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  1. How to Be a Better Witness for Jesus Christ
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  3. When You Believe in God But Aren’t Sure He Loves You
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It affects everyone virtually all of the time.

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  3. Prayer Of Salvation.

It governs everything in life and even what happens to us after life. The entire universe operates under the laws of physics. Our civilized world suffers enormous harm when the forces of anarchy gain the upper hand. The Ten Commandments constitute a law of love. The word love is probably the most misused, misapplied term in the English language.

Lustful desire to possess another person most certainly is not real love. Love is so often confused with lust in the TV and movie world. Many are misled into sin by countless fantasy films promoting illicit eroticism. The New Testament was originally written in Greek, which has the distinct advantage of having different words for different kinds of love. Agape is the term that best describes God Himself. Anyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He is a God of justice as well as abundant mercy. But it is through divine mercy that Christ died for our sins.

The Bible takes sin seriously! Sin constitutes rebellion against God, who opposes all forms of evil. Yet reconciliation to God the Father could only be made possible by the steepest price imaginable—the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this. Hebrews Hebrews Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like to the Son of God; stays a priest continually.

For the biblical evidence, see our free booklet Who Is God? God the Father and Jesus Christ the Word have always existed. They are divine spirit beings John John God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. No one created Them. They were present before the beginning of the creation — before time began. God is not a closed Trinity, but an expanding family.

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  6. How do you know God is speaking to you?.

Ritual may help you get into a mental state where you can more easily connect with the divine, but the trappings are not necessary and your faith is not any better or worse than that of someone who does all of the "right" steps. Your love and curiosity is all you need to bring.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful How will I ever see what God wants me to do if I'll never be touched by the holy spirit? You just have to pray and during that time of prayer, ask what God wants you to do and listen to God's voice. You could feel a tugging in your heart or a powerful urge to do something during that time.

Follow that urge and it should lead you in the right direction. Also, if you believe in God, desire to do good, have a personal relationship with God, and are willing to fill yourself up with God, then the Holy Spirit will be always be there to guide you. Don't ever lose hope or patience. Another good way to find what God wants you to do is to participate in your church's ministries and volunteer for charity groups. Not Helpful 12 Helpful How do I become a model believer in religion without becoming a hypocritical paradox? Carolyn Barratt. By trying to live up the 7 lively virtues as much as possible: Chastity, Humility, Abstinence, Patience, Diligence, and Charity.

Keep praying to God for these virtues. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If things seem desperate, keep at it. You have a purpose and God knows it! Go to a website that tells you more about your need of God, and begin a new life with God today.

Do not give up your faith, because some challenge comes along. When it knocks you down to your knees, look upward and pray. God had a reason for allowing free will and choice. We are not robots nor programmed by instincts or unalterable drives as animals. When you seek Him early you'll find Him. A door will be opened. When God closes one door; he opens another one Have faith.

Do not become weary in well doing nor fall back. Believe, and you will never be alone. You do not have to believe or join any particular religion to have faith in God. When you find faith, hold on to it tightly; do not allow it to slip away; do not stop believing.

One day you may understand the essence of knowing, I have a purpose in life , and if you are still seeking you can find greater purpose, perhaps even when you least expect it. Everything in life, every path you take, you have taken for a reason, if you are following God's will. Write it down, and follow the path. Then one day, read that Book, and track that path you took. Understand how the first path led to an old way, a straight path. If loved ones die, and you ask "Why?

A reason can be shown to you in time. Until then, remember to " This article applies to the personal God and presupposes your own and God's existence is necessary and purposeful. Though different faiths profess different views of God, they transcend our ideas of any being, whether male or female: God is greater than this Many say that "seeing is believing", but is that so with God? If you say "I'm a Christian. Jesus said. The finely tuned design gave intelligence, physical control, senses and emotions -- that point to organized, purposeful traits not random with consequences and rewards now and later.

Learn about personal testimonies from people whose lives were saved or transformed by their faith in God. Warnings People will disagree with you many times, don't make a big deal out of it. Respect other people's religions, they believe differently than you do. That's for each person to decide. That's okay. Edit Related wikiHows.

Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Co-authors: Updated: May 27, KO Kimberly Osborn Dec 12, It's so hard to explain something when it's just something you know in your heart.

A Anonymous Aug 14, No matter what, someone believes in God or not. God is alive and has always been there. Praise the Lord. God bless you. ST Sherese Thomson Aug 5, This article explained how God was real and what he did for us. Rated this article:. AS Amitabh Sen Jul 19, EG Eric Garcia Aug 8, RM Ratnapaul S. Mummidivarapu Oct 27, Thank you. MN Mantinti Ntsendwana May 21, My family and I are n tricky situations on every level and we are challenged My go to has always been alcohol not a daily bases but often.

It is my weak point. I prayed hard about it. And just when it seemed like I got it together all the work I have done fell apart in one day when all stresses became too much and I drank. I have been asked to leave but we have been here so many times through my fault and my partners. It is a toxic relationship but we both believe in God and are Christians. I have a very important decision to make to leave or stay. Am I being silly? Go to AA. You are an alcoholic.

How to Be a Better Witness for Jesus Christ

What ever kind it is, you rely on drinking to get rid of stress. When in crisis, never a good time to make big decisions or drink. Go to every meeting you are able to make. You will know when you can go to fewer meetings but for now, you need every one of them. Until you get your alcoholism dealt with, nothing in your life will work and the toxicity you talk about is because of your drinking and will continue.

They will teach you how to control your emotional impulses and show you how to find better ways to deal with your emotions. Go to AA and be supported by people in the same struggle you are. Take care. I wish you the best and I will pray for you to succeed. I hope you do.

Believe - Hillsong Worship

Work the program. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. It takes time to recover so do not expect immediate results that fix or change everything for the better. Get a sponsor too, someone who will help you work the program. Be patient and stay the course. It will be worth all the hard work. Yes, please report back. I wish you all success in finding your way out of this addiction.

Just thinking now that I have prayed literally begged God to help me with my drinking and asked the Holy Spirit to strengthen me and not let me fall into temptation. Why did God not answer me? Why did I have to look for help on a website and find my own healing before he can work through me?

Because He has a lesson s for you to learn. It will be good — Romans Or there will be something about this journey that is going to bless someone else, through you. Or both. Sometimes we need to climb out or go through so we learn something important. Sometimes it is so we can bless others. In my experience is it has worked both ways, for me. When I fought cancer, He could have healed me. He had done it before. But this time I had to walk through it, chemo and all. And because I did, I learned to let go of pride.

I would not accept help until I got to a point that I had no choice. He knew this was the way for me to change a bad habit. I thank Him he put me through that very difficult experience. I learned that letting others help me, blessed them. I would not and could not see that refusing help was robbing others of blessing. Want to see someone light up with feeling good?

Let them help you. No reasonable person wants that guilt on their conscience. But Romans is the best answer I can give you. This is one prayer HE promises to answer. James You just go to AA.

How to Share Your Faith

It is open to everyone without appointment. I know it when I see it. But most of all, be real at AA. Thank you for being so hard on me. May you be blessed. I meant arrangements in the sense I looked it up found a meeting contacted the person to see if the time and date still applies. Lost, after you get to first AA meeting, hopefully you will find people to help you get to meetings. Probably going to be important that you find a sponsor quickly so they may help with this too. Ask around. It is likely you will need more than one meeting a week. As I said before, eventually you will be able to cut back to a week.

Everyone is different. I had a friend who went multiple times a day but he needed to do that in the beginning of his sobriety, in order not to drink. And that pleases God. Best to you. Father I ask you to help Lost get to meetings, hold onto sobriety and willingly earn what you are about to teach. Father give Lost understanding of why she drinks so she may seek You for specific healing for this emotional problem s. Give Lost the wisdom to know what to do instead of drinking. Help Lost find a sponsor and AA groups that will support and encourage her with people who will help her with rides.

And lastly I ask You to show her Your purpose of all this and how to use it for Your glory. In Jesus name, Amen. Psalms [8]I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you. Praying unceasingly.. I run the race. So that He gets the glory in the rescue. Faith and trust and believing that failure is okay.. God still has us in His hands…He will allow us ruined knees and broken hearts to get to the ultimate goal of Christlikeness.

Believing the unbelievable is the first step…more difficult than imaginable…but worth k owing the Lord. It is not true God allows us to make wrong decisions so He can rescue us for His Glory. Nor is it true that believing the unbelievable is the first step to anything with or about God. Where did you get these ideas? I interpreted her comment to mean that we all have free will. God will never take away this gift. God clearly allows this. Do you disagree? We started planning the wedding in faith because we both are believers and we committed it to God in prayer. When do I start having faith and be practical?

Hi, im glad i found this, my marriage has been on da rocky side, hence probs i created based on actions i was getting from him so i reacted, im honestly nd sincerly regretful of da choices i made…now hes at da conclusion tht its best we get a devorce…i love my husband dearly nd dont agree…ive been praying nd hoping tht god wld just restore our marriage…but my faith hasnt been whr its supp 2 b…esp bcuz i havnt been seeing n e possitive changes…but ive decided 2 go at it with all my faith this time…i just want bk my husband nd a healthy pregnancy..

I am so glad I found this article. Next week I need to make a decision on whether or not to accept on offer for a Masters Degree overseas which starts in 8 months. I also need to rely on my current employer to transfer me over on a visa which they said they would support me on. My fear is what if my job falls through? How do I know? Ive prayed and fasted at length and it has been revealed to me through scripture, dreams, and impressions from the holy spirit that I am meant to marry a man who happens to be my 2nd cousin by relation. My mother has expressed to me many times that I would break her heart and bring shame to her name if I decide to proceed with this.

I can already feel the division growing between her and me. However, I still believe God is leading me to make this decision… No matter how seemingly odd or culturally shamed. What advice do you have for me? Sometimes we get so caught up in what we think God is telling us, we have blinders on because we want what we want.

If you 2 are really meant to be together, then hold off until God unites the whole family on this. If you are really meant to be together there is no harm in waiting and in fact you will grow stronger, together, over time. Family are those you go cradle to grave with. Take it from someone who is orphaned by family rejection, it is a hard way to live and lonely, lonely, lonely especially around the holidays. I would ask you to consider the some unintended consequences. Here are some suggestions to think about:. At least when I was with one side I could escape the other side.

When we are young we think we know all we need to know but our parents have a lot of life experience that is worth considering. And I understand I pointed out a lot of negative here. I wonder if your family is all or mostly believers and this is the enemy trying to divide you all? For me, when all else is confusing I go to scripture.

You never go wrong following that. Honour your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land that Yahweh your God is giving you. Ex Even Jesus said that if we put him first, it may cause divisions with mothers and fathers and those close to us. Help please with any thoughts or comments: I have worked for a well known Christian ministry speaker, pastor, tv, ecourses and have gone from a contract position to a more permanent position.

In speaking with the CFO, we discussed FT employment, and because a large move would have to take place, I needed to know the salary. Every conversation has ended in frustration because she refuses to give a wage, unless I agree to take the job. Even with my yes, I still cannot get a quote from her. Yesterday, on the phone, she asked me to email what I would like to be paid, job description, etc and they would discuss it. I know these owners personally, so I am really stuck on whether to move forward or get out.

I like my job, I learn and grow, doing it with excellence, as PH did. Am I going to be used for growth and change? Is it toxic and I need to stay out? Thanks to whoever can speak into this please. There should be a salary and all the benefits discussed prior to taking an offer. That old tip of the iceberg thing. I know you may be looking for some scripture here but I feel this is just a moment when you need to use the brains God gave you and as he instructed us all how to use them.

Matt I am part of a church leadership team. The congregation is looking and wanting change but are unsure what that change should be. As I was thinking on this passage, over a number of months I found other events around me started to confirm or add to the explanation via Christian friends, Sermons, Daily bible notes etc. I truely believed God would speak to their hearts and that we would move forward. I am not one that wants fame or fortune, or believe that I am Gods gift and find it dificult to reconcile what I believe is Gods will for our Church that nothing has happened.

It makes you question if it was not his will how did I get it so wrong in my understanding. How did you come to terms with it? Do you know of any Scriptures that can shed any light. This is awfully vague so makes it hard to answer. Are you able to give more specifics and tell us what your vision for the church is? Not having a reply puts you in a position of doubt — not of Gods love and promises — a personal doubt that you can get it so wrong. Not in the way you want it to say. Yes, I can get it very wrong. When something God is doing is really of Him, he moves others too.

The devil can come in forms that makes us think he is God. In the bible, when it comes to visions and prophecy, they are primarily about calling people away from the sin of idolatry, empty ritualism, committing injustice on the poor. Some were given visions about the end times. Isaiah had visions. You might try reading Isaiah 6 to see what Godly visions are like. In closing, I suggest you go back to the drawing board of our Father and ask if it is really from Him and what He wants you to do about it.

Ask Him to show you if it properly lines up with His character, His word and His ways. He always answers those questions. Truly test this vision against the Word. God does not make up new things so whatever this is, it has biblical support, if from Him. He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

If not biblically supported, then time to give it up. The fact that others are not moved leads me to think this may be not of God or only about something to pray for. Is it being faithful or foolishness? Also, I heard a testimony from a lady that she waited on God for her finances and he provided so I thought to wait. When someone owes you money for work done, even a church, it is OK to make a polite and timely inquiry.

The sooner the better. Especially when it comes to pay. I would never, ever disrespect them this way. I have read so many articles about faith and trust I God and now I understand why most of the believers are struggling to get their breakthroughs and success: we are afraid to make the last decision in all that we do.

Without a ministry and a pay cheque at this stage of my life is not something I would have chosen for myself, but here I am. But I am learning lessons about waiting and trusting I never would have learned if life was predictable or routine.

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  • I would naturally been one who would play it safe, but God in His wisdom has seen fit to enforce a season of risk and trust on my wife and me. When he does, he finds that there had been a glass bridge there all the time. But I never want to miss out on the excitement of seeing God at work in a new venture. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I find ourselves in such a similar situation. We are in our 50s facing a move to a new city from where we have lived our entire lives.

    My husband was wrongfully let go from his job of 34 years with no insurance or paycheck. For more than 7 years we have been struggling spiritually since the church we pastored closed. No place has felt like home since. Our desire has been to move to Central Florida but he had a very good job that payed well and why rock the boat? Risks… to leave where we have always been to a place that we know very little about, with very little money, especially at our age is so scary!

    But somehow I feel God pushing us on to new things…I have been interviewed twice for a very unusual position and I believe I will be offered this position in a matter of days but I as a wife have never been the main breadwinner and in a different place…faith or foolishness has definitely been lingering in my mind! Thx Carey! This is a timely post as our growing church is seriously considering a move from the movie theaters to a permanent facility. I really appreciated the 2 questions you offered!

    I got my confirmation this morning, so thx!! Appreciate the tensions that this post calls us to live into. This is true of so much genuine faith—appreciate how Carey regularly avoids simplistic answers to complex questions! Not sure where to start — but here goes. I have spent 40 years working in the corporate sector with an unblemished and decorated career portfolio. Near on 3 years ago I was appointed to an senior exec role looking to implement culture change. Unbeknownst to me the CEO who recruited me was the main contributor in perpetrating a divisive and toxic culture and who can only be described as a congenital liar and manipulator.

    I know my craft and I knew what needed to be done. Setting aside the details of operational reforms I was confronted with a Caligula style of immoral office behaviours. Meaning, open office affairs extra-marital , slothenly behaviours, no accountabilty, no respect etc.

    Then can the dreaded Christmas office party. One of my own staff was seen cavorting with one of the GMs of the company. Not wanting to create a scene I asked another member of my staff to discreetly request this female staff member to desist bringing herself and my department into disrepute. As a professional exec and holder of deep scruples I was none too pleased. I avoided direct contact on the night because this staff member was clearly intoxicated.

    Instead I elected to contact her the following day Saturday to express my disappointment at her behaviour and advised her to meet with me on the Monday morning the event was on the previous Friday night.

    When You Believe in God But Aren’t Sure He Loves You

    I knew this but I stuck to me ethics — I was not going to allow my team to be subjected to rumours of affairs and the like. On the Monday morning the CEO ambushed me in my office stating this staff member of mine lodged a sexual harassment claim against me citing some 30 instances over a period of 6 weeks. I was completely gob-smacked. My faith and personal moral compass and beliefs have been smashed.

    I know the nature of the CEO. I was set-up. Lies perpetrated. No concrete proof lodged. Just allegations. It is now 12 months since this rort has been done to me but I have engaged lawyers at great cost. BUT in God I trust. I have prayed every day, multiple times, hard, for God to deliver me and justice be served. I have wrestled with God and claimed a number of Psalmic promises He made. I am also wrestling with trust issues. Society today it seems rewards cowardice and the not taking of self-accountabilty and responsibility.

    I will not resile from my firm conviction that a person is measured by their actions. I cannot do anything other than keep praying for a miracle. A supernatural miracle. This evil, which led to my dismissal and ruined my retirement, must be exposed but only God can do this. My enemies are too powerful. Has anyone been challenged to the point of losing faith? How can I possibly expect victory when I am powerless? Does anyone or could anyone share any miracle events genuine please in dire situations. They were thrown into the furnace for refusing to worship the idol. They committed to honoring God and stayed faithful to Him even to say if they died they would remain faithful.

    They sang praises to God and thanked him for the circumstances. And when they did, our Father delivered them unharmed from the furnace. Job was wiped out. Family killed and all possessions taken until he had nothing and was sitting on an ash heap. His wife told him to curse God and die. Job stayed faithful and God delivered him and restored him with more than he had. God is our defender. It is His reputation on the line, not yours. I have a room mate that went on a 4 month anger trip with me.

    My home was a war zone furnace and the only refuge I had was my bedroom. I clung close to my Father, thanked Him and praised Him for the circumstances. I asked for wisdom and understanding and He gave it to me. I got busy with my life in keeping home and job together. I never thought there would be a good end.

    In fact I thought my room mate would move out and leave a broken friendship without so much as a glance back. But God turned this around by changing their attitude towards me. He showed this person what a blessing he had renting from me. God let my room mate trip over every crazy rooming situation out there. Because of this, my room mate had to change his own opinions and admit he has it pretty good where he is.

    Now we now coexist in peace. I suggest you start asking God to defend you. Also ask God to give your attorney wisdom and for the lies to be brought into the open. The enemy will be dead, the kings in disarray and murdering one another, running for home with their tails between their legs. I can tell you that when God brings the victory it is always so sweet and complete. One more thing, count on God answering when there will be the maximum impact for His glory. Be patient, wait, God does defend. Loret, Also from me thank you — I will read these words often in the upcoming months.

    But I also do not want to sound vain, I realize that in some difficult situations God is trying to refine me and make me a better Christian and admit that needs to be done also. When in a difficult spot I always wonder if it is my fault or I need correction somehow. Thirty years in municipal government caused me to face similar circumstances on many occasions. Thankfully none of these frivolous complaints were sustained. Just hang in there a while longer.

    I have something better waiting for you at the end of this journey. Character keeps you there. I wish you and I had the opportunity to work together! Best wished to you going forward! I have a couple of radical, so buckle up things come to mind for me when I read your journey. The first is from a similar but different story I heard of — a gentleman who was African American and an executive of the highest caliber. After years in various roles and moving up In the company, he was currently sitting at VP, and he thought the newly vacated President role would be his.

    This role went to another person. The VP felt the decision was a racial decision and hired a lawyer to defend him in the situation. He was not gaining much ground and was similarly frustrated that his name, knowledge, loyalty etc was being tarnished by this. He prayed and prayed and asked God for justice. I appreciate this story is not the same, but there are similarities — maybe you need to ask God how he wants to defend you? Another thought is around the motivation of the female staff member and her accusations against you. After the inappropriate behaviours of your staff member and the GM at the Christmas party, I imagine you spoke to the female staff member because she was part of your team?

    I am wondering who or if you organised someone to speak to the GM about his behaviour? If not, this seems an obvious point of power imbalance or oversight that could offend? If it was only the female approached around the behaviour at the party, I can see this might be enough for her to react and strongly in defence. I think it would be worth asking her what she thought of your approach and whether you can take the sting or bitterness from her accusations? He is able to create a wonderful testimony out of this!

    PH please reply with how it is going but rely on God. Here is my story. I went to teach at what I thought was a christian school but behind the scenes far from it! Very unethical and cruel behavior. It was getting very hard for me after a few years, you see, unethical types notice right away your heart and tendency to do what is right and will put you down.

    So I felt led to search elsewhere for the next school year. I applied at a school I had never really considered upon the advice of a coworker who was looking also for same reasons. Well, long story short, there was an instance that I needed to report to headmaster. I had reported it in email but we were scheduled to meet.

    The day before this meeting I receive an unexpected offer to go to this school that next semester, not waiting until next year. I said I had not planned that and planned on finishing my year. But the next day the headmaster was so angry I would not hide the incident he really yelled at me to intimidate me into silence.

    So, while I am christian and think I should hold my word and finish the year, I did not just leave but asked for permission to go. I loved my students and it is hard to leave because you are reporting unethical behavior, but God provided an unexpected out at just the right time and my angry headmaster agreed. Also, I had to take a bit of a pay cut, more than I would of liked.

    God had a respite place for me and for more than expected. Unfortunately my husband was transferred and I had to leave that wonderful ethical school and I find myself in a similar spot — not near as unethical but I am seeing signs that there is not the care I would expect for my students or leading them up as honest christians.

    I have had to endure some bullying as there is a pervasive attitude that students cannot learn, when they fail it is their fault, and they should be punished with bad grades. I like to try new things to get them learning and for the most part it has worked — but the bitterness of others is overwhelming. So I have given my resignation to be in effect at the end of this school year.

    I am sad to leave students I love but it is taking a toll on my ability to serve my own family. I am now trusting God to provide for me what he needs me to do next year as I love to teach and hate to give it up. I am also, even more so, trusting God to give me a loving and serving heart toward my employer as in the next 4 months surely God wants me to represent Him well. Remember Jonah who had to go and preach and did not want to because of the sinfulness of Ninevah? Perhaps God has a mission for you where you are. I will also, trying to be the best employee and have a heart of service and love and not the bitterness I often feel.

    It is simple. Why questions are wanted so ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding about your situation. Trust is no big mystery. Faith is the complete confidence in someone or something; without any holding back. The choice is yours to believe He has your best interests at His heart or not. I hope you find peace. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. Hei Jimmie, Good for you.

    I am in similar situation, the difference is i already quit my job and decided to go back to school for theology. Living it up in prayer that i can pass the entrance test as well. Thank you for writing this article. I moved to New York City about 8 months ago. A year ago, I dropped out of school. Deep down I knew I was meant for more than to be in a town where everyone and their parents did the same thing. On top of that I worked in a factory. For months, I had clues and signs that helped me along to make that decision.

    The first attempt to move in the end of December, everyone told me to wait. So I did for a season. I made the decision to move on the first day of Spring, a new season. Everyone in my old town would tell me they believed I needed to wait longer, to save more money, to be more seasoned, whatever it was. As far as moving, accomplishing anything, I was depressed and I believed it was only going to get worse. Please, let me know your thoughts. I want to put this out there because maybe someone else in my situation could receive help from this.

    Love this article. After becoming a mom I have been in a constant fight with this question. I have a lot of fears from my own childhood that make me be kind of a helicopter Mon with my almost 4 year old. I have a huge stranger danger fear. It took me many month of sleepless nights before I could conformably leave my toddler at Sunday school.

    How To Know Whether You're Trusting Godor Just Being Stupid -

    Now after almost 2 years I feel comfortable at church and with the many volunteers at Church. This aggressiveness required the church to call child protective services. Which this situation just validated my original fears of leaving my child in a Sunday school class. Now that this individual I thought I could trust has been asked to go on leave for a while is about to return.