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Almost a necessity in modern life — and a divisive one at that. With constant notifications, we are so easily dragged out of present surroundings and into that welcoming pixelated glow. Which is particularly great whenever you are reminded of how much it costs to have a smartphone in Japan. Please share your study methods with us mere mortals as Anki is basically a shortcut to vocabulary heaven or the path to enlightenment. Take your pick. These can range from just a word or kanji, to vocabulary placed in sentences to help you understand the context for it.

These can come with audio cues and hilariously cheesy stock photos for extra fun. When presented with a flashcard, think of the answer and then click to have it revealed. You can then self-mark from Again to Easy, with the time in which the card will be repeated listed alongside the options. As well as being able to create your own decks, Anki comes with a range of useful features, including an answer timer and the ability to flip the questions and answers — this is particularly good for when you want to switch between reading kanji or vocabulary to being able to write them.

Anki can be used as an app, online or a desktop version. For creating decks, you might find it quicker to use the desktop version and then sync it with your device. Hands up who has craved a good old-fashioned explanation in their native language? It is packed with logically organised lessons, beautifully clear explanations, and conjugation tables, and there are even some exercises for the first chapters on basic grammar.

A list of vocabulary used in examples is given for every lesson, with the kanji, readings and English meanings, allowing you to pick up new words whilst also seeing the grammar work in context.

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Even without referring to this list, all kanji are clickable and so you should never have to refer to a dictionary. Have you ever opened an app and immediately fell in love? No confusion over how to use it but swiping through screens as if you and it had been born together? Start from the basics of katakana and hiragana and advance through to kanji and vocabulary as it throws various ways to test you, from multiple choice to touch-screen writing, with English to Japanese or vice versa as answer options.

Kanji lists can be displayed according to JLPT levels, making this the ultimate tool for helping your prepare for the exam. Perhaps the star feature is the handwriting recogniser — it corrects not only your form but also your stroke order. If it makes a mistake in recognising your writing, you can easily tell it so, and your score will be adjusted accordingly.

All kanji can be clicked to reveal their reading. My only gripe would be that the multiple choice quizzes are often little silly — the question will demand a verb and then give several nouns and adjectives as answer options, making it very easy to guess which word is right!

Learn Kanji in 45 minutes - How to Read and Write Japanese

HiNative-Language Learning is a place where native speakers edit entries written by those learning their language. Content can be anything you like and as long or short as you are comfortable with. Popular with gaijin iPhone users across Japan, imiwa? The other fantastic feature is an automatic look-up of any text that you have copied to clipboard.

Copy it, open imiwa?

Japanese Vocabulary - English/Japanese Flashcards - Clothing (FLASHCARD EBOOKS) Kindle Edition

It does not have a handwriting look-up function for searching unknown kanji. Finally, users might be frustrated by the inability to pause the stroke order when viewing demonstration animations. Out of the three dictionaries, Japanese takes first prize for design, with a beautiful, clear interface.

It understands how a user thinks: on opening, it presents you with a search bar to immediately type in, but also a handwriting, kanji component and SKIP search option, all on the same page. It contains an audio clip for all entries and has the clearest layout for examples with hiragana above the kanji used and each kanji displayed underneath with their meanings.

Overtaking both imiwa? Kanji Recognizer is made just for those moments, enabling you to swiftly handwrite the kanji and obtain its readings, radicals, strokes, and basic meanings. You can then export to Anki or immediately look it up in your dictionary for compounds and examples of its use. Its simple interface and layout also make it very quick to use.

So this may not be a Japanese-specific app , but for translating longer texts and getting the general gist, Google Translate is invaluable. In addition to handwriting, you can use your phone camera to scan words to translate and you can also test out its audio recognition software, in which it will then speak its translation back to you in your chosen language.

You can begin the lessons without any previous knowledge of hiragana or katakana with DuoLingo and testing past beginner levels is available. All the lessons are grouped into fun categories that range anywhere from food and family to subculture. Once a category is completed, a power bar appears beneath it.

After a while the bar will start to recede, prompting you to review that lesson. Along with focusing on vocabulary, DuoLingo puts emphasis on sentence structure. When it comes time to be quizzed, the app likes to keeps things interesting and will test you in various ways. For extra motivation, you can find help in the DuoLingo community. WaniKani has over 2, kanji and 6, words that are sourced from the official joyo kanji guide established by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Through spaced repetition, you learn to depend on memory recall as you ascend through the various levels.

If life happens and you become busy, you can freeze your progress. If enough time has passed that you forget or feel overwhelmed, you can also reset your level — but this change is permanent. Both Human Japanese and Japanese Sensei are popular apps that contain lessons as well as quizzes and learning activities. FluentU and JapanesePod are also great resources, especially for beginners. For more dictionary options for iOS, try Midori. Skritter is an excellent kanji learning tool that improves your writing as well as your reading ability.

Choose from lists or make your own and then let it test you on meaning, reading and, importantly, writing. There are significant differences between the Android and iOS versions. Android has an extra feature, which allows you to preview the entire kanji or get a hint for the next stroke — this is incredibly useful when faced with a completely unknown kanji.

However, its interface for adding words to a custom list is clunky and best done through the desktop version. By comparison, kanji can be easily added in the iOS version, which automatically searches for the reading and English translation. Our program offers full support to study Japanese or pursue higher education in Japan. Your Entry to Japan. More articles by GaijinPot Blog. Quite a good quiz app. Could you please send me the link? Thank you very much. JA Sensei is my number 1 above all these. I could go on for paragraphs on all of its features and just how incredibly helpful, easy to use and the amount of options and features it has.

Hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocabulary, numbers, particles, lessons…. You have to be kidding about Google Translate, right? A disaster. I am astonished that Duolingo has not been mentioned in this list. Completely free, and available on iOS and Android. Duolingo is great for beginners but less great for intermediate learners. Same with Memrise and other similar apps.

I like that this list is for people of all levels. As regards to learning kanji I prefer any app that forces me to write rather than one that shows me flashcards. For me this really augmented my understanding of the characters. I think there are lots of way to learn, but its depend open you, which one is easy for you. I am also learning Hiragana and i am choosing Flash Cards for learning and got it from CardDia with the help of my friend.

Any ideas? Vocabies app is a new but really cool. I previously had an app for conjugating Japanese verbs on my iPhone but it seems to have disappeared under my nose. It was so useful and easy to use. You scroll on one side to select the verb and then scroll on the other side for the various conjugations of the verb. Something strange…. Tried Skitter, and suprisingly loved it. This is great for lower intermediate level like me. Helped me to learn to write more kanji which has always been a problem. It allows you to read kanjis through the camera. Basic Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials.

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