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The other side characters were really enjoyable and needed to create a wonderful tale. Grandpa, Izyy, Kim and others The romance is brief in all the action.

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It not gagging for a boy. With romance all most non existent. Lil and bran felt like real people , real teens. And have to say Bran is the perfect gentlemen , although grandpa was a bit hesitant , I can imagine he only has her left , you will find out why if u read it Found a song that fits with a beloved scene of this book, for those who read it its the mountain scene at night ,the first date.

You will find out a lot of family history and a lot of question will be stirred upp. Got book for two as a gift from Ednah Walters, will read it soon and review it Gave this book a 5 Stars out of 5 this was posted at roro is reading. I should post this review since December The first thing that struck me was the writing of the author, the story caught me beyond belief, I would not even put the book down at all.

Lil lives alone with her grandfather, are gypsies, and she has seen some strange things with him, but is not prepared for the intrusion of a pretty boy, arrogant and stubborn directly to her mind and oh yeah, her heart Her I should post this review since December Her life changed completely since that first meeting, things are revealed in a way that encourages you to go ahead, doubt in your mind flow of "now what? The action, adventure and romance cute but slight appearance in this book.

But best of all are the turns that gives the story as we go, we see the characters grow and can not help but be excited with them. Lil has to go through a lot and it is very beautiful to see the loyalty and love she puts into her decisions. A struggle between good and evil, between angels and demons that keep you in suspense and constant surprises. Awakened is a work of YA urban fantasy like few, original, fresh, charming and totally intoxicating, I want more in this series.

May 27, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , reads , paranormal. Great beginning for what looks to be a very addicting YA Paranormal series! Awakened was an amazing book packed with action, romance, and fantasy! Walters introduces many new concepts and paranormal beings that are all unique. I enjoyed myself while reading Awakened and am so glad that I got a chance to read it! Lil was a wonderful main character and someone I could really understand. After her meeting with Bran, her emotions are thrown all over the place and cause a huge electrical storm that reveals that she is a Guardian, and her grandfather has been hiding it from he Awakened was an amazing book packed with action, romance, and fantasy!

After her meeting with Bran, her emotions are thrown all over the place and cause a huge electrical storm that reveals that she is a Guardian, and her grandfather has been hiding it from her. The revelation that she is a Guardian does not sit well with Lil, but after a terrifying meeting with demons, she realizes that she must embrace her powers and train. What follows are many twists and shocking discoveries that make the story zoom by.

I loved Lil's personality and her interactions with Bran, an intriguing guy who has many secrets. She experiences love for the first time with Bran and it was fascinating to read how she handled it. She finds out that she is also very special and this furthers the plot of the story. Lil grew to be an even better person and she embraced who she was. Bran was such an admirable match for Lil and I enjoyed learning more about his background and family. I really felt for what he had to go through growing up and throughout the story.

Lil really helps him get through the hard times and takes away his loneliness. At first, Bran was very standoffish and closed off from the world, but throughout the story he grew and could open up more, especially when he was around Lil. One of my favorite scenes in Awakened was definitely the first date! I was shocked at what he revealed to Lil and loved him even more! I also greatly enjoyed learning about his background and who he was related to.

It makes for many conflicts and bumps in Awakened. All of the side characters were wonderful, especially the other Guardian trainees! Sykes was such a flirt and really smooth with the ladies. I liked him the best out of all of the trainees. He was sweet to Lil and I could've seen them together had Bran not been in the picture. Kim was a bit annoying, though some of it wears off towards the end of the book. Izzy was very reasonable and didn't give Lil the hard time that Kim gave her.

Remy was the leader of the group and a real sweetie. The trainees worked really well together and I adored their interactions with one another. The plot in Awakened was fast and unpredictable. I never knew what was coming and was always on my toes! I loved leaning about the Guardian history and what powers they had. I savored the book and was really sad when it came to an end. I was excited to see that Ednah Walters was writing book two in the Guardian series and can't wait to see what she has in store for the sequel!

Awakened was an awesome story and I am so glad that the author gave me an opportunity to read and review it! I loved every moment of the story and will be on the look out for the release date of the sequel. Pick this book up if you are looking for a thrilling fantasy romance! You'll be glad you took the chance! This is so not your ordinary run of the mill novel about "angel's". First off let me say I loved the fact that at the beginning of the book you get some definitions of terms used throughout the book.

It was so nice to have that for a reference when the terms came up in the story instead of me scratching my head and wondering what they meant. I loved Lil and Bran as the man characters in this book. Lil had just the right amount of strength and vulnerability that a good character needs. Bran had a wonderful air of mystery and danger that attracts all girls like a month to a flame.

I felt they balanced each other without over powering the secondary characters and the over all story. Sykes, Remy, Izzy, and Kim are some of the cast of characters that Lil befriends upon finding out about her powers and the C12 Dojo. This book had many great and wonderful characters each with their own amazing abilities and some not so good abilities. This book had an awesome twist on the old angel verses demons fight for supremacy. Ednah brings something different to the table when it comes to her Nephilim's.

When an author can keep me hooked on a story about angels and demons I call that a talent. Having grown up a Roman Catholic I know all about heaven and hell and all the other stuff in between and believe me I had a hard time keeping my focus when it came to theology. Not only did Ednah's words keep me transfixed on her book but by the time all was said and done I have been clamoring for more. I truly believe this will be a series I will reread over and over. On a scale of I give this book a 10 and feel everyone should read this story and fall in love with Lil and Bran's story.

Betrayed The Guardian Legacy 2 can't come out fast enough for me. When gorgeous, mysterious and powerful Bran telepathically calls to her, she responds — initially thinking he was a ghost, he has a message for her to deliver to h www. When gorgeous, mysterious and powerful Bran telepathically calls to her, she responds — initially thinking he was a ghost, he has a message for her to deliver to her grandfather and as a result of their meeting his psi energy has unlocked her latent abilities as a guardian and opens her eyes to what she actually is, a Xenithian, a race with super powers and tasked with protecting humanity from the demons who threaten it.

I loved her reaction to Bran and to the revelations. Bran wants to redeem himself and save his family so seeks the help of the cardinals and sets out to prove his intentions. I thoroughly enjoyed the mythology, the guardian history and variety of beings that we were introduced to as well as the solid and at times unpredictable plot developments. Lil grew from strength to strength as she learnt to wield her powers and grow in her role as a guardian, she made mistakes but she became stronger because of them.

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  5. I absolutely loved Lil and Bran as characters and as a couple, their relationship progressed at a realistic pace, they had attraction and chemistry and a connection which links their psi energy. She is a kick—butt heroine with a feisty temper and stubborn streak which I enjoyed, all she had ever wanted was a normal, stable life but what she learns and is becoming is certainly not what she ever expected.

    There are a number of secondary characters introduced which I at times found confusing but I was thankful for the glossary of who was who. I enjoyed the other guardian trainees, Sykes, Remy, Kim and Izzy; each were developed well and we see the powers of the elements they each possess and hints of roles they will play in future installments. The relationship Lil also shared with her grandfather was really sweet; I loved their close bond and his guidance.

    Awakened is action packed, filled with mystery, romance and suspense, it is wonderfully written with a unique and original twist on the supernatural. I was riveted from the very first page.

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    I enjoyed the detailed, intriguing and complex world Ms Walters has created, there are still a number of unanswered questions I have which I am hoping will be covered in the sequel, Betrayed. Let me start this review off by saying that Ednah Walters is an author to be on the look out for. Awakened is her debut novel and the debut to her series of The Guardian Legacy. I feel myself just wanting to gush how great this book is already! You really should go out and buy Awakened.

    I find that it is probably better that I did not write a review right away. I will leave the plot and more info about the characters for you to find out for yourself. She also learns of her own special powers. In the beginning she meets a super handsome and mysterious boy, Bran. Lil is a great main character. She cares a great deal about her family, and she would do anything for her grandfather. Her actions just prove it throughout the novel. All the supporting characters are wonderful.

    Some may take a little while longer to like than others. Towards the end I liked the Guardian Trainees, they are like their own little family. Now back to Bran, what can I say I love him, I lived for every chapter that he was in. Bran is so sweet to Lil. They both look out for each other and the chemistry, dang Might I add that there are villains in Awakened. Even the villains can be sympathized with. Well some of the villains. Some have reasons for why they are the way they are and some are just plain mean. There was only one problem that I had while reading this book.

    Well make that two! One was that there was an awkward moment between Lil and her new friend. I wrote down the page number too, but not sure if its the same page in the final copy of the book. The second problem I had with the book was I wanted to be a part of Awakened. I think it would be fun to spend at least a day with all the characters. Awakened has its fair share of action also. The training sessions between the Trainees. The battle of good and evil collide in the end. Awakened will leave the reader wanting more. Ednah Walters has certainly written an epic novel. With action, romance, suspense, secrets, and mystery Awakened has it all.

    Needless to say that a lot of readers should find it hard to put this book down. It's not just another angel vs demons book. I felt drawn into the story from the get go and enjoyed getting to know each of the characters and learning more about the Guardian world. I really liked Awakened's mythology and real world setting. Ednah does a great job at making the story come to life, as she drew me into with her vivid descriptions and memorizing plot. From page one I was drawn into th 4.

    From page one I was drawn into the mysterious world that 16 year old Lil learns about through Bran, the secretive, hot new guy she meets who completely turns her world upside down. There's more to Bran than Lil knows Lil learns who she really is as she unravels secrets her Grandfather had kept from her until now. With powers awakening in her she never knew she had, Lil is about to enter a world she never thought existed. Angels and Demons have the power to manipulate the elements, control time and either save or wipe out the human race. Awakened has a whole cast of unforgettable characters, and though many of them have varying degrees of powers, I found them to be real and I was able to connect to them on some level.

    I really liked Lil, even though at times I felt she was a little too emotional. I can't blame her, as she finds out her Grandpa is a leader of Guardians sent to protect the humans. Her father is Lil is a character who's true to her word, strong, accepting, loving and when she makes a decision, she follows through. Sometimes her choice isn't the best, but life is about learning and that's something Lil is learning.

    Awakened: Few Are Angels: Volume 2 - AbeBooks - Inger Ivesen:

    I love her Grandfather and understood why he tried so hard to protect her. I really enjoyed watching Bran and Lil's relationship grow. Feeling like out casts, both of them found acceptance, trust and love in each other. For me Awakened is a fulfilling, intriguing, read with suspense, action, and romance, woven together with a great mythology. Even though I didn't feel lost as to who was who or what was going on, Awakened has a helpful glossary for of the lineage of the Nephilim, the characters and glossary of terminology.

    I enjoyed escaping into the world of Awakened and while I am very satisfied with the story, I am anxiously awaiting the sequel, Betrayed, to find out what happens next.

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    This is one book I will read again and one I definitely recommend. View all 9 comments. Ah, soo good! Wow, this book is amazing! And pretty refreshing to read. I really do like the whole concept with the guardians and such, and there's twists here and there. After reading the book, I feel that the person on the cover shouldn't be Bran. It'd be better if it was Lil and fully-clothed with her view spoiler [special and amazing dagger hide spoiler ]. I mean, the whole half naked part didn't really have muc Ah, soo good! I mean, the whole half naked part didn't really have much to do with the story other than get your interest piqued.

    I mean hot guy on cover? It was a bit of a turn-off for me, but I can see some people perhaps drooling over the cover. Okay, that might have been a slight exaggeration. Anyways, I like how the wings on the cover actually do incorporate with the story, even if it's only slightly I love all the characters, even the bad ones. Like when we meet Lil's father. I mean, view spoiler [who saw that coming?! I didn't! I was just so focused on the other parts, that I didn't even see it. I understand Lil's father in a way, and he's not actually that evil if you think about it.

    He's protecting Lil in his own way, and how he will hurt people that hurts his loved ones. Awe, that part was adorable. I mean, not all bad guys are evil. It's like love at first sight. Bran is a bit sketchy though in the beginning, and that first scene is just so creeepy! I mean, weird sketchy guy in your mind telling you to come out? It's dark and night, and he wants you to meet him outside Why would you ever agree or even listen to that?

    And then, Bran and Lil just come to love each other in like a few seconds. Soul mates? Nah, just view spoiler [ intertwined energies. And when Lil first goes to school? I thought it was just depicted so perfectly. It was hilarious. I mean, "gypsy" girl meets "popular" group. I got a sense of Mean Girls there for some reason.

    Like someone would shout, "You don't even go here! Or maybe that was just me? Who knows. Anyways, really great book! A new favorite. Can't wait to read the next one. And you know what they say, don't judge books by their covers. Too true. I found much to enjoy, from the rich story and brightly crafted characters to the fascinating mythology. It was quick to draw me in and had its hooks into me within the first few mysterious pages straight through to the last… leaving this reader scrambling for what comes For more info and reviews please visit my Book Review Blog here - A Life Bound By Books Awakened, the first book in The Guardian Legacy series and freshman title for author Ednah Walters was more than I expected and then some.

    It was quick to draw me in and had its hooks into me within the first few mysterious pages straight through to the last… leaving this reader scrambling for what comes next. Lil Falcon, a 16 year old girl who wants nothing more than to make it through high school. She lives with her grandfather and they tend to move around a lot.

    She grows into who she is as the story progresses and as she comes to terms with what is the true world around her. I mean she has a lot to deal with as what she knows morphs into everything that she only thought existed in books or movies. He has his own secrets and a lot to prove too many people. The relationship between Bran and Lil has twists and turns along the way that only added to such an original story. I rooted for them the whole time, even with all the uphill battles their relationship was set out to face.

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    Their strength and honor were incredible to say the least. Both guys wormed their way into my heart and made me grin from ear to ear when ever they were on the page. I mean, Walters great writing makes characters such as these here in Awakened easy to love. With such detailing, Walters has a knack for writing and offers readers a great tale and a different telling of Good vs.

    Would I recommend this title to anyone? That would be a definite YES. I really looooved this book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Angel books with Romance. Lil is very likable and so is Bran ofcourse though I wish he had more sexy or atleast normal name I mean come oooon Bran? I absolutely loved the cover and the guy on it. There is not one character in this book that I didn't like.

    I also liked that author thought of adding a brief note in the beginning with intro to some important characters and terminology I really looooved this book. I also liked that author thought of adding a brief note in the beginning with intro to some important characters and terminology.

    Didn't feel like a drag or too detailed. No Love Triangle Don't get me wrong I like triangles, but there are just too many of them now-a-days I mean how come the guys are hot and yet the awkward and average heroin ends up being torn between the two? I wish I could personally thank Ednah Walters for the no-triangle thing. I know Lil is the powerful one, but still. That's it I've got some more questions though, but I guess they will be answered in the sequel though Obviously powers Lil has aren't inherited, then how did she end up with them?

    Bran's grandfather was the one with the dagger, then why is it that Bran is not the one to be able to use it?

    See a Problem?

    Why is Lil the only one with ALL the power? Why were Bran's grandparents unable to escape from the island? Everyone else was able to escape I mean it's not like she had any power to stop them from teleporting or whatever. Sounds like there is some kind of mystery around Lil's mother First of all, let me start off by saying WOW I loved this book.

    From the very first page I was sucked in and not let go until the very last page. The Awakening is a fast pace page turner that had me guessing until the very end. With many unexpected twists that had me gasping and extremely surprised. Lil has just turned 16 and is just coming in to her powers.

    If she wasn't enough of an outcast, Lil now thinks she is a freak. I took my time reading this book. Really enjoyed the progression and paranormal elements! The ending has left the biggest cliff hanger ever so I am pretty desperate for book two already. Cant wait to read book two and hopefully it has even more paranormal elements to it! Jan 24, Jerri Bentley rated it it was amazing. As a mom, I don't have a lot of time to read. I started reading this book and could not stop!

    Darkness Awakened, Volume 1

    I got my husband to watch the baby so I didn't have to put it down! This author does a good job of keeping the story moving and dragging you in. I can't wait to read what happens next!! As a matter of fact, I think I will read it again! View 1 comment. Mar 31, Maria's Book Blog rated it it was amazing.

    About marksullivan5

    My only complaint about this book is that it ended. Which leads me to ask, when can I expect book 2?! The suspense was literally killing me from the very beginning to the very end. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I can't remember the last book I read that actually creeped me out in a good way. The story building was just plain amazing and super intense. When I got to the last page all I could think was, "Wow. Breanna Davis is changing. All of a sudden she's having weird sensations followed by strange visions and dreams. She can't figure out what it all means. When new girl Eve shows up and starts working her way into Bre's circle of friends, she becomes suspicious especially since Eve happens to be everywhere Bre is.

    The big question is, Who is Eve? And what does she want with Bre? As if dealing with all this drama isn't enough Bre begins have recurring dreams about an unknown hottie named Collin and finds herself falling in love with this mystery man even though she's trying to give things with Austin, her childhood best friend, a chance. Throw in a controlling ex-boyfriend Josh and the most vicious girls a high schooler could imagine and you've got one crazy-messed up life! Even though the story was about a bunch of high school juniors and seniors, it felt more like they were college students.

    They had a lot of freedoms that typical 16 year olds do not, but it definitely worked within the story. They dealt with serious situations like adults, which is commendable, and seemed to take care of themselves just fine. And the guys were just plan oblivious half of the time. I don't know how she managed, but she did. And she was awesome!

    I really enjoyed this book, and Ms. Guerard's writing style. The characters were well developed, the story line flowed perfectly and no annoying typos or grammatical errors which is hard to come by lately. I actually felt myself being pulled into the story as it was happening. I would highly recommend this book to others in search of an action packed, super intense novel to read.

    May 28, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , review-on-blog , favorites. Awaken was a really intense and kind of powerful read. There is a lot going on. There is mystery mixed with paranormal mixed with romance and action, plus characters you love and characters you want to die a slow and painful death. I haven't read a book that had this much going on and where it worked so well in a long time. Sometimes it can feel like a cluster you know what when a book tries to do too much, but not with Awaken.

    I can already tell that this is bound to be a favorite series of min Awaken was a really intense and kind of powerful read. I can already tell that this is bound to be a favorite series of mine. Bre is unique because she isn't just a straight tough girl kitt butt character but she isn't overly weak either. She is a mixture of both, and because of this she was very realistic. People aren't just tough all the time or wimpy all the time. Bre had a hard time letting go of her D-bag boyfriend Josh.

    Who, by the way I wanted to stab in the eye every single time he opened his jerky mouth. I couldn't stand him. But eventually she kicked him to the curb and I may have cheered in my head when that happened. Ok, fine, I totally did let out some woot woots! I really hated josh But who needs Josh when there are also Austin and Collin around, who are actually great guys.

    I thought for sure that I would be team Austin because he was just so nice to Bre and he was so there for her and compared to Josh, Austin is guy gold! But then Collin showed up. And he didn't show up until at least half way through the book, which was a little strange to me, but as soon as he was there I couldn't look at anyone else. Collin just seems so right for Bre. Austin is a great friend to her but I had a hard time seeing him as anything else. What was great about Awaken is that there is always something going on.

    Between the paranormal premonitions, which was done really cool by the way, there was also this mystery that kind of surrounded everything. And at the heart of the mystery for me was Eve. I just wanted to figure out what was going on with that girl. The next book is going to be just as epic as this one was, I can just tell. Sometimes you just know when a book is going to work for you, and Awaken just clicked for me. The writing is awesomely detailed and flows perfectly. I never thought the pacing was too fast or too slow, the characters were all developed and the plot was so intriguing.

    I need the second book right now. May 18, Justin rated it it was amazing. It was just so different, when compared to a lot of the books that I have read in the past that it is a lot to try and process. Jaime does tie in some popular ideas within the YA in her book, but the way she approaches it all really feels quite unique.

    The story is excellent. The idea of the premonitions, and other things that you run into throughout the book makes for an extremely interesting read. It is incredibly difficult to explain in detail exactly what this book is about, due to how crazy in a really awesome way it is. The characters are honestly just as great as the overall story. Breanna has climbed into the ranks of favorite characters after finishing this book. There is a ton of emphasis on the characters in this story, all of them.

    I know that is weird to say, but in a lot of stories I feel like some characters end up being left out as a story progresses. Breanna, Collin, Austin, Eve and so on had huge roles in this book. Overall these characters were very well rounded, and great attributes to an already sound story. I will eagerly be awaiting the chance to read the second book in this series, to see how everything continues and I hope you will join me once you have read book one.

    Jan 24, Jennifer Smith rated it it was amazing. A perfect title for a perfectly suspenseful page turning, edge of your seat novel that has you guessing what is going on from page to page. The journey you follow with Breanna has you dealing with normal teenage drama, family issues, falling in love, falling out of love and trying not to hurt those that are closest to her all while trying to understand this amazing gift she has been given and I was given the wonderful opportunity to receive and ARC preview of Jaime's debut novel Awaken … WOW!!!!

    Seriously this book is just WOW!!! A must read everyone!!!!! May 26, T. Coulter rated it it was amazing. There were two reasons I picked up this book. First, I had heard a lot of great things about it. Secondly, I heard that it had a cliff hanger. Any author who writes a cliff hanger, is an author that has my attention. I do not want to give any spoilers away. I just want to say two things. First, I am really pulling for Austin, and Second, I cannot wait to find out the back story of how Bre came into her visions. This storyline was different from anything else I have read.

    I challenge you to give There were two reasons I picked up this book. I challenge you to give this story a chance. I know you will not be disappointed. When I finished the first book, I immediately looked for the second one. To my disappointment it is not out yet, but should be soon. I look forward to seeing what this author has to offer us in book 2. The ending was well played Jaime Guerard, well played Feb 01, Melanie Dawn rated it it was amazing.

    I was hooked by the end of the first chapter! I devoured this book! Awaken kept me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails and wondering what would happen next! Bre is just an average kid with an unusual gift. I couldn't help but love her and root for her as she went through some tough situations. The twists and turns in this story kept me wanting more! I couldn't wait to see what happened in the end!

    Trust me, if you want a suspenseful, paranormal romance then this is book for you!!! I loved ev I was hooked by the end of the first chapter! I loved every minute of it! Jaime did an amazing job! I can't wait for book 2! Jan 27, Stephanie West rated it it was amazing. If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, constantly wondering what is going to happen next, THIS is the book for you! Jaimie Guerard does an amazing job crafting together a nail-biting story that keeps readers guessing the entire novel! Her character development and intricately woven plot is unlike any I've read.

    I cannot wait for book number 2! A must read!!! Jan 27, Katie Lund rated it it was amazing. This book has it all! I can't wait until I get my hands on the 2nd novel in the series I need to know what happens!!! This book will leave you wanting more! View 2 comments. Have you felt the longing and the yearning to come home to Love? These immersions with the Seraphim Energy will take you on a journey of discovery to awaken parts of you that are sleeping. The opportunity, in front of you now is enormous, greater joy, greater happiness, greater transformation, and support from the universe but it is up to you.

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