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  1. Kasper Hornbæk | Human-computer interaction researcher @ Uni. Copenhagen
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Luis S. Jan-Dirk Platek.

Kasper Hornbæk | Human-computer interaction researcher @ Uni. Copenhagen

Uwe Broschk. Joe de Larios.

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Adrian Goldsmith. Diego Suarez.

Mon-Fri: 3PM - 7PM

Johannes Eerens. Seth Miller. Simon Ghahary. Marc Seebode. John Richey.

Director and Photojournalist

Ben Monk. Chris McCarthy. Ilmari Fabritius. Dario Blas Ierino. Andrew Ross.

Kasper Vagle

Derek Chill. Hector T. Pastor Larm. Peter Munk Lander.

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Tim Johnson. Volker Radau. Enrico Tasinato.

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Purchasable with gift card. Limited Edition Box. Triple Transparent Vinyl g incl.

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Launch in From this L1 orbit Wind is able to monitor solar wind conditions before the plasma reached Earth, usually about an hour later. DSCOVR includes a solar wind instrument suite that will be used to provide real-time warning of space weather before shocks reach Earth. Harlan Spence of the University of New Hampshire. LRO launched in June and CRaTER continues to characterize the deep space radiation environment in preparation for human travel to the moon and beyond.

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The Principal Investigator of Strofio is Dr. Stefano Livi of the Southwest Research Institute.