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  1. B.C. school boards target Toronto in hopes of wooing Ontario teachers
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A kindergarten teacher teaches very young students who are typically aged five or six. A kindergarten teacher is required to supervise, assess, test, and teach students the basic skills necessary to build all future education upon. A kindergarten teacher is required to teach basic math and literacy skills while also guiding students in emotional, physical, and mental development. Kindergarten teachers are often required to help with other activities that may include supervision duties, during lunch or recess, or activities that take place outside of normal school hours.

Kindergarten teachers need to be active and engaging in order to work with this age group.

B.C. school boards target Toronto in hopes of wooing Ontario teachers

A mathematics teacher is responsible for teaching math skills to students at various levels. This is one teaching area in which all grade levels can be taught depending on the type of mathematics a person desires to teach. Teachers are required to teach both basic and upper level concepts in a manner that is age appropriate and clear for the group in which they are assigned. Math teachers need to teach, plan, test, assess, and encourage on the daily basis to help students succeed.

A middle school teacher is most likely a teacher of a single subject in grade six through eight or a single subject in a particular grade in that range. Some middle school teachers may also teach grades five or nine depending on the school district. A middle school teacher is expected to create lesson plans that encompass the standards for their subject area.

Some middle school teachers have additional benefits in pay or student loan forgiveness for teaching in high need areas such as math and science. A Montessori teacher is unlike the traditional teachers that most people think of when educational environments come to mind. This allows students to find their own knowledge over time.

Montessori teachers use practical, hands-on forms of guidance to allow children of all ages to discover their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Choosing a School with a Teaching Preparation Program

This may mean preparing a meal by actually cooking, peeling, chopping, etc. Though Montessori teachers can be found at all levels, early childhood ages are the most likely groups to experience this type of teaching. A music teacher is a teacher who teaches the basics of music theory and ability in various age groups.

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Music teachers at the elementary level are most likely to teach multiple age groups and offer instruction in singing on key, reading music, and appreciating basic instruments. The same is true at the high school level though more music theory may be introduced. At the college level a music teacher is likely to teach both general music appreciation classes as well as specific skill classes based on instruments or voice.

Early Childhood Teacher Interview

A physical education teacher is an instructor that focuses on physical development and ability in students of all ages. Physical education teachers are also required to work with fellow teachers, administrators, parents, and students to improve grades and abilities throughout.

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A preschool teacher may work in a school, center, or daycare working with students who are typically ages three to five. Preschool teachers are expected to teach the basic skills necessary for students to be successful in future school years. These may include counting, letter recognition, and other basic skills such as colors or following directions. Preschool teachers need to be willing to work with parents and other family members to help students progress at a normal rate over time. A preschool teacher must be active to keep up with the number of students who will likely be present. A principal is a school administrator.

Principals are typically found at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. A principal or director may also be present at the preschool level in some places. A principal is responsible for hiring educators, maintaining rules and regulations, and disciplining students when the situation cannot be handled at the classroom level. A principal will also be required to meet with county board members, parents, and community members as needed. A principal is the head of a school and must be highly educated at the Masters or Doctoral level in the majority of cases.

The title of school administrator can include roles such as principals, vice principals, instructional specialists, coordinators, and more. School administrators can be found at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. This may include budgeting issues, curriculum issues, or hiring of teachers and staff. An administrator is often required to work longer hours and an extended year when compared to teaching staff. A Masters degree or higher is required for this type of position. A school counselor can be found at all levels of education, including the college level. A school counselor is an integral part of the overall educational team for students.

A school counselor can help students stay on track academically while also helping to improve personal and social development when needed. A student who is struggling with some personal area may be referred to a school counselor for guidance. The counselor may serve as a sounding board or as a referral source when needed. School counselors may also be required to offer training to teachers on certain tasks such as testing or intervention services as needed.

A school librarian is often a hub within a school building. Though librarians are responsible for the library within the school, they are often also responsible for technology management, scheduling use of the library, and supervision of student helpers at higher levels. A librarian may be needed to assess reading levels, distribute important information school wide, and even recommend books that are age appropriate for a given student or group. In addition, school librarians must have an intimate knowledge of how books are categorized and leveled.

A school secretary can often be the heartbeat of a school. A school secretary is often required to compile attendance, deal with students that are coming or going within the school, handling parent volunteers, and answering phones. This is in addition to keeping lunch counts, monitoring teacher attendance and substitute needs, keeping school accounting straight, and distributing important information school wide. The following questions and answers may be used to guide your understanding of its provisions.

Transparency: Content and creation of OT roster, LTO list and access to permanent jobs, equitable distribution of short term assignments, adherence to maxima and minima.

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  5. Fair Access to Work: retaining the right to permanent employment for existing members, permitting greater opportunity for employment, ensuring equitable distribution, permitting eligibility for permanent TBU members who successfully apply from other jurisdictions. If you have any questions about Regulation , please email them to RegQuestions osstf. Brock Robb Fellowship Dr. Robinson Travelling Grant J. EN FR.

    Becoming a Teacher

    Members Only Section. Regulation Information. School boards are required to update their rosters regularly. When can an occasional teacher apply to be placed on the LTO list? School boards must grant an interview for the LTO list to every occasional teacher on the roster who meets the conditions established in the regulation. Boards then determine, through an interview process, which occasional teachers will be placed on the LTO list. Like the roster, the LTO list is ranked based on seniority.

    Documentation and qualifications When you apply, include: Resume and cover letter Proof of Ontario Teaching Certification and registration with the Ontario College of Teachers Practice Teaching Reports or recent appraisal Proof of specialty qualifications, if applicable e. Teachers coming from outside of Ontario or Canada Contact the Ontario College of Teachers to register in good standing with them before you apply.

    Criminal Reference Check and Vulnerable Sector component Our policy requires that a Criminal Reference Check with the Vulnerable Sector component issued within six months be presented as a condition of employment. Supply teaching and supply list Being on the supply list at DDSB provides you the opportunity to expand your skills in different assignments.

    Jobs in Education | Ontario College of Teachers

    Certified Teacher Applicant questions and answers: How can I make my application package stand out in order to improve my chances for an interview? What additional qualification AQ Courses are most valuable to the Board? How does the Board view teaching experience overseas? Do you expect a portfolio at the interview? Contact Us. Close Browser Alert Banner. Browser Compatibility Notification.

    The Application Process

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