues on what to sell and in what shape.

There are some resources you should go to extra length in acquiring. That only means that you should make a habit of harvesting them once a week. Fish is used in some recipes that make good gifts. Also, you may find some commissions for rare fish e. When fishing, try to position your character as close to the water as possible. This will reduce somewhat the distance you need to reel your fish in. To do so, it works well to form a daily schedule. Say you like Arlo. Then, at AM you leave the workshop with a practice sword in your backpack. You rush to the Guild to take your commission for the day, and then off you go to the Civil Corps to chat and gift Arlo, who is usually practicing inside.

Then the day is yours to spend as you see fit. Or maybe you like a challenge and have chosen Ginger.

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When standing in this corner or else seated on an armchair, you can also RPS with Ginger for those extra friendship points. When you finally become buddies it took me a season or so and she promptly gives you the much desired recipe for the Yellow Sapphire Necklace, you may think that going on a date will simplify things. First, the earliest play time is 8PM—of course, you suddenly realise, she cannot stand the sun. So you bite the bullet and present yourself at her door; where to go from here?

The restaurant play is available until 10PM and the doodles in the sand until 11PM. Off you go to the Round Table, get quickly inside and wait, and wait, and wait some more.