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You want the sole focus to be on the color if that's what you are interested in. Your description certainly explains why virtually all of the dogs I see at the local animal shelter never bother to sheild their eyes from the sun - they will happily catch a treat thrown towards them in direct sunlight. As for the laser trick; perhaps your dog is an anomaly or he sees the laser dot as a 'vivid black' for want of a better description. Either way, there are too many variables - some cats will chase a light, some won't.

Also, since red is interpreted as a 'danger' sign by humans, and it's well established that dog behaviour is much learned from humans it's no wonder they frequently ignore red toys, even if they do appear a different color. One more point: I'd be interested to find out the spectrum limits of dogs' vision copared to ours. I suspect they can see well beyond humans' and into the infra-red wavelengths. I have always wondered how they can say any animal see's this way or that way. How do you know? Interesting article though. They do tests.

Also examining the structure of the eyes would yeild clues as to the way the eye sees.

  • Coat Colors and Patterns.
  • A dog's color could impact longevity, increase health issues -- ScienceDaily?
  • Color Therapy for Dogs.

Cones, rod etc. Then they compare that to the structure of a human eye. It's not perfect mind you there is still the matter of the brain processing the data from the eyes but once again examining the structure of the brain and tests done on it can yield the clues needed to assemble a picture of how the animal sees things. I have a year old Shitzu and according tpo the topic on color and the spectrum illustrated for dogs, I certainly cannot agree that dogs only see certain clors. I have a set of balls exactly the same of different colors, yellow, red, orange and neon pink. When tossing the yellow ball to her which she returns and then throwing the pink color she certainly indicates that it is not the one she returned.

I she is asked to fetch the red one with them all lying in the same vicinity she heads directly for the red one. You say 'red' and think of the colour red. Your dog doesn't. He can't see the colour red as you see it. He doesn't have the correct cells in his eye.

Dog Poop Color #3: Black/Maroon Poop

You have taught him the sound 'red' means 'that one'. He sees a nearly black ball. You see a red one. A green laser pointer is very cool and convenient, I have bought 3 pens and recommended laser pointer to my friends. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on dogs colorblindness. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

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  8. Regards, dog shop. Further to Christina's Question of "Why? And I believe that most dogs can easily pick out different coloured toys because they have learnt to associate the name with the smell of that particular toy. The yellow ball that they play with most will smell completely different to the neon pink one that they don't. You see this effect when buying a new replacement toy sometimes. The new one might be identical except for a little less wear, but they won't touch it. They only play with the old one. I know this because I run a pet shop and sell lots of toys and get lots of feedback from customers.

    If I notice a toy is becoming a favourite I rush out and buy another identical one. I swap them around regularly. That way favourite toys last twice as long, or I have another if one gets lost. I have a hunting dog,and he is very interested in laser pointer spot. However, I always feel that my dog can recognize things by their smell.

    Actually, both color and smell can effect a dog. My dog Zenna is a chichuahua, I bought her 2 dog toys similar to each other with long stems coming up, one is a orange cat and one is a red bull. She has accetped the red bull over the orange cat. If dogs cannot see red, how come she loves the red bull? Color is human perception of spectral radiation. There is no animal, fish or insect which is endowed with human tri-chroma capabilities and hence no animal, etc. I understand what you are saying when you contend that dog and undoubtedly other creatures "see" color because most will see portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and react appropriately.

    But labeling such as color vision is incorrect popular "science" because most any scientific text on color and vision will define color as a process that is created in human eyes and is sorted out in human brains. For color to be seen, there needs to be an object which reflects wavelengths that stimulate the cones in human eyes, when, of course, the object is illuminated by a light source. The human eyes criterion is the key to the definition of color vision.

    Blue, I guess would be the best colour for her ball. Thank you for your information. Michael Melbourne, Australia. I read this article and thought OK cool so that's how it is. I found it fascinating that dogs can't distinguish red! This article is based on tests and scientific fact. Then we have arguments over creationism and evolution! I'm a Christian but I do not restrict myself to only believing in what the bible says!

    The crazy thing for me is how there is 1 person on here saying that this article is wrong and that dogs don't see colour - they can only see black and white! Some people are complete idiots I swear - where's your scientific fact Gale?! Why argue?! Then another complete disbeliever in Mary! You can't deny a fact! Stanley Coren, Ph. Breeders can affect the sex distribution in an unborn litter of puppies. Some researchers worry that dog urine has negative effects on city landscapes. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

    Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Cranial Electrostimulation and Anxiety. Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? Stanley Coren PhD. Follow me on Twitter. Can Dogs See Colors? Dogs are not as colorblind as you think. Submitted by Anonymous on October 20, - pm. And cats? I read somewhere they see more colors than dogs but less than humans. Are you familiar with online Submitted by Joann on November 7, - pm.

    And some can read Submitted by Writing Frontier on October 20, - pm. See colors? Big deal. Some can also read. Submitted by Emma on December 4, - pm. That's what I'm teaching my dog next. But the dogs see the letters as characters. Submitted by Christina F on November 6, - am. Good Question Submitted by Emma on December 4, - pm. Because evolution! Submitted by Michael W Crichton on December 17, - pm. Submitted by Mark A. Siebel on January 14, - pm. Dog's are stupid and are Submitted by Arran Patel on February 11, - am. Dog's are stupid and are only good for one thing Sexy time!

    You're an ass Submitted by Anonymous on January 18, - am. You're an ass to post such a comment. Your Stupid Submitted by Kim on January 19, - pm. What kind of comment was that? I hope to God you don't own any animals!! Successful troll is Submitted by capt obvious on April 30, - pm.

    Successful troll is successful. There are Submitted by CW on June 12, - pm. There are children reading this, why did you post such a stupid comment? Thank you so much I just Submitted by Sara on February 15, - am.

    Coat Colors and Patterns

    Lhasa Apsos Submitted by Kim on January 19, - pm. Reduced color vision is Submitted by Anonymous on February 27, - pm. Reduced-color Submitted by Anonymous on April 18, - pm. Submitted by Anonymous on May 24, - pm. Well, that's pretty cool. No dogs can't see colours Submitted by Gale on July 20, - am. Wireless Dog Fence. Did you read the article at all? Submitted by Sweet Pea on June 14, - pm. My dog sees red Submitted by Donna on August 25, - pm.

    Your Dog Wants Toys This Color

    He sees the motion of the dot Submitted by Anonymous on August 18, - am. Submitted by Clachair on December 5, - pm. Also examining Submitted by Anonymous on August 18, - am. Dogs do see clor in my opinion Submitted by Trudy on April 5, - am. Or else I just have a super intelligent dog, which for other reasons I am startng to think that Proud Shitzu owner. The word 'Red' is just a noise to a dog.

    Dog vomit: the colour of your dog’s vomit and what it might mean

    Science Submitted by Andyone on May 11, - am. How Do We Know that? No Submitted by Anonymous on July 17, - am. No Trolling. Thanks for article Submitted by Jim on November 23, - am. You're right! I have a hunting dog,and he Submitted by wulala on January 12, - am. Color is a human perception Submitted by Bud Wood on May 3, - am. Other animals see more colours than us. Don't let the allergy keep bothering him and takes action in the matter. In the event that the depigmentation occurs in a progressive manner and your dog does not show any symptoms, such as cuts, wounds or apathy, it is most likely that this discoloration is an issue that does not affect their health.

    Anyway, as we know that such depigmentation is usually an alert when they are puppies, please consult with our online veterinarians. We say this because there are several autoimmune diseases that are related to the discoloration of the skin. These pathologies are difficult to deal with, so it is important to go to a specialist as soon as possible. The reason for which they are a problem is that they cause the body to attack itself. The most typical symptoms of an autoimmune problem, in addition to the discoloration of the muzzle are: a discoloration in other parts of his body, a bit of fever, wounds, fever, scabs and lesions whose appearance has no obvious explanation.

    Therefore, if you see that his nose is changing color, review his overall health. In case he does not have any injury, you don't have to worry about. For some breeds of dog and in certain hairy half-breeds, during the months of October or winter and in the days that are cloudier, over time, the deprivation of sun might cause the progressive depigmentation of his snout.

    Again, check out how his body is, if no other symptoms are present; don't worry, because this loss of color is part of his nature. If when you examine him and detect that he has lost a lot of weight , has become lethargic, has a bad mood or is presenting a combination of many diseases, beware, because he may be suffering from a skin cancer, fairly common when we speak of malignant tumors. In summary: the depigmentation of the nose of the dogs has many causes.

    Cute Puppy Dog Color Colorful Learning Color Video For Kids Finger Family Nursery Rhyme Song

    If the depigmentation does not come with other diseases, there is no reason why to be worried about. Otherwise, make your query to our online veterinarians. Haz tu pregunta. Soy Veterinario. Soy PetLover. Blog Dogs Health. White spot on the nose of my dog The most common causes of these spots or that the nose gets redder is by the feeding or an allergy. Pink nose in puppies, why is that? Depigmentation of the snout of a dog by genetic causes In the event that the depigmentation occurs in a progressive manner and your dog does not show any symptoms, such as cuts, wounds or apathy, it is most likely that this discoloration is an issue that does not affect their health.

    Winter nose in dogs, the reason of depigmentation by lack of sun For some breeds of dog and in certain hairy half-breeds, during the months of October or winter and in the days that are cloudier, over time, the deprivation of sun might cause the progressive depigmentation of his snout.