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  1. Chelsea 'Re-Open Contract Talks' With Eden Hazard in Bid to Fend Off Real Madrid Interest
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  3. Chelsea star hints Eden Hazard rejected Premier League sides before Real Madrid move
  4. Eden Hazard - Wikipedia

He's unique. International: appearances, 30 goals UEFA club competition: 82 appearances, 16 goals Domestic competition: appearances, goals. I thought: 'He's crazy,' but he did it.

He will be a major star. I would take him to Real Madrid with my eyes closed. He earned the players' union young player of the season award and came second in the senior vote.

Stars Barca Could Sell To Fund Neymar & Griezmann Moves

It was his last game in a Chelsea shirt. Was captain again at the World Cup, where Belgium picked up the bronze medal. My mum could be manager. My mum was a striker. Eden said: "It was five metres away, the other side of a little fence. It meant we didn't mess our own lawn up. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. Obviously, we are also well known for beer in Belgium.

But I'm a footballer, I don't drink beer. It was my dream since I was little [to play for this club] and now I'm here, I just want to enjoy this moment. I just want to enjoy [myself].

Chelsea 'Re-Open Contract Talks' With Eden Hazard in Bid to Fend Off Real Madrid Interest

If I can be, then I will be the best. If not, it's not a problem. I just want to play. I don't want to be like Messi or Ronaldo. I want to be me. Hazard was not finished yet, however, as it participated the middleweight rumble at the end of the tournament. It performed well, mostly pushing robots with its front wedge and hardly used its blade until the very end against Bad Attitude.

It was one of three robots still standing and was the winner of the middleweight rumble. Hazard did not compete in Season 2. Season 2. Due to being a former middleweight champion, Hazard was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3. Hazard went straight at Fusion and Hazard's blade caused damage to the front of Fusion. After Hazard pushed Fusion on the killsaws, Hazard pushed Fusion against the spikestrip. Fusion was being counted out and Hazard won by KO. This win put Hazard to the round of 16, where it faced Zion. Immediately, Hazard brought its blade up to speed and ripped the top plate of Zion quite easily.

Zion got underneath Hazard from the back and managed to tip Hazard to one side but Hazard's blade kept it upright when it returned to the floor.

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Hazard then began chasing Zion before Zion drove himself onto the Ramrods. Zion retaliated by ramming Hazard across the BattleBox, but suffered a nasty gash on the front wedge. The fight continued with Hazard causing consistent damage to Zion but not enough to immobilize it. Towards the end of the fight, Hazard's weapon motor began tiring out which allowed Zion to push Hazard towards the pulverizer but narrowly missed.

Zion was ripped up but not beaten and Hazard won on a judge's decision. This win put Hazard to the middleweight quarterfinals again, where it faced F5. In the match, Hazard used the arena piston to put F5 on its side and Hazard delivers another blow on the flipped F5. F5 was being counted out and Hazard won by KO at This win put Hazard to the semifinals, where it faced T-Wrex. Both robots began the fight timidly approaching each other, before Hazard managed to score a hit on the front end of T-Wrex.

T-Wrex then began spinning and hit Hazard, who was sent reeling from the impact. Hazard then waited patiently for T-Wrex to slow down, and hit T-Wrex on the side panel. Hazard pushed T-Wrex onto the spikes and impaled it, but Hazard decided to free him and continue the fight. However, severe damage was caused to the side of T-Wrex and affected the steering of the opponent.

Hazard got its blade up to top speed and hit T-Wrex once more, sending him flying. T-Wrex continued to fight, and managed to damage Hazard's front skirts. Hazard retaliated and pushed T-Wrex into the spikes twice. The score was closer than the fight against Zion, but Hazard still had the clear edge with a judge's decision.

Little Drummer Boy was Hazard's final opponent for Season 3. Little Drummer Boy kicked off the fight by ramming Hazard, before Hazard attacked Little Drummer Boy's drum and completely debilitated it. Hazard then made several rips and dents in Little Drummer Boy's shell before pushing it onto the ramrods. Hazard continued to push Little Drummer Boy across the BattleBox before driving him into the pulverizer. Little Drummer Boy suffered exactly 5 shots from the pulverizer, which caved in its top panel.

The fight then turned into a pushing match, with Little Drummer Boy suffering the majority of the attacks. Hazard then scored a lucky shot against Little Drummer Boy which completely took out the left drive-train and sent Little Drummer Boy spinning in circles.

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Hazard struck Little Drummer Boy 2 more times, with the latter shot finally knocking the last inch out of Little Drummer Boy's life. Hazard had won by a KO, and along with that, another Giant Nut. Hazard wasn't finished, however, as it participated the middleweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It was being attacked by Zion at one point, Hazard managed to get away and start its blade up, only to be attacked again by Zion.

Chelsea star hints Eden Hazard rejected Premier League sides before Real Madrid move

It was then chased into an immobile Instigator. Then it started chasing T-Minus for a bit. Then it dukes it out with Bad Attitude some more, getting shoved into the wall by Bad Attitude. Finally it lands a hit on Zion just as the buzzer activated. Hazard was one of few robots still moving in the end, but it lost overall to T-Minus. After reclaiming the middleweight nut in Season 3. New wheels, a lower profile body, stronger front skirts, a faster weapon motor and an angled blade all helped Hazard to be more destructive than ever before.

Its first fight in Season 4. Timmy drove cautiously across the BattleBox floor but Hazard scored a hit on Timmy's front panel, causing a hole.

Eden Hazard - Wikipedia

Hazard then maneuvered Timmy around for a while, before ramming Timmy into the spikestrip. Hazard then brought its blade back up to speed and ripped the entire front panel of Timmy clean off, sending it flying across the BattleBox. Timmy was struck once more, taking off one of the front panel supports. Timmy began driving in circles before Hazard charged in again and took the rear panel of Timmy off, incapacitating it. One last blow from Hazard spun Timmy into the pulverizer, where it was hit several times before being counted out. The initial hit from the two middleweights was destructive, with Hazard taking part of SABotage's lifting arm off, causing a dent in the front left panel and bending its lifter to the left.

The next hit didn't do much, but the hit after that ripped SABotage's wheel, leaving it to spin in circles. Hit after hit, Hazard kept causing more and more destruction, eventually bending both of SABotage's front panels towards each other, ripping the rear panel clean off and leaving it to smoke on top of the killsaws. SABotage was counted out in , putting Hazard through to the quarterfinals against Season 2. The very first hit debilitated El Diablo's drum, stopping it but not causing any damage to the robot itself.

Hazard charged at its drum again, before driving off and taking a shot at El Diablo's right side tread, destroying it. El Diablo was left spinning in circles, before Hazard finished it off by taking chunks out of El Diablo's lexan track cover and wrecking its drum even more. This fight was over quickly, as the initial blow between the two robots incapacitated Heavy Metal Noise, leaving it pointing in the opposite direction. One more strike sent Heavy Metal Noise's right side wheel flying across the BattleBox into the lexan wall, whilst one last hit took Heavy Metal Noise's rear panel off, and was hit so hard its single blade was left spinning awkwardly on its axle.

For the fight, Complete Control had welded a titanium skirt on the rear in an attempt to deflect the blows from Hazard's deadly spinning blade, and was planning to keep reversing into Hazard until the blade was hopefully stopped. The fight began fairly well for Complete Control, despite the fact its left skirt had been loosened by Hazard's blade. Hazard eventually escaped, and this time pushed Complete Control into an exposed arena wall, tearing the sticker on the back of Complete Control and causing more sparks, before allowing Complete Control to back out.