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My Favorite Corpse

Elgrod Genre : Romance. Rating : 3. Aiofe Callaghan comes from a long line of faery hunters. Hired by one of the faery queens, they protect the human world from chaos and destruction. Arthur Pendragon spent centuries in blissful nothingness, until the day the four queens banded together to raise him from the dead. Along with his twelve most talented knights, he leads the warring armies of Faery against the greatest enemy they have ever known: one of their own. Can they overcome their differences to confront the greatest challenges either of them have ever faced? Kindle Unlimited : No.

Need a great summer read? After being left at the altar, Jill Garrison realizes she may never have the wedding or the husband, but nothing is going to stop her from having a baby. Nobody can take that away from her. Or can they? Will Brody fell in love with Lucky Strickland the moment he saw her. Unfortunately, she married his brother.

POW Matt Foster returns home with no memory. Matt could still walk away from the sexy stranger, but he can never abandon his sons. Can he and Abby reclaim the love the war stole? Most good daughters would say they owe their fathers everything. Marisa Peruzzo, Mafia princess, would. She owed him for destroying her mother. And she owed him for taking away her lifelong friend. When kidnapped victim Nicole Carson and her son escape with secrets, she is marked by a mafia lord offering an epic reward.

Opposites attract and love trumps professional rivalry when a bad-boy biker and an uptight young widow are fixed-up on a reality TV show. The fireworks they create together are more powerful than the differences that keep them apart. Katherine Mendoza is a curvy PR exec whose passion for Oreos is tempered only by her workaholic lifestyle. When her newest client, fitness-master Quinn Mitchell, offers to help her slim down, is it a sign from the gods, or a recipe for disaster?

Was the love of his life right in front of him all along?

Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero (1929)

And can he win her heart when the cameras are always rolling? Ross Genre : Fantasy Rating : 4. The war between Bennamore and the coastal region was over almost before it began. But the uniquely powerful mage who forged the alliance is dead, and the coastal folk are restless. Now the victors are bringing their spellcraft to the Port Holdings, unaware that the locals have their own less conspicuous magical ability. Nothing, it seems, will deter him.

Yet she may be the only one who can stand between the two countries, and stop them plunging back into a war which, this time, would destroy all of them. The unthinkable happens to Nathan Cruz. He loses everyone he loves in the twin towers disaster. Physically and emotionally scarred, he flees from human contact to live self-sustained and in isolation aboard a houseboat in the Florida Keys. Years pass, but the pain of his loss never fades. A category 4 hurricane takes Nathan by surprise and he nearly dies attempting to seek shelter on the mainland.

He meets Miriam Kanter. Being with Miriam does something incredible to him, something he never expects. Stunned, nothing could have ever prepared him for what happens next. Confirmed grump Eddie Valentino placed the ad. Hotshot twenty-something Talba Wallis knew exactly how to answer it. And thus was born the dynamic duo of New Orleans private detectives, one cynical, sixty-five-year-old Luddite white dude with street smarts, and one young, bright-eyed, Twenty-First century African-American female poet, performance artist, mistress of disguise, and computer jock extraordinaire.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Louisiana Hotshot in the Amazon Kindle store. Rating : 4 out of 5 stars Kindle Unlimited : No. Olivia, a transplanted Los Angeleno, is the newest resident of Darling Valley, a picturesque town just outside of San Francisco and home of the DV Bills, as Olivia calls the largest concentration of billionaires anywhere in the country. Like the Astors and Rockefellers of old who outdid each other building humongous summer cottages in Newport, the DV Bills outdo each other with eye-popping piles of sticks stuffed with museum quality art hidden in the Marin hills.

No worrying about parking her car on a side street because it might get stolen. Not having to trip over a dead body blocking the doorway of her office building while the LAPD took their sweet time locking down the crime scene. But the best part of living in Darling Valley was never having to find herself sitting across from Brooks at a dinner party while he romanced his new girlfriend and referred to Olivia as a client.

What she hated about Darling Valley was the miles between its pristine mansions and gritty but happening LA. Olivia should have remembered the advice her tea-leaves reading friend, Tuesday, gave her before she left LA. You get what you resist. Watch what happens when Olivia and Tuesday get to work proving her innocence amid the opulence and deception of her, idyllic but deadly new home.

Click here to pick up your free copy of Armoires and Arsenic in the Amazon Kindle store. On a bright July morning in , a B Superfortress flying a top-secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century. It has been nearly a year since five friends — Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari — mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down in Northern Canada.

All were found unharmed but with no recollection of what happened to them after the accident. A baffling contagion is spreading across the bread-basket of North America destroying vital crops. As this dark shadow marches across the globe, widespread famine and riots bring desperate nations to the brink of war.

From ravaged fields in the Great Plains to clandestine installations around the world, the Aegis League must race against time to save humanity. Segran spent a good chunk of her childhood exploring the enchanted forest of a million tales in the mystical land of books. In her early teens, she began crafting intriguing new worlds and conjuring up characters who came alive with the flick of her wand… err… pen.

Charmed by the magical response to her debut novel from readers around the world, she has embarked on a quest to take her cherished fans on a thrilling journey deeper into the Aegis universe. Even as she delves into her creative endeavors, the author intends to continue her work of supporting youths in developing countries realize their potential through her non-profit organization AegisLeague. When not devouring a book or writing one, S. Segran can be found standing behind the cauldron of life, stirring a potion made up of chores, parkour, drawing, horseback riding and—having enjoyed jumping off a perfectly fine airplane at fifteen thousand feet — perhaps skydiving.

You can visit S. Genre : Paranormal Rating : 4. For a thousand years, the half-breed nephilim have kept the angels and Fallen from meddling in the world. And the angels would do anything to change that. Destroy cities. Turn oceans to blood. Raise the dead. Sacrificing two powerful little girls should be easy. Haunted by visions of catastrophe and crippling anxiety attacks, Marley Claviger has never heard of any celestial cold war.

But when the twin daughters of a friend come to her for help, she will do whatever it takes to save them. Even if it means working with Fallen, discovering the nephilim, and facing the source of her power. Rating : 4 out of 5 stars Kindle Unlimited : Yes. Mentally linked together, the twins of her world, share everything, including death. Except this time. Devastated and confused, Emmie sets off to find the only man who might have answers, Tobias Zen, a man known for saving the world from a devastating experiment that wiped out a fifth of the population and shifted the balance of power even to this day.


Yet even he has grown power hungry in the decades since, unlikely to help Emmie and much more likely to use her to pursue a dark secret of his own. After accidentally killing everyone in her class, Alice Wonder is now a patient in the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. No one doubts her insanity. Professor Caterpillar persuades the asylum that Alice can save lives and catch the wonderland monsters now reincarnated in modern day criminals.

In order to do so, Alice leads a double life: an Oxford university student by day, a mad girl in an asylum by night.

Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero (1929)

The line between sanity and insanity thins when she meets Jack Diamond, an arrogant college student who believes that nonsense is an actual science. Click here to pick up your free copy of Insanity in the Amazon Kindle store. A rockstar with one thing on his mind…her. A woman fighting an attraction to a man adored by millions, in order to guard her heart.

Comedy & Cozy Bundle | Kathy Carmichael

A journey neither saw coming. That is until he meets Presley Hart. A cryptic note from a dead nun compels investigative reporter Leah Nash to start digging into the accidental death of her younger sister five years earlier. Everyone has something to hide. As she starts closing in on the truth, someone starts closing in on her. As with all important decisions, there are risks involved. If Isaac feels the same way, love could blossom between them. But ever since Steven broke her heart, having to run into him every day at work is like pouring salt into her wound.

She knows she has to make a change as soon as possible. Does she have the faith to persevere and succeed, or has she just made the biggest mistake of her life? Bobby Gray Nelson never takes no for an answer, a resolve that made him a rodeo champion. But Kell Diedra Palmer likes her men in neckties and starched collars-all the better for mussing-and attorney Alec Sparks is the starchiest man Diedra has ever met. Trouble is, Alec lives to maintain control, and Diedra's an accident waiting to happen.

Novella -- Approximately print pages Tabloid reporter Frannie Fielding arrives at Haliday Hall with three ghost hunters to investigate possible A Novella. An amateur sleuth, Ashley finds a corpse washed to shore at her inn's private beach. She must lear Accident prone is one thing. But electromagnetic impairment, too? Whenever Diedra Palmer's emotions run high, light bulbs burn out, wa But when he meets feisty Kelli Palmer, she refuses him on every count. He's always up for a c No marital dispute. No warning. No suicide note. As bizarre as taking out the garbage and never coming back.

She has no On Jill Morgan Storm's fortieth birthday, she declares she is through with love. Ten Crescent Moons Moonquest 1. Shadows of Glory. Faded Coat of Blue.

August 2014

My Dear Sophy. A Very Important Guest. The Remembered. Come Fly With Me. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Homemade Beauty Care! Crosby the Crab. Great Kids In History. Suri the Sea Lion. Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs. The Last Voyage of the Mermaid. Saving Wishes. Beyond Parallel. Fateful Book 1 in the Fateful Series. Three Wishes. Cold Fear. Never Say Spy. A Headstrong Woman. Black Sam: Prince of Pirates. Urban Venus A story of love and art in Italy. Supernatural Freak.

Prodigal Nights. Grace for the Char-Baked. Coffee In Manila. Songs Unsung Becoming Quinn Coffield. Anything You Can Do. Worth Lying For. The Wonder of Ordinary Magic. The Obsession of Victoria Gracen. Did the Resurrection Happen. Cooking Recipes. Friends for Life. The Adventures of Ron Smith. Magic High. Vanish Book One.

Black Waters The Songstress Trilogy. Bullets for a Ballot. Sheltering Hearts. A Taste of Liberty Task Force To the Princess Bound Terms of Mercy. Kiss Me Hello.

FIVE COSY CHRISTMAS CRIME NOVELS - Wonderful books to read over winter

And What of Earth? A Lady in Defiance Romance in the Rockies. Dreams of Eli. Rolling the Dice: Women of Reflection Parkway. The Undiscovered Novelist Novella. Breaking TWIG. Under the Lilacs.

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Organize The Nancy Way. Cake Pops: For Every Season. Petal the Owl Counts to Ten. The Cold King. Mystery of the 19th Hole Taylor Kelsey, Mystery 1. These Lego Chima sets are just so cool. Lego Chima came out just two months ago and my boys have all of the sets on their wish lists for birthday and Christmas this year. What a great deal on this nice set. Lego prices on Amazon often change quickly, so if you need this set at a discount, grab it while you can. This set includes 6 Lego Chima minifigures, detachable mini boats, missles that fire and more.

Therapy for Ghosts. Lucky Charm. Hot Chocolate. Heart of Mine Bandit Creek. Chasing Destiny. Reign of Blood. Twisted Wolf. The Blues Detective. Cheapskate in Love a romantic comedy. Vada Faith. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The Mom Cookbook Sampler. Seuss Style Rhyme Meus Tales 2. Three Little Kittens — Friends to the End. Pet Stories For Children. Critter Tails — You are valuable. Lake Pirates.

The Dragon Tutor. Prison Nation. With A Twist — A Lt. Escaping Life. More Than Memories. My Kind of Trouble Texas Trouble. Caramel and Magnolias. In Flames Destined Series. Gregson Novel. Falling in Love Seasons of the Heart. Faith and Hope Living Amish. String Bridge. Seduction of the Scepter. Crazy in Paradise. Elly In Bloom. Leaves of Grass. How to Really Love Your Teen.

Silly like…. Are We Lost? Raymond and Sheila Stories. Pinch Proof [St. Priscilla the Great. The Ballad of Jack Canvas. The Raven Girl. License to Thrill a romantic mystery. Liquid Lies Mystery, Thriller, Suspense. Leaning Montana series. Turnagain Love Sisters of Spirit 1. The Mistress of Trevelyan Trevelyan Series. Before the Moon Rises Ritter Werewolves. Distant Dreams Ribbons of Steel Book 1. What It Feels like to be a Ghost.

Four Widows. More Than Rivals. Lives Interrupted. An Ideal Husband. Time for Bed, Doggus. Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 1. Body and Blood. Whispers in the Woods Vol. I An Elfkin Novel. Lying in Wait. The Girl with the Cat Tattoo. Bayou Born Fleur de Lis Series. With a View.

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