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  1. Information Age Tales by Brad Bradford, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
  2. Imaginary Tales in an Information Age
  3. You are not your profile
  4. The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Information Age Tales by Brad Bradford, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The result is that the profile is no longer the center of the social universe. In the Experience Age you are not a profile. On Facebook you type into a status box, add metadata such as your location and select from a hierarchy of emotions for how you feel. By contrast, Snapchat always starts with the camera. Today the feedback loop connecting sharing and attention starts and ends on mobile; in the future, it could start with contact lenses and end in VR, for example.

Imaginary Tales in an Information Age

The experience stack. At the bottom is Layer 0, the real world.

Stories from Surviving the Information Age

The full stack is in service of capturing and communicating real-world moments. Reality is its foundation. As you move up, the layers transition from physical to logical. New tools and new ways to publish comics have been developed from the personal computer to the touch pad, the smartphone or the e-reader.

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  2. The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age – TechCrunch;
  3. The Island of Love!
  4. The Kaleidoscope Pony!
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Like any other culture industry, the comics professional field hosts heated debates around the questions of business models and copyright. Beyond the change of publication and delivering ways and beyond comic itself, we are witnessing a global evolution of our practices of how we tell and receive stories.

According to Smolderen, the birth of our modern comic language around the year was shapped by the evolution from printed book to daily papers, passing through illustrated weeklies Smolderen, The use of new solutions in order to publish and deliver stories gave birth to comics as we know them today. Such a question leads to several lines of work considering that the subject is mostly unexplored. Here are some proposals that are not exhaustive.

You are not your profile

Digital comics are waiting to be listed, analysed and criticised. As a form of Art, digital comics could be studied for the way they find place in Art History.

Are they showing or not the main issues of contemporary Art? Do they echo the other digital art forms?

The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Considered as a media, what are the strength and disadvantages of the comic legacy in order to go beyond paper? Star Worlds. Slayers and Their Vampires.

The Victorian Internet

The International Relations of Middle-earth. Bringing the Devil to His Knees. DOI: