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  1. German-English translation for "Zuwendung"
  2. Zuwendung - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English
  3. German word for "birth present"
  4. "Zuwendung" English translation
  5. Geschenkideen für Weltenbummler

These episodes are different than the usual Slow German podcast-episodes: They are produced especially for people without any knowledge of the German language. Der kostenlose Slow German-Podcast entstand Er soll Euch in kurzen und langsam gesprochenen Folgen einen Einblick in die deutsche Kultur, Gesellschaft und Geschichte geben. Der, die oder das Artikel? Wie funktioniert der deutsche Satzbau?

German-English translation for "Zuwendung"

Welche Zeiten gibt es im Deutschen? Diese und andere Fragen beantworte ich in kurzen Grammatik-Episoden.

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Es sind noch nicht viele — aber es werden hoffentlich bald mehr! Wie unterhalten sich zwei Menschen auf Deutsch? So maybe I am going to learn some new word in my own language again.

Zuwendung - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English

Translation maybe its regional? Sources you and my husband both ; it's definitely something different to a birthday present, in AE we would call it a "push present". Comment I've never heard of a special word for such a present either, but I wouldn't go for "Geburts tags geschenk" as it's the usual word for birthday present.

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There are a lot of google hits for "Geburtsgeschenk", which is the literal translation of "birth present", but it sounds weird. My suggestion would be "Geschenk zur Geburt eines Kindes ". However, both "Geburtsgeschenk" and "Geschenk zur Geburt" can mean a present for the child or a present for the mother. I don't think I've ever heard it much, but the word instantly makes sense to anybody. Seems to be popular in Austria more since the first links are all from Linz, Austria. What this really comes down to is several german women i'm friends with have spoken of these gifts they have been given by their husbands at the birth of their children.

Naturally i just assumed my german husband must be cheap!

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Comment that's down to my bad german ;. Comment It may really be a regional thing, or a thing in some families. I have the feeling many English speakers might find both the collocation and the concept unfamiliar, as many German speakers seem to. Most of us also wouldn't say 'is usually getting' -- the progressive sounds rather odd there, so that may be a regional thing too.

Top 5 Geschenke - Tipps für Weihnachten & Co!

Comment Sorry, mistake! Comment And one more comment: 'push present' sounds completely baffling at first, and after the explanation, even off-putting. I definitely wouldn't use that outside of the circles you have already heard it in -- which I'm thinking may be in a country where English isn't the first language, perhaps to judge from that progressive verb India? Something Spain refuses them.

German word for "birth present"

Carme Forcadell represents the sovereignty of the Catalan Parliament over which Spain has ridden rough shod. As with the others he welcomes the growing international support they are receiving. At the close we leave the prisoners. We walk out into the evening sun to plan our evening. They will be driven back to prisons outside Madrid, arriving half an hour before visits end.

"Zuwendung" English translation

They are woken at the crack of dawn to be brought back to court. This means the only time they can discuss with their defence team is in the lunch break. I found it hard to bite back tears as I left them. They expect to be found guilty and receive sentences of 12 to 25 years. They expect the European Court to squash those verdicts but that will take several years. By then Carme will be Jordi and his partner are having a new baby. She or he will be growing up and their son has had not been with his dad at home since he was a baby.

This trial is an affront to democracy.

Geschenkideen für Weltenbummler

Andrea Lorenzo Capussela and Gianfranco Pasquino argue that in a tri-polar parliament dominated by […]. Apart from being very entertaining it manages to […]. The Catalan independence movement has become bogged down in internal political divisions.