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Catch the lizards while they are crawling around the place by clicking them whenever you see one. Keep out a sharp eye because sometimes they might be hiding in some weird places, from a bag of crisps to a pipe or even inside a garbage bag. Because their bodies are so small in size, they can hide almost anywhere, and to an inexperienced eye, they might be hard to spot. Once clicked, the animal will disappear from the screen, and the number on the lizard counter will get higher. Repeat until it reaches the minimum amount!

Once you get there, continue your hunt and make sure that you are still thoroughly entertained and that you will prove yourself a great lizard catcher. Take care not to forget about the time graph. This one is quite useful and will tell you how much time you have left until the sun sets, and there will not be any more light for you to spot the prey.

Each day you will have to collect an increasing number of reptiles, from different places.

History of World Lizard Day

In each area, one of the boys will expect you to give a hand in the capture, but do not expect too much help. Because each place is unique, there will be different hiding sports and sites to crawl from each corner. That shouldn't be a problem for you for sure. As you play, the lizards will find ways of getting more and more difficult to catch so sharpen your reflexes and see how quickly you can spot and click them before they disappear who knows where.

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See how many days you can maintain the quest for them and whether you can gather more than the minimum amount. It has been added to our website on Monday, September 10, Near there shelter, in full sun, place an old slate tile, flat rock or collection of bricks.

Lizards shed their skin a few times a year, and they appreciate a good rough stone or piece of tree truck to rub against to help to exfoliate. Make sure you include some rough elements in the design, Think of it like a lizard day spa! Lizards drink water so supply a dish of shallow water nearby.

the lizard day Manual

The next step is the plants — lizards love plants and use them for shelter, and the seeds and berries for tucker. Sophie chooses to use some beautiful native plants in her lounge, including the groundcover Creeping Boobialla Myoporum parvifolium , Kangaroo Grass Themeda triandra , Purple Coral-Pea Hardenbergia violacea cv. For a range of native plants that would work at your place, check with your local nursery for some varieties your lizards will love.

Minimising the use of harmful fertilisers, pesticides, snail pellets and herbicides in the garden will encourage a much greater diversity of critters to your place. Now all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the lizards to arrive.

Eco-generation Sitemap

Sophie plants out her driveway with local species to provide habitat and food for birds, lizards and butterflies. Angus gives some pointers to a gardener who is creating a range of habitats to attract local animals into her urban garden.

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Sophie visits a local indigenous nursery to choose a range of plants that will attract wildlife to her garden. Fri pm, Rpt Sun pm.

World Lizard Day 2016

Video Player failed to load. Play Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. Creating a Lizard Lounge Lizards need shelter to hide and sleep, protected from rain and predators. Try and stop water from entering the burrow as they prefer a dry shelter.

When is World Lizard Day in 12222?

Beware of disturbing other lizards if you are collecting rocks around the garden. Plants for a Lizard Lounge The next step is the plants — lizards love plants and use them for shelter, and the seeds and berries for tucker.

Ten things you never knew about... lizards

Broadcast: Fri 22 Mar , pm. Published: Fri 22 Mar , pm. Credits plus minus. Presenter Sophie Thomson. Related video.

Driveway Design Sophie plants out her driveway with local species to provide habitat and food for birds, lizards and butterflies. Sat 30 Aug , am.