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Depending on your style of play, this may be a good thing. It can be done! It uses a row of pumps to pressurize the magma in a chamber with only one exit. When the floodgate opens, the magma flies out a short distance. Difficulty: Very high. You need metal or glass screw pumps to make it work, magma-safe floodgates and mechanisms, plus a big above-ground construction.

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Magma moves across the map annoyingly slowly, due to its thickness and lack of pressure. But a tunnel several Z-levels high, with magma entering at the top, will flow much faster because the magma's falling in, not flowing in, and can expand on either Z-level before falling down. Difficulty: Medium. Not hard to make, but cutting open a multi-Z magmafall is fun. This trick involves dripping water on to the middle of a magma pool until you have a column of obsidian, then channeling down into the obsidian more than one Z level, and putting a burial receptacle there.

This probably won't work in magma tubes or Volcanos since the created obsidian would fall into the bottomless pit. The trick is getting the water to fall onto the magma in a controlled manner. Requires certain resources from the start, plus lots of setup. And your dwarves tend to erupt into dwarf steam occasionally. Usefulness: None, since an obsidian lined room with exactly the same furniture somewhere else will please your nobles just as much. If you cast obsidian around the edges of the magma sea, it is possible to pump out the magma and build a colony in the empty space. Once the colony is built, you can destroy the obsidian walls and refill the magma sea.

Note: you cannot cast obsidian on the bottom layer of the magma sea, so building a colony on this layer is nearly, but not quite, impossible see below. You need to get water down to each edge of the magma sea, and you need a pump stack to get rid of the magma. Difficulty: Insane. The project will take at least ten years of dwarf time and claim many lives. You can finally get the last bit of adamantine when you drain the magma sea, and the magma sea floor has a cool twinkly effect.

Build a twisting magma lava aqueduct above the entrance to your fortress. Leave a few thin diagonal holes in it, so that lava can seep out of it. When invaders arrive, pump magma into the sprinkler. Diagonal holes will limit the rate at which the fluid flows out of them, ensuring a nice steady lava rain rather than a big wave. Similar to magma canon, except with a bit more engineering, but less pumps and smaller reservoir needed due to less magma being required for the same effect.

Like magma cannon it can obliterate a siege, but this time you can have a bit more control over how it happens. Lava rain doesn't depend on ground structure your entrance doesn't need to be in a valley for it to work well and leaves less magma to evaporate. Build a mass pitting system to recycle your cage trap cages quickly.

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Usefulness: Very. Keeps you from having to build cages before releasing monsters from them. With six hatches you can safely empty out 48 cages very quickly. You can build lots of cage traps without having to worry about emptying each cage individually. This is basically a channel above some pressurized water with a short tunnel leading to a door. The door needs to be connected to a lever somewhere in a safe part of the fortress. Position the door facing the main stairs into your fortress for multiple stairs use multiple traps.

When enemies come down the stairs, pull the lever and make them drown. It helps to seal off the rooms. Works well with fire creatures to create a sauna. Difficulty: Depends on how big you want the statue to be. If you are feeling really masochistic, cast it out of obsidian using magma and water. With enough pumps, you can pull water out of a square faster than it flows in. This can create a reverse waterfall, or a dry spot in the middle of a flowing river. The effect is like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Usefulness: You can use this trick to create a waterfall or drowning chamber. It is also important if you want to pass through an Aquifer , although that is far more difficult. The same trick can be used in lieu of a drawbridge, although its practicality as compared to the drawbridge is highly questionable. Don't you get angry when your dwarves carry enough grime on them to dirty the entire fortress? And how they get infected because of that griminess?

Suffer no more! With the Never Ending Shower NES for short , dwarves will be able to stay relatively clean without having to take the time to run for a bath or dirtying your drinking water! It is easy to understand: use the same instructions as in the Artificial Waterfall, but make it so that the waterfall is somewhere where the dwarves will be going through almost daily--a central stairway works well. It cleans them and gives them happy thoughts for the same price! Difficulty: Moderate to high.

You do have to make sure that dwarves don't try anything funny, and create a drain to draw the dirty water out. Done properly, it can also serve as a magma chamber, a drowning chamber and even an obsidianizing chamber that can kill any creature that gets in except ghosts and possibly vermin.

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Combine with an Execution Tower for maximum z-level executions! Traps which menace with spikes are a must. Usefulness: Dispose of prisoners, execute nobles, gruesome fatal injuries, laugh maniacally. If high enough, you may be able to recover bones from creatures your dwarves refuse to butcher.

Another Dumb Human Trick

Arrange several stockpiles of similar items of different colors gems work well for this so the different colors make some sort of picture. Don't forget to set "max bins" to 0 on all the stockpiles so you can actually see the items! It's probably also a good idea to forbid the items once they're in place, to prevent them from being moved later and allow you to remove the stockpiles if you want.

Difficulty: Medium; only tricky parts are potentially finding enough items of different colors, and keeping track of which colors are where before the hauling is done. A huge tower with floodgates at the bottom on one side. When opened, the pressurized water fires out and pushes anything in the way of the flow away. Depending on size, can be surprisingly powerful.

You can see an example tower here. Usefulness: Medium-High. Tested in version 0. And when we say "redesign", we mean completely replanning and rebuilding the entire fortress, from scratch. Ever thought about a cool thing that you could add to your fortress, but can't because a critical area such as the dining room, general-purpose stockpile, central workshop area etc. Did you start the fortress by building the most critical areas in the first available spot? Well, now is a good time to get rid of that!

For added effects, put the sleeping areas especially close to the booze stockpile so that dwarves are always happy! Usefulness: Varies depending on how you carry it out, a. Had any problems with dwarves charging brainlessly towards the enemy, getting slaughtered, and then starting a tantrum spiral that will destroy your fortress? Turn your prison into a luxurious room full of things that make dwarves happy.

Add artifact furniture, beds, a booze stockpile, chains made of gold or anything valuable, a waterfall, creatures in cages, etc. Hopefully they will return to society as a happy, productive dwarf. Difficulty: Low-Medium. Acquiring valuable items and setting up the waterfall can be annoying sometimes.

Also you need guards to actually put them in jail. And it can be a real pain when those ungrateful sobs destroy the nice furniture you give them. Don't let it happen to you. Create a giant channel filled with spike traps, 10 tiles wide and going all the way from your fort to the map edge. Pave it over with crystal glass so traders can get that foreboding feeling that'll make them seal the deal without bargaining too hard! Sick of having your dwarves vomit all the time when they go out to retrieve loot or lumber?

Despair no more! Build an almost-infinitely tall tower, and then put a floor on the highest level, spanning the entire map. For extra kicks, make a mechanism that will crash the entire thing upon the heads of the one goblin horde that manages to get through all your other deathtraps.

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Divide the world edges into multiple sectors and then gate access to each one separately. This allows you to protect your fortress from sieges whilst keeping access to most of the outside world and allowing most traders into and out of the fortress those unfortunate enough to enter the world from the same direction as the siegers may be screwed, of course. For bonus points, build separate gateable access routes for each sector.

For further bonus points, design your fortress so that you can simultaneously allow access to traders at the same time as siegers are exposed to your defensive mechanisms. Difficulty: Low, unless you allow separate access routes for each sector in which case high. Usefulness: Moderate, increasing with each bonus you fill. Mostly for those who want to build the best possible defenses. Can also double as a means of easily trapping wild animals. Take advantage of the independence of vampires by building a self-contained factory.

The best industries are those that require no special raw materials-- a factory containing both a magma glass furnace and a sand tile, for instance, would work well, as would a clay industry, but if you're feeling ambitious, consider building a vampire into your GCS silk farm -- if you happen to have scored an undead GCS, your vampire won't even spook! You can treat your factory as a piggy bank to be broken into as needed, or for perfect fire-and-forget action, build a dropping undump into the factory, and the vampire will deliver the output to your front door.

Difficulty: The only hard part is getting yourself a vampire. Usefulness: None, really, a place for dwarves to throw a party. A mechanism that, for example, could flood your fort with magma, or release a trapped megabeast. For bonus points, build the whole fort on a single support. Usefulness: Could serve as kind of a last revenge on a goblin siege, but also highly amusing. If done properly it can make reclaim easier. Difficulty : Low to Medium as drowning while setting up is very possible with bad planning.

Usefulness : Low, purely aesthetic, but very cool to have a shark infested moat Potentially kills invaders. Capture a web-slinger generally a giant cave spider and build a farm to efficiently harvest its silk. Usefulness : Medium to High. Provides an endless supply of potentially-valuable silk cloth and rapidly cross-trains weavers. Make a pot and drop elves vegetables in from about three levels up. This makes it so the vegetables do not run get overcooked. Proceed to bask the vegetables in steam. Station soldiers inside, lock them in, and fill. This way they gain swimming skill.

Usefulness: The swimming skill is only slightly useful. It does help gain attributes though. Though if you utilize a H ydraulic E levation and L owering P latform, this is a priceless necessity. A minecart ride that trains swimming safely and automatically. Minecart tracks can be fiddly, and adding a non-traversable depth of water makes any mistakes more difficult to fix.

The swimming skill is only slightly useful, but it does provide cross-training for attribute gains.

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Difficulty: Medium - need to dig out a suitably large area, then find a way of introducing water to the area and subsequently draining or evaporating it. Usefulness: Depends on size bigger is better as well as proximity to wood stockpiles. A tree farm outside the caverns can grow trees from all 3 layers, and you'll never have to worry about hostile creatures threatening your wood cutters. Maintaining the correct water level is annoying difficult at times. Note: Incredibly easy with an aquifer. Usefulness: Depends on size of plant and what it's connected to. Also useful as a puzzle for adventurers.

A simple room filled with statues that just also happens to be flooded. Simply dig a room near to a water source smooth and engrave the walls and floors then fill with statues. Dig a tunnel to the water source and a separate escape route. For added effect make the meeting room a room directly above with a glass floor.

Basically, a dwarf in a bunker that controls your fortress. Being that there are no supercomputers in DF at the moment, we'll have to use the closest substitute, a dwarf. Seal your dwarf in a room full of levers that activate various floodgates, bridges, doors, hatch covers, traps, etc. Make sure this room has no exits or entrances, but it needs a luxurious bedroom and dining area, and you must include a chute for dropping in food biomass and alcohol coolant fluid. Profile the levers so that they can only be used by the A.


It would be a good idea to make the system into two rooms. Should you need to add more levers, you can lock the A. You can make the lodging room suited for the particular dwarf by adding furniture made from their favorite materials, and smoothing and engraving everything. Make sure the A.

In order to ensure that your A. Setting up all the levers and lodgings can be a micromanagement hassle. Further research is required as to how well the A. Having a dwarf dedicated to pulling levers will ensure that they are pulled on time. Additionally, you will have a constantly-ecstatic dwarf who is virtually invulnerable to all threats. Should your fortress be slaughtered by invaders or drowned by flooding or tantrum spiraled, your fortress will be preserved until more migrants arrive, or the AI runs out of food.

Bonus: Make the A. Vampires don't need food, alcohol, or sleep and cannot age, which makes them perfect for the job. As an added bonus, keeping a vampire in this way will make your fortress completely indestructible, as sealing him in will prevent the possibility of the vampire of being killed in combat or from a syndrome, while keeping the vampire from making friends he will inevitably outlive will prevent him from going insane. It also ensures that the bloodsucker won't use any of your dwarves as a midnight snack.

NOTE: Vampires may still go insane without any blood. Might be worth considering adding on a 3rd "feeding chamber" where you assign an unfortunate victim to sleep whenever the vampire gets hungry. Goblins have several advantages over dwarves in the lever pulling department: they live forever, do not breed or tantrum, and need not eat, drink, or sleep. Seal one or more goblins in your supercomputer complex, and use their predictable pathing in combination with instantly lockable doors and pressure plates to make dwarven lever pulling a thing of an older, less advanced era.

While goblin pressure plate runners require more space than dwarven lever pullers, once their room is set up, it's done, and easily copied for the next one. With only one goblin, you'll need a pressure plate for every possible combination of lever states, but it's easy to add more goblins instead. The D. Unlike with the U. Ts of the previous generation, modern POW-based computing is never held hostage to eating, drinking, or breaks.

Stay tuned for the next-generation C. Prevents cave adaptation. It's like the greenhouse, only instead of a farm, it's a meeting hall or barracks. Since you can't build tables or beds outside, build the room and channel down to it. Variant: above-ground statue garden or zoo. Make sure to wall the pit in, or it will become very fun once goblin archers become involved.

Those will be some Armok grade hangovers though This functions much like real life: Lifting water above ground level creates pressure, allowing buried pipes to deliver water to any elevation below the top of the tower. This is smarter, faster, and cheaper than a map-spanning raised aqueduct. A pump stack at the river, raising water into a sealed, pressurized U-bend, can deliver large volumes of water to whatever level you want, very quickly.

No harder than any other pump stack to design, but high pressure can amplify minor errors into abandon-worthy disasters. Posts Latest Activity.

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Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous Next. OK, this one was committed by me Especially with a manual transmission. Here I am, brand new to me BIG 'ole pontoon. Never thought to check the p. Truck rolls back a bit.. Have the wheel chocks in my hand, open the door, get out, truck rolls another inch. Had a great day on the lake otherwise! The next day took my truck in and had the emergency brake fixed Tags: None. Please try again.

About this product Product Information In the spirit of Mark Twain and Andy Rooney, the writings of John Kenneth Bruce graced the pages of Great Lakes Cruiser Magazine every month bringing humor and 'lessons learned' to their boating-oriented readership. The column was started as a lark and expected to run only about six months.

But its sudden and overwhelming popularity made it a regular monthly feature for the entire ten-year run of the magazine and was enjoyed by boater and 'landlubber' alike.

Stupid Boat Tricks

Bruce was finally revealed to be the Publishing Editor himself, Bruce Jenvey. But wouldn't it be nice to have all those funny, lessons of life in one place, in one book to enjoy and share? There are incidents with drawbridges, boat trailers, and flare guns devices designed to embarrass and befuddle us. And tales of endurance under adverse condition like motors that go into business for themselves, marine toilets that explode and barbecued sacrifices to the gods.

Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty