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This is a romance rooted more in earthly realities than fairy tale fantasies, as trials come to test the faith of both Akira and Gabriel, with injustices of the past beginning to arise and Gabriel facing possible imprisonment once again.

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Hatcher has a real warmth in her writing style and the relationship between the characters comes across as natural and honest, rather than contrived and superficial. There is an authentic luster to the story, which gives the reader a genuine feeling, together with a plot that is suspenseful enough to keep the pages turning until the very end. Robin Lee Hatcher weaves a wonderful, emotional tale, based on the Biblical truths found in the parable of the prodigal son.

Hatcher did a remarkable job with this book.

The Shepherd's Voice

I was grabbed by the first word and left with a wonderful feeling inside when I read the last word. This book helped to remind me that with Christ all things are possible. Buy This Book Online. About the Book. Related Posts. The Shepherd's Voice Reviews. Revelation also says that God will wipe the tears away from those who have been led to the life-giving water.

The Shepherd's Voice Christian Ministries

We will rejoice in our loving and merciful God as we are sprinkled with life-giving water. I told this story to you last year, but here it is again. Many years ago, I spent a day on a sheep farm with some seminarians. Joan, the woman who tended the sheep, told us the name of one particular sheep who had wandered off and instructed us to call it. Yes, shepherds do give their sheep individual names!

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Surprisingly, it immediately started walking towards her! However, the Good Shepherd speaks to us through a wide variety of people. This week, the world lost a man who taught us to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd through unexpected people.

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  8. As a member of a prominent French Canadian diplomatic family, Jean Vanier grew up with privilege. Jean Vanier was a man of deep spirituality.

    —Hark! 'Tis the Shepherd's Voice I Hear \\ Lyrics \\ Adventist Hymns

    He saw people with physical and mental disabilities not as people to be pitied, but as friends, equals, and even teachers. People with disabilities often have the gifts that the rest of us need, since they are aware of their limitations in a way the rest of us desperately try to deny. While Vanier advocated for the disabled, he simultaneously revealed the transforming power of living in a community.

    I asked her to share some stories of relating so closely with our disabled sisters. I wish I could share all the stories that she shared with me, but I have to limit myself to her comments about one sister:.

    The Good Shepherd & His Sheep

    One day, while attending Mass together, both Jennifer and Suzy were moved to tears during a song. We were one in the Body of Christ. Another instance of paradox is that the Good Shepherd often speaks most clearly through people with limited abilities.