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Belle & Boo Friends Make Everything Better by Mandy Sutcliffe | Hachette Childrens UK

Chris Barton. Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. Who would win in various contests: a shark or a train? Common toys become competitors in imaginative scenarios such as trick-or-treating shark wins that one with his teeth-baring costume and giving carnival rides train wins at that one. Kids will enjoy the many hilarious contests and the imaginative pictures. The Treasure Hunt Dan Andreasen.

The bright illustrations do a good job of telling the story of this energetic, imaginative little boy. Sloan Tanen. Photographs by Stefan Hagen. In this board book, Coco the little chick takes children through all the letters of the alphabet through rhyming and colorful pictures. Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish Lori Ann Grover.

Illustrated by Debra Ziss. A little goldfish goes around to the creatures of the sea getting ready for bedtime in this board book. A Scanimation Picture Book Rufus Butler Seder. This picture book uses optical illusions to make it seem like the animals are moving as children read about hopping like a frog, and prancing like a pig. It also teaches colors as the word hop is green like a frog and prance is pink like a pig.

Children will enjoy the interaction while learning about colors and movements. Gossie Plays Hide and Seek Celebrate 19 0 0. Celebrate 18 4 1. Confess 33 0 8. Confess 30 3 1. Confess 19 9 1. Eat 18 5 0. Eat 17 0 1. Educate 21 0 0. Educate 13 0 0. Make 16 1 4. Make 7 0 0.

Writing Children's Books

Make 26 0 4. Nest 15 0 0. Nest 21 5 8. Nest 24 0 1. Play 20 0 1. Play 15 1 2. Play 29 3 0. Read 14 0 3. Read 12 2 0. Read 10 1 4. Thrive 26 1 3. Thrive 19 0 0. Thrive 25 2 2. Travel 15 0 1. Travel 12 0 0. Travel 18 1 2. Watch 9 0 0.

Watch 8 0 0. Watch 11 0 0. Ideas by Age , Read. Add to Ideabook. By Tricia Goss. Tallulah's Tutu By Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger Tallulah believes she lacks the one thing that will change her from an ordinary little girl into a celebrated ballerina: a tutu. Ella Bella Ballerina Series By James Mayhew Children who love fairy tales and will appreciate this collection, starring a young girl named Ella Bella who yearns to be a beautiful ballerina. I Wear My Tutu Everywhere! By Wendy Cheyette Lewison and illustrated by Mary Morgan If getting your little ballerina to remove her tutu is a battle, you will both relate to Tillie and her mama.

Brontorina By James Howe and illustrated by Randy Cecil Ballerina dreams are a common theme, and this story blends an amusing premise with heartfelt aspirations. Do you have a ballerina in the house? How do you feed her passion? That agent search is one of the most challenging parts of this business to me. In my experience, there are no shortcuts.

Meet the characters

You need to all the research you can to query agents who you think would be a good fit for your work. I clearly remember my older sister reading Little House in the Big Woods to herself, which made me determined to learn to read that book, too. My dreams as a child included being Jo March in my garret. Then I majored in journalism and worked for corporations and non-profits as a writer and in public relations. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? I am a great procrastinator and will do anything else except write.

What encouragement helped you along the way? The encouragement of other writers and illustrators has been invaluable. This is such a crazy business, and most of us need advice, affirmation, and honesty even when it hurts from other creative people. The joy has to come from seeing your own work improve and turning an idea into a manuscript.

Where do you turn for instruction and inspiration? I check out stacks of current picture books, too. Read, read, read current books published within the last three to five years in the genre you are working in. When you find an author whose work you particularly like, read all their books. Can you share some tips on marketing a picture book? Sometimes the wildest ideas actually work! I researched social media celebrity pugs and pigs and sent packages with a copy of Pug Meets Pig and a personal letter.

Several of them then featured the book in an Instagram or Twitter post. The Pug Diary, a blogger in Australia, did a giveaway and a great feature. The post got 10, likes and surely sold some books. Building my teacher and librarian contacts on Twitter and doing Twitter giveaways of books or swag is another specific goal of mine. Those groups are terrific book supporters.

No, David! - Children's Book, Read Aloud by Boo

Those reviews really help the author and illustrator. Sue, thank you so much for sharing your Pug and Pig adventure here on my blog! Sue lives with her family and her black lab mix, Tucker, in the Kansas City area. You can find out more about Sue and her books on her website. Sue tweets SueLGallion. And she frequently adds to her lists of favorites on Goodreads. Read the PW starred review here. Read the Kirkus starred review here. Be the first to comment. Getting it Right in a Fast-Paced World! September 12, When arrived, I had no idea what was ahead!

There was lots of time spent doing research, preparing new author presentations, and lots of wonderful family time. The world has a much faster pace than it did when I was growing up. We have a goal to reach. No taking your time! We want it now! And why 'real' writing is re-writing. Because you want every word to be just right. So, bring it on, Fall! Lost and Found— When electronic devices make decisions for you and how to work around it May 18, Tags: making time to write , email , facebook , organization.

Does your computer make decisions for you? Decisions like which messages come into your primary box, your social box or promotion box? Does facebook want to tell you who your best friends are?

30 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Books For Tots

Does it suggest who you should friend, and what memories you should post? At first glance, I was happy that my email account sorted my messages into boxes. Facebook has its pros and cons, but I still find it the easiest social media site to use online. I always thought that I was a very organized person. I still think that, but sometimes I need to step back and re-evaluate my time. Excuse me for brainstorming here on my blog! Here are some things that I think might will work for me— Check my email Social box daily —if I do this every day I can see at a glance who is posting on twitter or facebook and what I might want to share on those sites.

Do a search to check out your favorite authors and books! One hour a week —become more familiar with twitter and Instagram. And schedule time to write every day! If I put it on my calendar I will do it! Study it, Write it! April 21, Tags: children's poetry , Poetry Month , National library week , picture books in verse. I missed posting about National Library Week last week. I meant to, but I was busy reading all those picture books that I brought home to study!

I read first for pleasure. What was it that got me caught up in it? Did the rhythm fit the topic being written about? The rhythm makes you want to stomp your feet and clap your hands with the rest of them. Did the language bring you into the story? Active verbs like fling, dump, wail. Alliteration like whimper and whine , and with tooth and with tail. I dare you to count the adjectives in this book! Finally, I try to imitate the qualities that I see in those books that made me love them. How can I make my own writing do that for readers out there? I write and revise, many times, until I get it just right.

Then I hope it gets my readers caught up in the verse the way those books did for me. This Caldecott Honor Book is a story of slaves, who worked relentlessly, day by day throughout the week. Though it shows the hardships that they endured, it is told in a lively rhythm of anticipation for the one day of the week when they get a taste of freedom in Congo Square.

I would be lost without my local library, and all the people who work there. I love that I can reserve books online and they will get them together for me—all I need to do is go in and pick them up! Not to mention the displays, programs and events that they put together for readers.

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My heartfelt gratitude to all of you!