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In the first part of the story [the prequel to Rush On Boys ], the prelude to the revolution, I have a scene where Reverend Knox is speaking to [Thomas] Stevens, the father of Hamilton's friend, saying, 'He just seems to want to succeed at everything,' and that's the sense you get - he wants to attack and succeed at everything. It's incredible, someone who has the drive to actually accomplish thingsā€¦ I also wrote it with an eye towards younger people. Looking at the story, someone in their twenties can accomplish so much, and people could look at their own lives and think, ' Wow, I could do this as well and be successful.

I hope so. NS: If you could have the reader take away just one message from your book, what would it be? RC: That's a tough question.

Probably that Hamilton, out of all the founders, really grasped what America could be. And he was excited about it, and he actually built it. People have to recognize that fact. In Hamilton's America, he recognized the greatness of what the country could be because he'd seen the worst of what a country could be. People just took it for granted and didn't have the imagination that he had.

Alexander Hamilton - Wikipedia

I think that's probably what I'd want people to recognize, that he knew the greatness that was coming before the country was formed. NS: Rush On Boys is being turned into an audio book, correct? RC: Yea, I just got the audio files from the narrator in Scotland and am in the process of reviewing them. They sound fantastic.

Alexander Hamilton

This guy James Gillian is a real storyteller. He brings the story to life - you kind of lean in a bit closer to the computer to listen. The audio files have been submitted to Audible. I will have an announcement on my website and Facebook. I've been writing the third installment on Hamilton as a statesman. If you think about it, there's Hamilton patriot, warrior, statesman. I'll be releasing the statesman installment sometime next year.

That's going to be tough to write because there's so much [laughs]. Beyond Hamilton, I'll be directing the th Gettysburg anniversary film this summer in Gettysburg. It's the th anniversary of the battle and I've been commissioned to produce the official film of that.

Reward Yourself

It's going to be a massive event, 20, re-enactors and 70, spectators. It's just huge, and it's going to be over 4th of July. I'm really excited about it as I believe WWI is "the next big thing". And you can check out the audiobook at this link at Audible. I've got a lot of keep me busy! NS: Well thank you so much for speaking with us. We appreciate your efforts to elevate the public's awareness of Alexander Hamilton. Best of luck on the book series and your future endeavors!

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Also, visit Rob Child's official website to find out more about his past and upcoming projects. Browse AHA Society programs and events:. See event calendar. Sent on one daring mission after another Hamilton's stature grows, creating great political mistrust among his rivals. When ambition overtakes Hamilton, he threatens to overthrow Congress, which he sees as corrupt. Challenging a Congressman to a duel, who views Hamilton as a treasonous immigrant, his world nearly self-destructs.


With the end of the American Revolution looming and his visions of his own glory fading, Hamilton becomes determined to leave Washington's staff and return to the battlefield. A lawyer and member of the Massachusetts provincial assembly, James Otis, Jr. He is famous for coining the phrase, "taxation without representation is tyranny," which would go on to become an anthem for patriot opposition to the crown. As a lawyer, Otis became enraged by British imposed "writs of assistance" which permitted British authorities to enter the house of a colonist without notice or probable cause.

In response these writs, Otis gave a number of speeches speaking out against British exploitation of the colonists, and his words inspired many people to rise up against the tyranny of the crown. The founder of Dickinson college in Pennsylvania, signatory to the Declaration of Independence , and Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Rush is certainly one of the more famous voices of the revolution.

Incredibly outspoken, Rush would make many friends, and enemies most notably George Washington, to whom he gave harsh criticism , and his words would effect great movements towards opposition to Great Britain. Also, Thomas Paine looked to Rush when he was drafting his treatises in favor of the Revolutionary War. A truly learned manRush would join the Medical Committee of the Continental Congress, taking on a more practical role as well as a political one.

Nicknamed "King Sears" for his pivotal role in organizing the New York mob, Isaac Sears was a leading member of the Sons of Liberty who leaned predominately towards orchestrating violence and encouraging anti-British demonstration. A prosperous New York City merchant outraged by the Intolerable Acts, Sears was forceful in his opposition to the Stamp Act in particular, using whatever means necessary to dissuade the use of British stamps in the colonies.

After the Stamp Act was finally repealed, he erected a number of liberty poles and broadsides large sheets of paper printed on one side only , signed "the Mohawks," warning that action would be taken against anyone supporting any of the Intolerable Acts. He would eventually become the stand in commander of New York City until Washington arrived to relieve him in Sympathetic to the American cause, Solomon joined the New York branch of the Sons of Liberty and was arrested as a spy in After eighteen months of torture aboard the British vessel, he was released under the stipulation that he would remain as an interpreter for British-commissioned mercenaries.

While involved in this forced employment, Solomon helped many American prisoners escape their confinement and encouraged the mercenaries to join the Americans.

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Born in Scotland, James Swan moved to American colonies in the late s where he spent his youth as a shop clerk in Boston. As time went by, he became increasingly interested in the American Revolutionary effort and joined leagues with the Sons of Liberty. As a writer, he published many tracts and articles in opposition to the British crown. Wealthy before the war, he financed Revolutionary efforts until he came to ruin in the early s.

As secretary to the Continental Congress for fifteen years, Thomson was able to be directly involved in foreign affairs.

McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War

Yet, he was a fiery individual who had many enemies. Famously, one James Searle attacked Thomson on the floor of Congress over a supposed misquotation, and the ensuing cane fight ended with both men being cut in the face.

Book Preview

As consequence for his courage, the British made an example of Young, punishing him to such severity that he nearly died. Equal parts military man and cabinet maker, Marinus Willett had a reputation for street brawling and reckless behavior. He became a leading member of the New York faction of the Sons of Liberty, organizing surprise movements against the British. Most notably, in , he assembled a small band of men, commandeered a British sloop, and captured a protected British storehouse in Turtle Bay. A signatory to the United States Declaration of Independence as well as the Articles of Confederation , Wolcott had a minor role in the Sons of Liberty and would go on to become the fourth Governor of Connecticut.

One of his major acts for the Revolutionary cause was in erecting a shed on his country estate in Litchfield and, with help from his neighbors, casted more than 40, bullets. Call to order: or order pocket constitution books online. All rights reserved.