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Harold and the Purple Crayon. Age: The classic story of Harold and his artistic adventures has been entertaining kids for over six decades. Follow along as our pajama-clad hero has an expedition of colorful proportions. From drawing landmarks to creating his own purple picnic to finding his way back to bed, this lovely tale should be on every bookshelf.

Llama Llama Red Pajama. Here, little Llama lies awake in bed, scared, listening to Mama washing dishes and talking on the phone in the kitchen. Will he ever be able to fall asleep? Bedtime for Frances. Age: Frances and her bedtime delay tactics are as utterly funny and enchanting as they were 55 years ago, and the minimalist illustrations by Garth Williams of The Little House books fame are perfect enough to frame. The Big Red Barn. Age: Watch all the animals prepare for bedtime on the farm in this classic from the author of Good Night, Moon.

The colorful illustrations and appealing rhyme which is just off-kilter enough to remain interesting are ideal for babies and toddlers. Time For Bed. The book concludes, appropriately, with a human mother and child. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? Children will laugh with vicarious glee to see young dinosaurs with, oddly, human parents behaving very badly, then coming around and doing it right. Ira Sleeps Over. But should he bring his teddy bear?

A winning, chatty voice, wonderfully sketchy illustrations circa , and a surprise ending make this a hit with kids and adults alike. Age: Little Bear is afraid of the dark, even when Big Bear keeps getting him bigger and bigger night lights. So Big Bear brings him to see the biggest light there is—the moon. As cozy and comforting as a cup of cocoa after dinner. The Going to Bed Book. Age: Extreme silliness, Sandra Boynton-style, and fun and short enough to be read every night, for years.

The Quiet Book. Age: Mercer Mayer is known mostly for his Little Critter books and one of those is on this list, too , but this picture book is special, funny and tender. Age: Kitten mistakes the moon for a large bowl of milk and tries, in vain, to reach it. Although not strictly a bedtime book, the theme of the beautiful moon that hangs over each page oozes cozy, cuddly sleepytime feelings.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Age: Jerry Pinkney has become deservedly famous for his many illustrated picture books, including The Lion and the Mouse , which won the Caldecott Medal. Twinkle Twinkle sets the classic lullaby to rich, gorgeous paintings of an idealized nighttime world. Set sail for dreamland!

Where the Wild Things Are. Touch the Brightest Star. Age: In this interactive bedtime book, children are invited to participate in the closing of the day. They press a firefly, blow a breeze, pat a deer, blink their eyes to fill the sky with stars and trace the Big Dipper on the page. Good Night, Gorilla.

nursery rhymes collection where words play and imaginations grow

Because all the text in the book consists of goodnight greetings, parents will need to narrate the story in their own words. Dinosaur vs. Age: Dinosaur has never lost a fight—but bedtime will be his biggest challenge ever. Hush Little Baby. Age: Henry brings home a new puppy, and his first challenge will be figuring out how to get Charley to sleep in a strange, lonely house. The Berenstain Bears: In the Dark. Age: Like all Berenstain Bears books, this one is on the long side, is filled with dialogue, complex situations and offers a message. Marveling at the delightfully Anglo home scenes, follow the baby through his day until his mother places him, sleeping, into his crib.

The cutout on each page will keep younger readers engaged. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. Truck enthusiasts will ask for this one every night—and day, too.

50 Of The Best Kids' Books Published In The Last 25 Years

Hush Little Ones. Age: Soft illustrations of cuddly baby animals and a sing-songy rhyme on every page make for a sweet and simple bedtime book. Animals range from the expected—mice, birds—to the more exotic—penguins, whales, and kangaroos. Interrupting Chicken. Guess who ends up falling asleep first? Age: Every kid loves to hear stories about themselves, and Max and Ruby are no exceptions. Here, Grandma recalls their adventures making a restaurant, swimming at the lake, and refusing to go to school. The combination of the elegant pen-and-ink pictures reminiscent of Winnie-the-Pooh , gentle brown and green palette and loving, ultra-simple storyline is exquisite.

Goodnight Goodnight Sleepyhead. The soft illustrations have a lovely vintage vibe. In the Night Kitchen. Age: In perhaps the most unusual of our bedtime book suggestions, Mickey dreams a crazy dream in which he helps out the breakfast cake bakers in a most spectacular way. Another blast from the past which has held up nicely. Close Your Eyes.

Age: Little Tiger is nervous about going to sleep, but his mother soothes his concerns with wisdom, whimsy, and reassurance. The vibrant paintings with bright swaths of primary colors will please young eyes as the loving text lulls them to sleep. Rock-a-Bye Room. Age: Fanciful and whimsical pictures complement the musical text of a mother singing a child to sleep. Especially adorable is the scene of the snoozing trains and tractor covered by quilts. The House in the Night. Age: The unique look of this book, with its black-and-yellow scratchboard illustrations, is what will draw you to it first.

In a Blue Room. Age: Alice, bouncing on her bed way past bedtime, wants blue, only blue. But as her mother brings her one special sleep-inducing gift after another flowers, tea, an extra quilt, a wind chime , her room becomes beautifully suffused with all different colors. Finally, as she nods off to sleep, the moon comes in and makes everything blue. Night Knight. A little boy demonstrates some magical thinking as he brushes his teeth, puts away his things, and says goodnight to his pet a dragon , all in a fantastical medieval setting.

Bedtime for Bear. Age: A fun, graphic novel-style book multiple boxes per page, speech bubbles, sound effects gives new life to a familiar story of a bear who just wants to sleep. The festive snowy outdoor scenes will put kids in a holiday mood, so save this one for winter. Goodnight Already! Age: Bear is so tired, he feels he could sleep for months. I handed them the copy I held, they fell in love, too, and left with Nature's Lullaby Fills the Night" nestled under Daddy's arm. This book truly dazzles all the senses and moves the heart in the process.

A copy will definitely find a home on my grandchildren's bookshelf and eventually mine, too! View 2 comments. Mar 08, Lauren- The Smile Lines rated it it was amazing. Thank you to the author for copy of this book. All opinions are my own. The covers as well as each page has beautiful deep colors that bring you into nature at night. I love the details of each animal and element of nature. The words in Nature's Lullaby Fills the Night are rhythmic and very descriptive. The story encourages children to use each of their senses to get into a an evening filled with the Thank you to the author for copy of this book.

The story encourages children to use each of their senses to get into a an evening filled with the sounds of nature. The book has such beautiful descriptions of the sounds, animal movements, and parts of nature. My children were able to close their eyes as they listened to a few pages. They used their imaginations to try to hear the sounds of nature. Feb 17, Lilith Day rated it it was amazing. This book is simply magical. This book takes kids on a journey through the night. From the crickets to the oysters and more, this book not only shares with kids what nature might look like, but it sounds like.

Young kids are filled with curiosity and this book literally fills the kids senses through their imagination. I love this book. The way it is written the text just brings the book to life. In addition to a fun read, the kids can learn all about what makes a good book. The illustrations are This book is simply magical. The illustrations are dark and simple. As this book takes place during the evening, this is a perfect fit. Overall a really nice read.

Quentin Blake

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. I am a professional blogger at LittleLadyPlays May 02, Angie Quantrell rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books. Gorgeously illustrated picture book about nature's lullaby. Plants and animals from many habitats-land, sea, and sky-fill the pages with peaceful goodnights. The gentle rhyming text perfectly matches the night-darkened scenes. By the end of the goodnights, readers will be relaxed and ready for slumber.

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Sep 06, Padme rated it it was amazing. This is a breathtaking and beautiful picture book. Every word is lovely and atmospheric, and the illustrations are absolutely stunning. It's a sweet and captivating story of nature, animals, and people. This instantly became my favorite lullaby story - no joke, it's award-winning quality. Both kids and adults will love it. I highly, highly recommend this one. Mar 06, Danielle Hammelef rated it really liked it. The lyrical and quieting text takes the audience on a peaceful bedtime ride off to dreams with nature creatures in land, air, and water environments.

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The illustrations are soft, and easy to take in with calming colors. I recommend this for nap times, bedtimes, or anytime. Jan 24, Jana rated it really liked it Shelves: children-poetry , children-picture-books , rhyming-picture-books , animals. The softly colored, beautiful illustrations along with the gentle, rhyming text tells readers all of the differ ways insects and other animals in the natural world wrap it up for the night.

This would be a terrific bedtime read aloud for those that love the outdoor world.

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Apr 05, Vera rated it it was amazing Shelves: children. Won a copy of this one.

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It's a nice hardback book, big enough to encourage the little one to cuddle close and help hold it while you read to them. Colors encourage thoughts of naptime. Great book for the little ones. May 03, Lisa Venditelli rated it it was amazing. Nature's Lullaby is a beautifully written and illustrated bedtime story that is sure to delight. The nighttime palette of the illustrations adds to the lyrical language and is sure to become a bedtime favorite. Feb 05, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: children , picture-books. Beautiful, calming text paired with dark, dreamy illustrations is sure to calm even the most persistent of bedtime protestations.

Jan 20, Gigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , titles , poetry , nature. Gorgeous, poetic book about nature at night time. This is your new bedtime story. Feb 07, Baby Bookworm rated it liked it Shelves: our-reviews. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily! Hello, friends! After the sun has set and the moon begins to glow cool and blue in the sky, nature begins to sing a sweet lullaby.

Moths flutter the dust from their wings and tak This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Moths flutter the dust from their wings and take off into the night sky, flowers close their delicate petals, swans glide across moonlit lakes.