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Their glory was their only ration, They were without shoes, without bread.

  • French National Defile March (Le Regiment De Sambre Et Meuse).
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At night they lay upon the hard ground Each with a pack beneath his head. The regiment of Sambre-Meuse Marched ever to the call of liberty, Seeking the pathway lined with glory Which leads it on to immortality! Planquette, Joseph Francsois Rauski, and A. Turlet have each been credited with its composition at various times. Turlet was a publisher in Paris who transcribed the band arrangement for piano and small orchestra but had no hand in its composition.

Rauski, who was born in Sarreguemines, France, in and died in Arcachon in , deserves full credit for his arrangement for military band but not for its composition. The trio which was added by Rauski and also repeats has a total of 40 bars, of which the final 16 are a literal repetition; the entire trio consists of two- and four-bar rhythmic recurrences.

Military Music for Licensing

Rauski conducted several bands during his military career, and he also participated in the Franco-Prussian War of and the Tunisian campaign of After conducting the premiere he also helped to distribute the march to other military and municipal bands. In the summer of , birthday centennial celebrations for J. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is a stub.

Concert Band Sheet Music

If a record has both an A and a B side, it has been alphabetized using the artist and title information from Side A. The original records album is also included at the end of the series. The cylinder recordings from Series 2 are separated first by length either 2-minute or 4-minute , then arranged alphabetically by artist, then alphabetically by composition title. Selections of original cylinder casings have been placed at the end of Series 2. Series 3 consists of music and photographs. Series 4 consists of historic audio equipment, and is arranged by non-accession number.


Series 5 consists of piano rolls, and is arranged alphabetically by composer's last name. More info below under Accruals.

Languages: English , German , French. In addition is a small selection of published piano arrangements of Sousa marches.

The collection is organized in four series: Series 1, 78 rpm Sound Recordings, ca. Of particular interest are four folders of associated advertising and catalogs for Edison, Columbia and Victor recording companies.

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Linker first developed an interest in John Philip Sousa while playing clarinet in his high school band. Briefly educated at Miami University, he left college to join the Navy as a radioman. During his service he learned the harmonica, kept a small phonograph for his private use in the radio room, and spent his shore leave attending concerts in New York City. After leaving the Navy in , Linker began collecting sound recordings and associated materials, including early cylinder sound recordings, records, and piano rolls.

Bands Brass Bands Military Music. Accruals: cylinders and associated advertising and catalogs donated June 3, Appraisal Information: The collection will be donated in three installments over the next three years. The first donation will consist of 78rpm sound recordings and a small selection of cylinder recordings of the Sousa, Pryor, Gilmore, and other related bands.

The second installment will consist of the remainder of Linker's cylinder recordings of American and European bands and the final donation will consist of his historic piano rolls and his collection of sound recording equipment.