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  1. The Cat in Celtic Lore: Demon, Witch, or Lover?
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If the cat died in the house a human would also die shortly thereafter. If the cat jumped over food being prepared it was said that the person eating it would themselves conceive cats. If the cat crossed the path of a sailor, on the other hand, it was considered to be good luck. If a cat meowed for flesh it was believed that another animal was about to die. A cat could also be a spirit, an evil fairy, a shapeshifting witch, a demon, or the devil himself in disguise.

For these reasons, the cat was often believed to be a spy for evil beings lurking outside the home. There was also a fairy cat that was known as the King of the Cats. Truthfully, he was much less a king than a vengeful protector spirit of the feline population in general. The Love Potion. Evelyn de Morgan. These are often Aesop-like tales or stories of shapeshifting witches. The cats are usually given human characteristics to the extreme. They are bards, warriors, and even sentries. One common Celtic story, for example, is of a Cat who allowed some travelers to feast upon his table.

When one of the men tried to take advantage of his hospitality by stealing a necklace, however, the cat became a flaming arrow and incinerated the would-be thief. In myth, the Celtic cat is a much more ambiguous entity. Cuchulain and his companions fought three cats in one tale, and in another the Fianna would fight against Cat-headed and dog-headed warriors who were part of an invading land force.

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Arthur himself later battled a cat that almost killed him. In the more modern stories, Cats were often associated with ghosts and demons. In one tale, a troublesome cat was drowned with a garter around its neck. The cat would later be seen in a boat with the same garter around its throat.

Though often left out of published accounts of poltergeists , these types of apparitions — that defy logic — are not unheard of. The Bell Witch poltergeist, for example, was said to have first appeared as having had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit by at least one source.

So maybe the apparition was a poltergeist? Then again, maybe the spirit was simply a leftover cousin of the cat-headed people who had fought the Fianna? The 13 th century Irish witch Alice Kytler was accused of having relations with a succubus that sometimes took the form of a black cat. One Irish witness of witchcraft claimed to have seen a cat-like creature that was three times the size it should have been. The story implies that the apparition was a demon. Arthur would later die from wounds sustained in a separate fight, but as many know there are tales that speak of his return to the land.

Perhaps, this should offer us some measure of solace, for as one text claims of the cat:. No study of the Celtic Cat would be complete, without the mention of phantom cats being reported throughout the United Kingdom today. This cat is usually described as a black panther. Until such a time the cat is captured, however, the story remains a modern folkloric account — which just happens to take place on the lands of the ancient Celts.

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All agree that the Cat harbored, or hid, great power. The Cat in Celtic lore truly was a beast both loved and abhorred, and it would suffer through the ages because of it. Witches Sabbath. Arthur Rackham. Ellison, Emily and Perry, Chuck. I seen a ghost black cat sorta like dark grey smoke,you could see its muscle tone and hind quarters,it moved slowly across a road lit under street lamps,i was sat in my car outside a new emergency doctors around 12 to 1 am waiting for my misses n little girl to come back after seein the emergency doctor,TRUE.

I may be looking in all the wrong places but my young cat suddenly went blind. The vet has no explanation. But, I have been looking into other explanations. Could someone point me to more folklore on blindness and cat while I try and look for more explanations. It comes from the Church — Pope Innocent! In pre-chirstian age there are no such cats persecutions, cats were loved all over the world and Celtic people were not so fearful as described, they were farmers mostly. Also, they only have the Wild Cat living in their countries….

Crazy that , today, people still believe some things alike-. I always have dreams of cats when I astral travel.

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One helped me realize I was dreamig, one changed into a demon, one I fell on when I was too weak to go anywhere in the astral realm. Email Address. The BC government has announced its intention to kill over wolves in a last-ditch effort to protect endangered caribou herds. Voices of reason say they can not. Click on the image above for more information. Best Match. Gallery view.

Black Salt has been traditionally used to drive out Evil. Blessed Be! Small Chest. It has a Hinged lid with a front fastening clasp. Also known as 'Sel Negro' and 'Witches Salt' its uses also include Hex and Spell removal and can be sprinkled around the garden to help protect your property. Heart Potion Bottle. Potion Bottle.

The Cat in Celtic Lore: Demon, Witch, or Lover?

Free postage. Spell Bottles. These herbs are intended for magical purposes. I have other sets of herbs with different bottles listed. Crystals, Spell bottles, Pendants. Witch Grass, Heather and Vervain.

. loving, Spell casting, God and Goddess worshiping, potion making, Moon loving, - iFunny :)

Oakmoss, Vervain, Witch Grass. I also have other Witches Sets listed. These cute little glass bottles are perfect for making spell bottles. Each little 2ml spell bottle is approx 3. Often seen on The Vampire Diaries. These little Spell Bottles. Used in spell work for happiness. They could be used in spell work, placed on an altar. Keep your specially blended magical concoction in this glazed, aged, ceramic bottle, sealed at the top with a cork stopper. Lovely unique handmade Witches Potion Bottle.

Each handmade and uniquely decorated. I never list anything that I would not be prepared to wear or use myself. This is a handmade leather potion bottle. These are hand moulded to shape then hand stitched along the sides and base.

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They are dyed and then given a coat of resolene to lock in the colour. Once this is all done the inside is sealed with beeswax so that they can hold a small amount of liquid without leaking. Oakmoss, Vervain and Witch Grass.