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  1. Story of Radha Krishna – Indian Mythology
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  3. Cows – Krishna’s favorite companions (Part 1)

These are not ordinary birds, bees, cows, calves, or men; they have all reached the summit of self-realization and thus, after many, many lives, have attained a position whereby they can play with Krishna. The Science of Self Realization , Ch. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,. The exalted status of these cows and the other residents of Goloka is only attained by persons who have pure love for Lord Krishna. It cannot be attained by performing severe austerities or by any method.

For this reason Goloka is very difficult to attain. Goloka, the realm of surabhi cows, is very difficult to attain. Only one who is always active in service to Lord Krishna, is qualified to enter Goloka.

Story of Radha Krishna – Indian Mythology

Krishna is most complete in the pastimes of Vraja. What is the need for opulence there? Sri Krishna- samhita , Ch. Bhumipati dasa. Vrajraj Press, The powerful young hero Krishna is surrounded by Dama, Sridama, Sudama, and the boys and cows. Trans: unknown. The cowherd boys accompanying Him chant His glories.

lord krishna flute music -RELAXING MUSIC YOUR MIND- BODY AND SOUL -yoga music *2*

I desire to go to the abode of Radha and Krishna, where the cows have big horns and fulfill the desires of the devotees. This supreme abode of Krishna reveals itself completely. The abode of Krishna is full of bliss. His wealth is its fruit, flowers and twigs. His citizens are the cows.

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His friends are the cowherd boys and His associates are thegopis. Bored at home with no idea what to do to make your day fun? Check out hilarious prank apps you can use to have hours of laughter with your friends. Do you miss your friends who live across the country? Wish you could hear from them more often? Check out the top apps which you can use to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away.

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Cows – Krishna’s favorite companions (Part 1)

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Hands-free literature for the busy bookworm! Explore free audio books online and discover sites to download torrents of audiobooks from every genre. Then He calls Dhavli, Ivali and every other cow in the same way. Thus no cow is left behind. Krishna is uniquely called Venugopal, Bansilal, Murali, Muralidhar, etc. Thus the vibration enters the ears of all inhabitants. CC Madhya Indeed, its vibration takes them forcibly from the laps of their husbands.

One evening after honouring Jagannnath prasadam Mahaprabhu became ecstatic. That nectar increases lusty desires for enjoyment and diminishes lamentation in the material world. Kindly give us the nectar of Your lips, which are touched by Your transcendentally vibrating flute, for that nectar makes all human beings forget all other attachments. CC Antya Madana-mohana always chews pan that surpasses the nectar of heaven. He is certainly increasing the desires of My tongue. Talking like a madman, He began to explain the meaning of the two verses. They agitate the mind and body of everyone, they increase lusty desires for enjoyment, they destroy the burden of material happiness and lamentation, and they make one forget all material tastes.

The whole world falls under their control. They vanquish shame, religion and patience, especially in women. Indeed, they inspire madness in the minds of all women. Your lips increase the greed of the tongue and thus attract it. Considering all this, We see that the activities of Your transcendental lips are always paradoxical.

But I am ashamed to say that Your impudent lips sometimes attract even Your flute, which is also considered a male. It likes to drink the nectar of Your lips, and thus it also forgets all other tastes. Therefore, Your lips are great magicians. Paradoxically, although Your flute is nothing but dry wood, Your lips constantly make it drink their nectar.

They create a mind and senses in the dry wooden flute and give it transcendental bliss. On that condition, I shall give up my attachment for them. I am slightly fearful because You also have the right to drink that nectar, but as for the others, I consider them like straw. What can we do but tolerate it? The mother of a thief cannot cry loudly for justice when the thief is punished.

Therefore we simply remain silent. I want to hear. The forefathers of the flute, the bamboo trees, shed tears of pleasure. His mother, the river on whose bank the bamboo was born, feels jubilation, and therefore her blooming lotus flowers are standing like hair on her body. We do not know what places of pilgrimage he visited, what austerities he performed, or what perfect mantra he chanted.