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Who should attend?

These include pen testing methodologies, network security techniques, current security threats and countermeasures. To ensure exam success, it is important you understand these subjects well.

Other than taking a hacking course , you can follow these 10 tips to help you pass your CEH certification exam. Your checklist should include the following topics:. Be realistic about your work and life obligations. Try to schedule study time during your down time, or in conjunction with times when you may be using some of the material you are learning. For instance, if you are scheduled to attend a technical seminar or brief that is focused on discussing current network security trends, plan to study networking techniques before, during and after that seminar.

It is important to understand the Certified Ethical Hacker CEH exam material from a real-world perspective, as opposed to just reading about the concepts. But you can create a virtual lab environment at home that you can use to practice some of the techniques. If you have the ability, attend CEH training that will show you how to set up lab environments and provide training guidance.

The process to sit for the CEH exam can be time consuming. If you do not attend official training, you have to prove two years of information security related experience. If you are under a deadline to pass the exam, you need to consider the time it takes to go through this eligibility process.

Certified Ethical Hacker - Wikipedia

Include this processing time into your overall schedule for exam study and completion. It will also provide links to a lot of useful information, such as official training providers, exam topics, practice questions and study material. The CEH Handbook contains essential details such as an overview of the certification and the exam, including its prerequisites, how many and what type of questions you are about to face, time allotted for examination and the passing mark. Use these as a starting point to evaluate your understanding of the CEH exam.

The CEH Exam Blueprint provides detailed information on the topics covered in the examination, including the percentage of questions dedicated to each subject. This helps a lot, especially in constructing your study plan.

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Deciding to use a self-study-only approach may seem like a bold decision, but it may not be the best strategy. Going through a certification preparation course lets you spend time with an experienced instructor, with actual knowledge on how to beat the exam. It is an excellent opportunity to get all your questions answered, share experiences and strategies, and even network if it is in-person training. This results in a greater success rate on any certification exam.

No CEH candidate should approach the exam without the help of practice questions. Get insight into a number of popular security frameworks and learn how they're used to implement controls and manage risk. This certification path is designed for:.

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Course Level

Get Started. Get started. EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker CEH training This learning path teaches you the hacking skills and methodology needed to perform a penetration test against an organization. Number of questions: Introduction to Ethical Hacking Discover the basics of ethical hacking in this introductory course covering penetration testing methodologies and tools as well as an introduction to Linux.

Passive Intelligence Gathering Learn about passive intelligence gathering, one of the key aspects of ethical hacking, in this four-video overview course. Network Recon Learn the process of network reconnaissance and how it relates to ethical hacking, including tools, scan types and identifying vulnerable systems.


Fundamentals of Exploitation Build your knowledge of exploitation, including types of exploits, overflows and privilege escalation, as well as tools and techniques related to ethical hacking. Breaking Password Security Learn about breaking passwords, including different attack types and popular tools as well as tricks to retrieving passwords from Windows systems.

CEH| Certified Ethical Hacker v10

Attacking Web Servers Learn about attacking web servers, including gathering server information and using tools to carry out ethical hacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Post-Exploitation Techniques Learn about taking advantage of a system after it's been compromised, including leveraging post-exploitation techniques, using malware and exfiltrating data. Attacking Wireless Networks Learn about exploiting wireless networks, including protocols, Wi-Fi authentication and weak points, as well as an overview of mobile devices. IoT Security Learn about the Internet of Things IoT and how ethical hackers can exploit the growing number of internet-connected devices.

Covering Tracks Get insight into how cybercriminals and ethical hackers cover their tracks by removing evidence and any traces of their intrusion.