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  1. Here’s how that is true:
  2. The Word For Today
  3. Your Words Shape Your World

You said that even the youths shall faint and be weary, but Lord, I wait on You. I know You will renew my strength and I will mount up with wings like eagles, I will run and not be weary, I will walk and not faint. Isaiah Here are three steps to take when the words come like a flood and we begin to frame our world with death instead of life. When we frame our world, our thoughts, and our lives with the promises of God, we will see immediate results.

I promise you. Speak life over yourself and your children, your home and your work. When we begin to change how we think, we begin to change how we act, we begin to walk with our head held high.

Here’s how that is true:

In turn, our homes are blessed, our children are happier, our work is a blessing and not a curse and we begin to see ourselves as Christ sees us. Cart 0. Back All in Health. How you are killing yourself with your words and how you can speak life again. We frame our world with them. We kill ourselves with them. We kill our hope. We kill our self-esteem. We kill our confidence. We kill our desire. We kill our song. We kill our joy. We kill our peace. We kill our beauty. The Bible often speaks of the tongue and its power. I want to take a look at three verses and how they pertain to us today.

These three verses speak of the tongue and its ability to heal or kill. How are your words killing you today and how can we find the answer in the Scripture to bring healing again? Death and Life are in the tongue. Proverbs Our tongue, our words, our speech have the ability to bring death or life. Psalm 2. Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. Proverbs My soul has been in trouble and my spirit has been weak. You know the plans You have for me! Luke 3. The tongue devises destruction, Like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.

Psalm Are your words cutting you down? I will walk and will not faint! Instead of speaking to ourselves, the lies, the negativity, the evil, we must start speaking the Word of God and His promises over our thoughts and over our lives. If we are to be all that God wants us to be, we have to start thinking about ourselves as He thinks about us.

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The Word For Today

Follow Us. About Us. Read More Speak health over your body. Speak supernatural increase over your finances.

Think, Speak, Manifest - Living on Top of the World

Find some scriptures with which you can agree and walk with God in agreement. It is the confessions — speaking — that make things happen. We have no problem believing that when it comes to salvation. It is just as true every day for our lives because salvation is every day of our lives. When God created the universe, he did not only "believe" it and it happened. He did not just think about it.

He did not imagine it. He spoke and when he spoke it, things began to change. It is the same way with you. You must give life to your belief by speaking it out. You prophesy your future when you do that. In Ezekiel 37 there is a very interesting story. The prophet Ezekiel saw a vision of a valley of old dry human bones.

God asked Ezekiel a question. Some of you are going through a dry and dead time. We all have at some point. You look and you see a valley — a low place — of dead dry dreams. It seems impossible for it to live again. Can it live? God told Ezekiel to prophecy to dry, brittle, dead bones. God told Ezekiel to prophecy to an impossible situation. Some of you today are facing situations that seem impossible in the natural.

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Maybe your marriage seems impossible. Maybe it seems impossible for your child to serve God. It may seem impossible for you to get out of debt. It seems impossible for your business to succeed. Maybe it seems impossible for you to be happy again.

Your Words Shape Your World

You may be looking at a valley of dry, dead bones just as Ezekiel did. God is saying the same thing to you that he said to Ezekiel.

1. Death and Life are in the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)

Prophesy to those dead bones. He was not to speak the opinion of his friends. He did not say listen to my doctor's report or my counselor's advice. He said, "Bones, you hear what the word of God says.

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What does the Sovereign Lord say to your valley? Find some scriptures that you can agree with and tell your situation what the Sovereign Lord has to say. As Ezekiel was prophesying, look what happened. Ezekiel So I prophesied as I was commanded. When you begin to speak the word of the Sovereign Lord, things will begin to come together. The Bible says that the bones came together and flesh came on the bones, but there was no breath. God told Ezekiel to call breath forth. We do not stop speaking to it until we have the world we desire. Many times, I see people get so far along and then stop.

Do not stop. We need to prophecy to it until it lives. If you will dare to begin putting God's word into your mouth, God will bring alive what seems to be dead. He will fix your impossible situation for you just as he did for Ezekiel. Some people give up on their dreams. They go through a valley of dead bones. I want to stir you today. Get a new vision for victory. If God can make dead bones come to life, surely God can make your dreams happen. What are you eating? The enemy is after our words. He wants us to speak death.

Instead, speak life. If we will stop having a poor mouth, we will stop having a poor life. If you are not happy, begin calling yourself happy. If your child is not serving God, begin calling your child into the kingdom. Speak life to your world. Our words release the power of faith to create our worlds. Do not use words to describe your negative situation. Use words to change your situation. Stop talking about how you are and begin talking about how you want to be. Line your words up with God's words.