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The Burden - Wikipedia

She needed to be moving onto Greene Street by choice, blessed by real-estate luck, into a home that is not hers by default, but by proclamation. She is declaring her future by sinking her savings into this house. The possibility that she could have made a mistake, that Greene Street would saddle her with a permanently disconcerting neighbor, would have been, well, just terrible, no?

Then one thing — a keychain — changes her impression of him completely.

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TH: Her divorce is long behind her — a different life she lived long ago, like her years in college. The story is about assumptions. We all make them about people, steered by everything from media stories, appearances, gossip, fashion flip-flops on a grown man! She is pretty open upon meeting her neighbors — her judgment held close to her vest.

PR: How did you come to write short stories? Does the form naturally appeal to you? Is it a good fit for your creative rhythm?

Tim Winton on men, boys and writing 'with my heart in my mouth' – Behind the Lines podcast

TH: In the office, where we supposedly make movies and television shows, our story ideas are batted around for a long time, trying to be fleshed out into the form that would best examine the theme. Some stories are far too detailed and complex to be movies with the three-act structure.

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Others would run out of gas in the long arc of a TV series. Some stories have to be documentaries. Also, the time jumps end up carrying more expository weight so I can cut to the chase, such as when the end of August suddenly hits Greene Street and weeks have gone by. I began to look forward to them—like cameos.

TH: Easter eggs, those machines—and there is one in each story.

Shouldering the Burdens of the Purse-Toting Man

You may have to look around some of the hedges. My penmanship is atrocious and always has been.

I hated it when I was in fifth grade. Typewriters are built to do one thing very simply, repetitively, on demand and mostly with no need for electricity. Typewriters cannot be hacked and never lose your document, unless you rip it out of the carriage and tear it up.

Big lesson of 2018 for women: Patriarchy is the problem, not men

No one ever throws away a typewritten letter. Each is an individual work of linguistic and literary art, as delicate — and permanent — as a painting in oil on canvas. With a typewriter, one can create a story, a letter, a to-do list, a receipt, some thoughts, and semi-coherent rambles that can last as long as Sumerian clay tablets.