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Employing People. Buying and selling goods and services. Protecting intellectual property. Mergers and Acquisitions.

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Risk Management and Insolvency. The most powerful enforcement body in the corporate system is the shareholder body.

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Via pension funds, provident funds, insurance products and other group investments, the public makes up the largest owner of many publicly listed companies. In case of difficulties, your partner B is to help you. Your partner will help you. Task III.


Match the terms in the box with their definitions 1—6. The document, which contains internal rules about how the company is organized. It can be read by the public at Companies House, the central register of companies. An individual person who owns all the assets of the business and is liable for all of its debts. It is the simplest form of business. It is a certain amount of cash or assets that must be paid in when a limited company is formed.


This capital must always be available so that there are at least some assets left to satisfy creditors if the company goes bankrupt. It contains key information about the company, e. This information can be inspected by any member of the public. This problem exists for self-employed people and for ordinary partnerships. In these cases, the business is not a separate legal entity.

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  • This means that liability rests with the owner of the company. If the company has debts, the owner is liable for them and is not allowed to limit this liability — even if it means him losing the roof over his head. Task IV. Use the ideas below in the following structures for giving advice or making recommendations:.

    Task V.


    Read the introduction and complete the gaps with an appropriate word derived from the words given in brackets. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation recognizes various forms of business organizations, including general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, open and closed joint-stock companies, and the state and municipal unitary enterprises. Classification of legal entities is provided in the Civil Code twice: in Article 48 and in Article Both classifications are very important, because in both cases assignment of a legal entity to this or that particular group determines its special legislative regime.

    The First Model. The Second Model. The legal entity owns the property under the right of economic management or operative management, derivative from the property right. In particular, these are organizations whose owner is the Russian Federation, a subject of the Russian Federation, or a municipal entity a ministry, a department, a school, an institute or a hospital, etc. The Third Model. According to the third model, founders participants do not acquire any rights for the property left, after the liquidation of an entity. Business law in Russia is a branch of civil legislation that regulates relations between persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

    Revenue Law.

    Business English - 'Nota' - английский для учителей и учеников

    Hart Publishing. Foundations of Charity. New Zealand Tax Guide. Medical Law and Ethics. This is the seventh edition of John Tiley's major textbook on revenue law, now massively restructured to focus upon the UK tax system, income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.