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Have you kept and bred Aplocheilus lineatus? Why not add a breeding report? If you had different results, or used different methods, please share your experiences. This database consists of breeding reports provided by the world killifish community, along with some statistical analysis. Results provided by successful keepers are aggregated in the bar charts below, with more detailed reports below that.

Aplocheilus lineatus

Like any block of data, the larger the more significant. Please contribute a report of your attempt to breed Aplocheilus lineatus , even if you have had a negative results. You may, of course, file more than one report, particularly if you change some condition, and had a different result.

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  • Toggle navigation. Killifish species profile: Aplocheilus lineatus see other Aplocheilus. Aplocheilus lineatus Gold.


    Often sold as the 'Golden Wonder' panchax. Note the long, colourful pelvic fins. Only larger dominant males develop this attractive feature. Breeding Aplocheilus lineatus Have you had any experience breeding this species?

    Golden Wonder Killifish. How To Breed, What To Feed, And Everything You Need.

    Would Aplocheilus lineatus be a good addition to a community tank? How would you describe the disposition of Aplocheilus lineatus? Very timid Slightly timid Neutral Somewhat aggressive on occasions Very aggressive. In which water conditions do you keep these fish? Very soft and acidic Moderately soft and acidic Neutral Moderately hard and alkaline Very hard and alkaline. At what average temperature? What, if any is the biggest difficulty encountered when breeding these fish? Poor egg production Poor egg survival Poor fry survival rate Deformities Skewed sex ratio.

    How would you describe sex ratios when breeding Aplocheilus lineatus?

    Aplocheilus lineatus Gold

    Almost all males Somewhat male heavy Roughly equal Somewhat female heavy Almost all females. In general, how difficult is Aplocheilus lineatus to keep and breed? Very easy Easy Average Difficult Very difficult. How successful have you been at breeding Aplocheilus lineatus? Very unsuccessful Fairly unsuccessful Average Fairly successful Very successful.

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    Breeding Report : Aplocheilus lineatus. Water conditions: Neutral , o C. Water conditions: Moderately soft and acidic , o C.

    Breeding Aplocheilus lineatus gold by Bill Pabst

    Gadus morhua. Aplocheilus lineatus Valenciennes , Striped panchax. Freshwater; brackish; benthopelagic; non-migratory. Asia: Widely distributed in Peninsular India Ref. Lives in streams and reservoirs at high altitudes, and in rivers, wells of the plains, low-lying paddy fields, swamps and brackish waters Ref. Huber, J.

    Aplocheilus lineatus (Valenciennes, ) | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

    CMS Ref. Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc. Summary page Point data Common names Photos. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Resilience Ref. Entered by Luna, Susan M. Fish Forum. Sign our Guest Book.