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  1. Birth & Bereavement: Day Training Workshop
  2. Birth & Bereavement: Day Training Workshop // Still Birth Day
  3. Join us at Stillbirthday University.

During our visit, we talk about your labor and birth experience, address basic breastfeeding and baby care challenges, and assess your need for appropriate referrals.

Birth & Bereavement: Day Training Workshop

A great option if you would like the support of a trained birth professional throughout your pregnancy and immediate postpartum period, but choose not to have a doula present at your birth. You will receive support in planning and preparing for your birth, creating a birth plan, and addressing any postpartum needs. Special focus will be on teaching pain relief techniques and comfort measures to your partner, so that you can actively participate in the birth of your baby together.

I will be available to you as a source of resources and information, throughout your pregnancy and the early postpartum period. The package can be customized for planned cesarean birth.

Birth & Bereavement: Day Training Workshop // Still Birth Day

Includes all services of the Birth Support Package, including attendance in the operating room, if allowed by hospital staff. Our prenatal visits will focus on preparing and planning for a cesarean birth that allows you to be active in the birth of your baby. Includes family-centered cesarean birth plan writing, extended breastfeeding support if desired , and 1 additional postpartum visit total of 2 visits.

These services are available to current clients, as add-ons to their selected support package. Fees: My fees are based upon your individual needs and the service package selected. My fee serves to cover my costs such as: comfort items, educational materials provided to you, gas, travel, and on call time two weeks before your due date and two weeks after. She has a passion for helping women, especially in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Bereavement Doulas

She is married to her best friend and husband since , and has 2 daughters who are the lights of their lives. Brittany has given birth 3 times, and has suffered 6 losses. Her birth experiences include natural birth, epidural,induction and Pitocin augmentation, so she can empathize with women in various labor situations.

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Join us at Stillbirthday University.

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