Manual Nineteenth-Century Jewish Literature: A Reader (Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture)

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Before coming to JTS as a teacher and administrator, Dr. At JTS, he teaches courses in Jewish thought and the relationship of various modern Jewish thinkers to different forms of nationalism. As associate dean, Dr. Benjamin D. Previously, he served as director of the Crown Family Center for Jewish Studies at Northwestern University, where he had taught since His main research area is the theory of Ashkenazi liturgical music and its role within the liturgical experience as a whole.

As a secondary area of academic pursuit, he works on issues in music of the modern era, particularly the composer Arnold Schoenberg. He has published a long line of articles on these subjects in leading scholarly journals, and presented papers and lectures at academic conferences and institutions worldwide. He earned his doctorate at Cornell University. She has taught in a variety of secondary school settings in the Jewish and general educational world, both in the United States and in Europe, and was the education director of Congregation Beit GIL in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tauber is passionate about teaching and mentoring JTS students on their journeys. She graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Los Angeles with a major in history and minor in education studies in Outside of her academic interests, Dr. Uhrman has considerable experience working in teaching, administrative, and consulting capacities in the Jewish community.

Her work in the field deeply informs her research and teaching practice. Burton L. Visotzky joined the faculty upon his ordination as rabbi in Visotzky was a dean of Gershon Kekst Graduate School and founding rabbi of the egalitarian worship service of the Seminary Synagogue. His area of specialization is modern Jewish history, with a focus on trends in the religious, educational, and organizational sectors of American Jewish life since World War II.

Sarah Wolf has taught Rabbinics in a variety of settings, including the Dr. Rabbi Brodie began as an undergraduate at JTS in and retired from the administration in Student Life is a Hillel-like office whose functions include counseling students, programming extracurricular student activities, and overseeing the Va'ad Gemilut Hasadim. The Va'ad, a cocurricular community outreach organization founded by Rabbi Brodie in the mids, is his proudest accomplishment in the realm of student affairs. Ordained by JTS in , Dr.

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In his teaching, research, and writing, Dr. Cohen's areas of interest include informal settings for Jewish education, the preparation of teachers and principals for Jewish schools, teaching rabbinic literature to adults, and the use of computers in Jewish learning and educational research. Davidson has extensive practical experience in both Jewish and general education, as a classroom teacher and administrator, in both formal and informal educational settings. Davidson's research interests include teacher preparation, leadership development, and program evaluation.

For the past several years he has focused on a series of empirical studies that explore the identity development of Jewish professionals. A native of Poland, Dr. Francus received a bachelor's degree in and a master's degree in from Columbia University. He also received a bachelor's degree in , a master's degree in , and rabbinic ordination from JTS, in addition to receiving a doctorate from Hebrew University in Stephen A.

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Geller teaches courses in biblical literature, with special emphasis on the Book of Psalms, biblical poetry, and the prophets. Geller has published numerous books and articles on biblical language, poetry, literature, and religion. His dissertation, "Parallelism in Early Biblical Poetry," was published in Tzvi Abusch. He is currently completing a commentary on the Book of Psalms for the Hermeneia series of commentaries. Rabbi Michael B. Greenbaum is vice chancellor emeritus of The Jewish Theological Seminary, where he served, in a career spanning 40 years, as an administrator and member of the faculty.

For a quarter-century as JTS vice chancellor and chief operating officer, Rabbi Greenbaum oversaw many significant milestones and accomplishments. Judith Hauptman is the E. Hauptman's scholarly research focuses on two areas. The first is unraveling the mystery of how the Talmud came into being—i. Her work may be classified as synoptic studies—a specialized area of Talmudic research in which related texts are examined for their implications about the history of the texts themselves and of Jewish law.

Carol K. Ingall is the Dr.

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Her areas of expertise are curriculum and instruction, moral education, and the history of American Jewish education, affording her ample opportunities to teach and explore what constitutes effective Jewish education. A member of the JTS faculty since , Dr. Lerner was the first woman to serve as a JTS vice chancellor, and thus was one of the highest-ranking women in American Jewish institutional life. She had previously served as dean of the Albert A. In she inaugurated the Paula E. Hyman Mentoring Program to provide mentors for emerging scholars in the fields of Jewish and gender studies.

Mayer E.

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Rabinowitz is associate professor emeritus of Talmud and rabbinics at The Jewish Theological Seminary. He served as JTS's librarian from to ; under his leadership, the reputation and accessibility of The Library grew to new heights.

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He served as both secretary and research consultant to the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly; he was a committee member for 25 years, until Scheindlin specializes in medieval Hebrew poetry, with a special interest in Spain and other regions of Arabic culture. He is also active as a literary translator of medieval and other Hebrew texts. He has published a verse translation, with introduction and notes, of the book of Job Other translations of his include a Yiddish novella by Mendele Mocher Seforim, and Ismar Elbogen's monumental history of Jewish liturgy.

Albert B. Menahem Schmelzer is Albert B. He has been a full-time member of the JTS faculty since and served as librarian from to Skip navigation The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Yiddish Literature

The telling of the Easter Rising story, Brundage argues, had a kind of modular character. That is, narratives of , frequently marked by stirring examples of idealism, courage, and sacrifice, could be lifted out of their specifically Irish context and used to legitimize or inspire other sorts of movements and agendas—or simply to entertain.

Remembering in America involved a diverse array of people, practices, and motives, and its analysis has the potential to shed light on important mid-twentieth century topics ranging from African American nationalism to representations of Ireland and the Irish in American popular culture.

This talk is a meditation on remaindered life, the unsubsumable, indivisible yet every-diminishing leftover of life-making practice for those who live in proximity to a social state of utter valuelessness. Drawing on diverse yet connected social contexts of redundant or superfluous populations, including undocumented immigrants, refugees, guest workers, and criminalized black and brown men and women, in a global, post-Fordist economy where all life bears the potential to serve as a direct means and source for the extraction of capitalist value, the talk explores the significance of lives lived on the perpetual verge of being nothing not only to offer an alternative account of the current globopolitical order.

Tracing the constitutive elements of slavery and colonialism in this global present, the talk also reflects on the petty social currencies of small-time living as a speculative exercise on what is to be done next. Daniel Press is the Olga T. His research interests include environmental politics and policy, land preservation, water quality regulation and management, industrial ecology, and policy analysis. His research centers on marine natural products used in biomedical science. Anita Chang is an independent filmmaker, educator and writer.

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Chang has taught film in numerous community and academic settings in San Francisco, Nepal and Taiwan. Owens Filmmaker program. Kim Abeles is an activist and artist whose installations and community projects cross disciplines and media to explore biography, geography and environment. The work merges hand-crafted materials with digital representations. Abeles received the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, and is a recipient of fellowships from J.

She has exhibited in 22 countries, frequently creating artworks site specific to the location, including large-scale installations for exhibitions in Vietnam, Thailand, Czech Republic, England, China, and South Korea. Kim TallBear University of Texas, Austin will join us to discuss how genomics forms along with notions of race and indigeneity the topic of her monograph, Native American DNA and the novel roles that Native geneticists are playing in intervening in these processes to create a more just and democratic approach to genomics.

The native Spanish-speaking teacher taught the course as if the Mexican-origin students were foreign language learners without certain native-like language proficiencies and insider cultural knowledge gained from actual experience. In turn, the instructor did not fully access his own linguistic and cultural repertoire, but instead relied on published foreign language materials that failed to engage students and constructed them as linguistic and cultural outsiders.

A pueblo-based pedagogical framework is proposed to make curriculum more culturally relevant, authentic, and engaging. Perverse Modernities transgresses modern divisions of knowledge that have historically separated the consideration of sexuality, and its concern with desire, gender, bodies, and performance, on the one hand, from the consideration of race, colonialism, and political economy, on the other, in order to explore how the mutual implication of race, colonialism, and sexuality has been rendered perverse and unintelligible within the logics of modernity.

Books in the series have elaborated such perversities in the challenge to modern assumptions about historical narrative and the nation-state, the epistemology of the human sciences, the continuities of the citizen-subject and civil society, the distinction between health and morbidity, and the rational organization of that society into separate spheres.

Eleni Sikelianos believes in redistributing wealth top to bottom and in the overturning of Citizens United. Her work has been translated into over a dozen languages, and is widely anthologized. She has taught poetry in public schools, homeless shelters, and prisons, and collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, and visual artists.

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Josef Sikelianos is a songwriter and musician living in Berkeley CA. He heads the indie folk band Baby Teeth, who are releasing their first full length album this spring. After exploring many disciplines with some thoroughness, Sikelianos graduated cum laude from San Francisco State University with a degree in fine art.

Sikelianos put himself through school doing tree work and is now also the owner of a professional tree service company, The Urban Arborist, working in the San Francisco Bay area. The Friday Forum is a graduate-run colloquium dedicated to the presentation and discussion of graduate student research. The series will be held weekly from to PM and will serve as a venue for graduate students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts divisions to share and develop their research.

Light refreshments will be available. For more info, or to inquire about joining the roster of presenters for the academic year, contact: fridayforum. This presentation is not about drones per se — or even war per se; but rather about the deployment of ubiquitous, always-on, networked sensors for the purposes of automated data collection, processing, and response.

It is also about the ways in which the logic of drone warfare: prediction and pre-emption, come to characterize a wide realm of social practices: marketing, job screening, health care, romance, and more. The presentation considers the ways in which some contemporary strands of critical theory replicate and rehearse the logics of data-driven droning: the advent of drone theory. He researches the relationship between popular culture, interactive media, and surveillance.

He examines the social and cultural implications of data mining, predictive analytics, and other forms of surveillance that have become integral to how subjects interact with digital media and popular culture. Alexander S. This talk examines processes of religious transmission among members of minority diasporic religious communities, with a focus on British Sikhs. Using ethnographic methods including the first ever large scale online survey of British Sikhs, this paper explores the shift which has occurred for many young South Asians in Diaspora who now identify more closely with a religious as opposed to an ethnic identity.

Recent scholarship has brought to light the existence of a dynamic world of specifically Jewish forms of literature in the nineteenth century—fiction by Jews, about Jews, and often designed largely for Jews. This volume makes this material accessible to English speakers for the first time, offering a selection of Jewish fiction from France, Great Britain, and the German-speaking world. The stories are remarkably varied, ranging from historical fiction to sentimental romance, to social satire, but they all engage with key dilemmas including assimilation, national allegiance, and the position of women.

Offering unique insights into the hopes and fears of Jews experiencing the dramatic impact of modernity, the literature collected in this book will provide compelling reading for all those interested in modern Jewish history and culture, whether general readers, students, or scholars. Jonathan M.