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  1. God Is A Farmer
  2. What the Super Bowl "God Made a Farmer Ad" Reveals About U.S. Farm Policy

Watching that commercial unfold with its unprecedented use of still photography, during the hype and spin of the Super Bowl last February, was a revelation.

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer"

Unlike most of the other multi-million dollar spots during the media circus, it touched a nerve with viewers who took to social media to tout its feel-good spirit and its creative approach to advertising a staple of farmers and working folk, a truck—that essential sturdy tool to help in the myriad tasks that never end on a working farm. The minute spot is a visual paean to a not-too-distant past, before Wal-Mart and big-box stores and agricultural combines and genetic engineering of food.

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  • So God Made a Farmer.
  • Paul Harvey's 'So God Made a Farmer' Speech - The Atlantic.

After fourteen years as the founding managing editor of Communication Arts , Anne Telford moved to the position of editor-at-large when she relocated to her hometown, La Jolla, CA. Registered in England and Wales.

Does a Farmer Own That? New Website Features Farmer-Owned Businesses

Number Rich Dunn 1 Oct 08, Life is funny. I was a junior in high school and an FFA chapter officer. In the Newark, Ill. Paul Harvey's speech included an essay, "God Made a Farmer. By late afternoon Monday, the ad had also collected 4.

God Is A Farmer

Terry Branstad said Monday. I thought it was one of the best ads that aired during the Super Bowl. David Goodner, an organizer for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, wasn't happy that the commercial ended with a picture of a Dodge Ram sitting in front of a confinement facility.

The group and others have fought against the spread of hog confinements and their impact on small farmers, communities and the environment. Goodner said the ad was "pandering to a stereotype," and said the setting in front of the confinement "left a bad taste in my mouth. GoDaddy's ad with Refaeli finished last. The two-minute ad from Dodge Ram featured the voice of the late radio broadcaster Paul Harvey speaking over dozens of documentary-style photos showing the hard work and challenges facing farmers and ranchers each day.

What the Super Bowl "God Made a Farmer Ad" Reveals About U.S. Farm Policy

Harvey, who died in , was a longtime radio favorite in the Midwest. Des Moines advertising executive Denise Essman said: "I thought the ad was a wonderful portrayal of agriculture. But I wondered, what product was being sold? In addition to raising awareness of the Dodge Ram and farmers, the ad will benefit the Indianapolis-based National FFA Organization, which is getting a donation for each download or share of the ad.