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  2. Get Your First Look at Hallmark's Newest Movie, Mystery Playing Dead
  3. Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud
  4. Playing Dead Is, In Fact, Not An Act For Possums
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PLAYING DEAD! - Arma 3 Wasteland (Stratis) Trolling Ep. #3

Harris: 'Surprised' at Biden's answer on busing at Democratic debate. Top 10 presidential candidate quotes from night 2 of the Democratic debate.

Event Information

The teens behind Mike Gravel's unorthodox bid for president. Here are the moments the internet buzzed about in 2nd night of debate. Trump blasts 'fake news' in front of Putin at G summit. Iran may stand down on nuclear threat after Europe, China work to bypass US sanctions. Biden's track record on busing: In , he called it a 'bankrupt policy'. Buttigieg confronted with current challenges in South Bend: 'I couldn't get it done'.

Get Your First Look at Hallmark's Newest Movie, Mystery Playing Dead

Mexico deploys new National Guard to stem violent crime. Drowned migrants return to El Salvador for burial.

Unbelievable news, stories, videos, and more.

Suspect in Utah student murder sought secret, soundproof room in home: Contractor. Severe weather threatens Midwest; heat returns to East Coast for week ahead. Venezuela sources: Talks to break deadlock set to resume.

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Mother charged in death of missing 2-year-old Virginia boy. Rural hospital closures leave residents with few options: 'It's a fight every day'. Army specialist comes out during live broadcast of NYC Pride parade. Broadway stars perform 'Seasons of Love' to celebrate World Pride. Deputy dragged twice by suspect during traffic stop, video shows. Putin fires new broadside against Western liberalism. Latter-day Saints families speak out about abuse they say their children faced.

Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud

The bird approached the insect at once, but almost immediately the prey went stiff. It extended its thin limbs along its long body and froze—looking more than ever like a piece of dead wood—as the chick attacked it. Then the chick stopped moving too. For a fraction of a second, the bird seemed confused, and then started to furiously shake its head and wipe its beak as if repulsed.

Playing Dead Is, In Fact, Not An Act For Possums

Finally, the chick moved away, leaving the very much alive—and mostly unharmed—insect behind. To find out, Skelhorn divided domestic chicks into three groups, each containing 30 birds. Each of the 90 chicks entered an experimental arena a total of 4 times with each visit lasting 2 minutes prior to the actual test. The items that the birds encountered during their pre-trial visits differed among the three groups. The first group found a regular, unmanipulated dead stick insect laying on the arena. The second group found a manipulated dead stick insect, which had been bound in purple cotton thread to change its appearance without altering its physical structure or odor.

And the third group found an empty arena.

Then, each bird experienced a single test trial with a lone, live insect. Because stick insects vary in their tendency to perform thanatosis under attack, only about half of the insects played dead in each of the three groups —thereby producing six experimental groups the three original bird groups, with the insects either playing dead or not for half of the birds in each group.

Critically, in the pre-test trials, birds who had encountered dead insects found them unpalatable.

Unbelievable news, stories, videos, and more.

Chicks unvaryingly displayed standard disgust responses, and did not consume a single dead bug, whether manipulated or not. During the test trial, all birds attacked the insects, and their attack speed was equivalent in all six bird groups. This proved that having a prior aversion to dead prey did not make the birds more reluctant to attack live prey.