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  1. The Voice of Luke in Lent
  2. Journeying with Luke Lectionary Year C
  3. Cc1 Year C, Christmas 1, Lectionary Commentary, Luke , NT
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The Voice of Luke in Lent

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Lectionary Year C

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  • Robert J. Karris examines the eucharistic implications of the way food and drink are portrayed.

    Journeying with Luke Lectionary Year C

    This volume invites readers to get actively involved in the process of discovery by checking Scripture references alongside the author. Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Mark. Marcus J. A book that "integrates faith and reason, head and heart, intellect, experience, and yearning. For me, it has made all the difference.

    Cc1 Year C, Christmas 1, Lectionary Commentary, Luke , NT

    As we prepare for Ash Wednesday, Fr Mahoney examines the significance of traditional Lenten observances and introduces us to the person and theology of St Luke, whose gospel will be the basis of much of our reflection this Lent. We have reached that time of the year when the Church invites us over the next few weeks to associate ourselves in a special way with Our Lord, as we recall how the opposition to his teaching mounted and he was put to death, and then three days later rose from the dead.

    In the early Church this was the time preferred for instructing and preparing adult candidates for baptism and receiving them into the body of the faithful at the Easter Vigil. It was also the time of year, before private confession developed, during which grave sinners did penance and were prepared to be reconciled to the Church at Easter.

    The forty days were intended to imitate the forty days and nights which we are told Jesus spent in prayer and fasting in the desert preparing for his public ministry Lk Preceding that were the examples of Elijah and Moses spending forty days in prayer, and also the period of forty years that the people of Israel spent in the Sinai desert as religious refugees from Egypt, being prepared by God to be given the Promised Land.

    Lenten fasting was often quite rigorous and sustained; it regularly involved eating just one meal a day, and it remained central to the idea of Lent for centuries. More publicly noticeable was the practice of abstaining from certain types of food, especially meat but also often eggs and milk products, and sometimes even fish.

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    Since the time of Pope Paul VI, however, the sole relics of the old rigorous Lenten practices of fasting and abstinence expected of Catholics are the two symbolic days at the beginning and the end of Lent: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. The idea of giving something up for Lent was commonplace, providing a continual, even if trivial reminder of the themes of penance or at least discomfort, and of preparing for Easter.

    Lectionary Podcast - Lent 3 - Series C - Luke 13:1-9 with Dr. David Scaer

    The liturgy of Lent is traditionally highly symbolic, reminding worshippers that this is a time for concentrating on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.