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The player will find themselves in Nyarlathotep's arena, where he makes his grand appearance and reveals that he is the source of the Cult 's power.

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From this point, the boss battle begins. Nyarlathotep has health, giving him the second highest health pool in the game. His main attacks consist of swiping at the player or slamming down onto the platform the player is standing on. Nyarlathotep is at first invincible, however shooting cracks in the ceiling will weaken him with light, opening his chest cavity. The player will need to accomplish this about four times in order to successfully take him down.

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Nyarlathotep is weak to stronger weapons like the Riveter , Hunting Rifle , and Mortar. However, due to the range between the arena and him, close range weapons like the Shotguns and Super Shotgun are less effective against him. The best strategy to avoid being hit by Nyarlathotep is to watch his arms and determine which one will be used to attack first.

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  • Lower arms will be used for swipe attacks, while the upper arms will be used for slam attacks. Upon successfully bringing Nyarlathotep down to 1 health, he will become invincible for the final time and deem that the player is worthy.

    Nyarlathotep (Lovecraft)

    He grants some of his power onto the protagonist, corrupting them with the same energy used by the Cult and the Crystal of Madness. Sign In. From Dusk Wiki.

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